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June 15 2024

President Trump Delivers Remarks In Florida

President Trump delivered remarks Friday at Club 47 in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Florida Representative Cory Mills said: "We know the lawfare that is being utilized...for election interference is because they're scared of one man and one man only who can save this republic -- and that is Donald J. Trump."


Florida Representative Michael Waltz on Biden's disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal: "[President Trump] is going to release all the tapes, all the video... He will drive accountability for their loss. No one's been fired to date. Donald J. Trump gets in, we're going to clean house at the pentagon and the deep state." 


Florida Senator Marco Rubio: "I'm going to be honest with you, sometimes I say, 'why is this guy doing this? He had a great life. He didn't need to be in politics'. There's only one reason why someone like him would be in politics, with all of these hassles... because he loves out country and he wants to save it from people that want to destroy it."


Highlights from President Trump's speech:


President Trump: “With the help of everyone here tonight, we’re going to win this state in November. We’re going to evict Crooked Joe Biden from the White House. We’re going to put America first and we are going to, quite simply: make America great again.”


President Trump: "Instead of keeping out terrorists, Joe Biden has allowed thousands and thousands of terrorists to pour in."


President Trump: “Biden’s illegal aliens are driving up rent, food costs, healthcare costs, taxes and more.”


President Trump: “As part of [my] tax cuts, I’ve announced that I will eliminate taxes on tips for restaurant workers, hospitality workers and anyone else that gets tips — no more taxes on tips!”


President Trump: “If I was president, the Afghanistan disaster would never have happened, Ukraine would never have happened…Now we have Russian warships and nuclear subs…60 miles off the coast of Florida…that’s only because Biden’s weakness is putting us in grave danger.”


President Trump: “If you want to save America, I’m asking everybody to go to to make a plan to vote either by mail, early, in person or on Election Day. Just vote!”

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June 14 2024

Biden’s Week In Review

Joe Biden's weakness was obvious on the global stage at the G7 this week. At home, America saw the consequences of having an inept president in the White House, as it was uncovered that several terrorists were released into the country by the Biden administration.


  • MAY INFLATION REPORT: Since Crooked Joe took office, prices have risen by an unaffordable 20.1%; however, the price of essential expenses has skyrocketed even higher than overall prices since January 2021: Unleaded gasoline costs 55.3% more, auto insurance is 51.7% more expensive, the cost of car and truck leases is up 46.1%, eggs are 40.1% more expensive, electricity bills are 29% higher, baby food and formula costs 28.4% more, pet food costs 23% more, and the cost of both groceries and rent payments are 21.2% higher.  
    • According to data from the United States Congress Joint Economic Committee, the average American household has lost $25,920 in purchasing power since Biden took office.


  • BORDER CRISIS: CBS News reported Tuesday that 8 illegal immigrants from Tajikistan were arrested after it was uncovered they had ties to ISIS. These terrorists took advantage of Joe Biden's open border.
    • CBS: "A senior Department of Homeland Security official tells CBS News the eight migrants arrested by ICE crossed the U.S. southern border without proper documents and were subsequently released into the U.S. with notices to appear in immigration court."
    • The New York Post reported that one of the illegal immigrants was caught on a wiretap "talking about bombs."


  • Even CNN knows that Joe Biden's open border crisis is putting Americans at risk. On Monday, CNN reported on Tren de Aragua, a criminal gang from Venezuela, that is "infiltrating the US."
    • CNN: "What some Venezuelan immigrants in Florida and other states have told CNN is that they are already beginning to see in their communities the same type of criminal activity they fled from in Venezuela."
    • A record number of Venezuelan illegal immigrants have entered the country under Joe Biden.


  • Biden rounded out the week with a disastrous appearance at the G7 conference in Italy, leaving foreign media baffled at the deteriorating state of the president: “the worst he’s ever been.” Biden looked lost and had to be rescued by other world leaders and attacked reporters for not asking about pre-approved topics.
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June 12 2024

Poll: Trump Leads Biden By 8 Percent In Arizona

President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden by 8 percent in Arizona, according to a new poll released by the AARP.


Trump 45 percent

Biden 37 percent

RFK Jr. 11 percent

Jill Stein 3 percent

Chase Oliver 0 percent



The poll found that President Trump is leading Biden both with voters ages 18-49 and with voters over the age of 50. 

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June 12 2024

Poll: PA Voters Say They Were Better Off Under Trump

President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, according to the latest Marist Poll


Marist found that Pennsylvania voters say they were better off during the Trump presidency.


Marist: "A majority of Pennsylvania residents think they and their families were better off during Trump’s presidency (54%) than during Biden’s term (43%). Nearly identical proportions view Trump’s presidency (54%) as superior to Biden’s (45%) in terms of the impact it has had on the country."


The poll also found Joe Biden underperforming among black voters with just 68% support. 

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June 11 2024

BREAKING: Biden Admin Released Suspected Terrorist Into The Country

New York Post: "Six Russian nationals suspected to have terror ties to ISIS have been arrested in a co-ordinated sting operation spanning Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia, The Post can exclusively reveal.


Two ICE sources confirmed to The Post they arrested the six people, who hail from Tajikistan, over the last week after the FBI contacted the agency to warn them.


Part of the investigation featured a wire tap which revealed one of the now arrested individuals was talking about bombs, the sources said.


'Remember the Boston marathon [bombing]? I’m afraid something like that might happen again or worse,' one of the sources told The Post.


The target who was subject to the wiretap was previously released by federal authorities at the southern border with a court date next year, however it has since emerged he has potential ties to ISIS, sources said."

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June 10 2024

Cheesecake Factory Prices Are Out Of Control Under Joe Biden

"This viral post might be a parody, but Bidenomics is no joke. Prices at the Cheesecake Factory have ballooned under Joe Biden." -- Alex Pfeiffer, spokesman for Make America Great Again Inc. 



Dec. 2020



Original Cheesecake




Eggroll Sampler




Thai Lettuce Wraps




Crusted Chicken Romano




Bang-Bang Chicken and Shrimp




Smokehouse B.B.Q. Burger




Warm Crab Dip



21.3%, archived from December 5, 2020., archived from June 10, 2024 (Last updated November 23, 2023).

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June 09 2024

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note: June 9, 2024

Good afternoon,


Joe Biden is trotting out proven lies about President Donald Trump's love and respect for veterans. It's all just projection, as Biden has a long track record of disrespecting our nation's heroes and failing to honor their sacrifices.


Biden showed "total disrespect" during the dignified transfer ceremony for the 13 Americans killed in Kabul at Abbey Gate, according to one Gold Star mother. Biden was checking his watch, as if he had somewhere better to be, something that Jen Psaki shamefully denied in her book.


Biden has said that he did nothing wrong during his disastrous withdrawal, and has not even said the names of the 13 Americans that died at Abbey Gate.


Sen. Tom Cotton, a former U.S. Army infantry officer, said Saturday: "As a veteran and member of the Armed Services Committee, I spent hours with President Trump discussing our troops and national security. He always showed deep reverence for those who served, and focused on keeping them safe. It’s Biden who treated our military with contempt... Biden kicked out perfectly healthy soldiers because they declined to take an ineffective COVID vaccine. He weakened our military and, for many of these soldiers, he ruined their careers. That wasn’t for health—it was for politics. For Americans who care about our military, Donald Trump is the clear choice. Our troops—and our country—deserve much better than Biden’s weak and failed presidency."

On Sunday Morning Futures, Sen. J.D. Vance, a Marine veteran, noted: "
Ask the greatest generation what they feel about wide open borders, ask the greatest generation what they feel about sex changes for minors. The fact that Joe Biden is covering himself in glory of the very people who fought for something that he’s trying to destroy is disgraceful, and I hope Americans reject it this November."


Indeed, a World War II veteran told Fox News last week, "I feel like a foreigner in my own country lots of times, and I don't like it. It makes my heart real heavy."


Taylor Budowich,

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc. 


The majority of voters back President Trump's immigration agenda:

  • The latest CBS poll shows that a majority of all voters (62%), and a majority of Hispanic voters (53%), support enforcing our immigration laws and deporting all illegal immigrants.
    • There is a clear contrast on this issue between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. President Trump will enforce our laws and use all resources possible to launch the largest deportation operation in American history. On the other hand, Joe Biden makes a point of not deporting illegal immigrants. The Center for Immigration Studies found that "the Biden administration’s immigration policies have resulted in a 67 percent decline in removals of criminal aliens.” These are illegal immigrants with criminal convictions or pending charges.


  • Biden campaign co-chair Sen. Chris Coons is out of touch with voters. During an interview on Face the Nation, Sen. Coons said the border wall is a "gimmick" and attacked President Trump's plan to deport illegal immigrants. The Biden campaign is out of touch with voters. A majority support a border wall and deporting illegal immigrants.
    • Coons referred to "tens of millions" of illegal immigrants during the interview. Are Democrats finally admitting there are more than 11 million illegals in the country?


  • Joe Biden's executive order is doing nothing to secure the border. Fox News reported Friday that the order has had no "impact on the massive number of migrants coming across the southern border."
    • ABC's Martha Raddatz called out Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on ABC's This Week for failing to secure the border. She played a clip of Mayorkas on her show in 2021 saying he would be able to manage the border, Raddatz responded to it with, "That was three years ago, since then 6.5 million migrants have been apprehended along the southern border, it'd be very hard to call that a success."


New Politico report details damning evidence of Joe Biden's involvement in the family business: 


  • Politico reported Saturday: "Since 2019, Joe Biden has repeatedly distanced himself from his family’s business dealings, saying that he has never so much as discussed them with his relatives or with anyone else. But House impeachment inquiry interviews, public records and emails reviewed by POLITICO show that members of his inner circle were regularly enmeshed in those dealings: Many of the president’s closest staffers and advisers have doubled as his relatives’ business associates, both during and after their stints working for the man at the center of the Biden family orbit."


Democrats are panicking about young voters: 


  • Democrats are launching a new Super PAC called "Won't PAC Down" that will spend millions trying to convince young voters that rampant inflation and open borders are actually good things. This new Super PAC follows polling showing that Biden has "glaring" problems with young voters.
    • NPR: "Trump leads by 6 with Gen Z/Millennials and by 8 with the under 45 group."


  • Politico's Elena Schneider said the new group's goal is "no cringe." It appears they've already failed after choosing the name "Won't PAC Down."
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June 09 2024

President Trump Rallies Massive Crowd In Nevada

President Donald Trump rallied a massive crowd Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada.


President Trump received the endorsement of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association prior to his speech.


During his speech, President Trump said that he will look out for Americans in the service industry that work for tips by eliminating the tax on tips.


CNN reporter Alayna Treene tweeted, "Trump in Las Vegas says a second Trump administration would remove taxes on tips    Big deal especially in a state like Nevada that depends on tourism and hospitality." 


Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald said: “You’ve been with [President Trump] because... you know he’s for the working men and women. That’s the difference.”


Highlights from President Trump's speech:


President Trump: "When I get into office, we're not going to charge taxes on tips, people making tips."


President Trump: "Last week, Crooked Joe signed an executive order that is pro-invasion, pro-child trafficking, pro-women trafficking, pro-human trafficking and pro-drug dealers... It's weak, it's ineffective."


President Trump: “Less than four years ago I handed Crooked Joe the strongest, most secure border in the history of our country... we also had Title 42, you remember everything was so good."


President Trump: "This is the worst border in the history of the world. No Third World country has a border like [us]... And no Third World country has weaponization, where they go after political candidates like we have, either."


President Trump: "Last year, a father from Pasadena, Texas came home from work to find that his 11-year-old daughter was strangled to death. She had been sexually assaulted and her body had been stuffed into a trash bag, thrown in a hamper.. put under the bed... Charged with the murder was an illegal alien monster who had just infiltrated our border, released by Crooked Joe Biden."


President Trump: "We're not going to have men playing in women's sports."


President Trump: "We have more liquid gold than any other country... We were energy independent four years ago. We were soon going to be energy dominant."


President Trump: "Just get out and you vote... If we win Nevada, we win the whole thing."

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June 07 2024

Biden’s Week In Review

Joe Biden may have just had his worst week on record.


After all of the lies and gaffes both at home and abroad, Americans are tired of the White House pretending that nothing is wrong when we can see what a failure Joe Biden is with our own eyes.


Here are some lowlights from this week:


  • Time Magazine published a transcript of their interview with Joe Biden on Tuesday morning, and it’s beyond clear that Biden has lost the plot:
    • The Time’s staff had trouble understanding Biden on no less than three occasions, forced to transcribe “(unintelligible)” where the 81-year-old mumbled so severely.
    • At one point, Biden’s communications director attempted to end the interview early: “We’ll have to leave it there.” Biden also had to rely on John Kirby to remind him where a key administration official was: “And so that’s why we’re pushing hard for the—and we’re—Is our intelligence chief in? Where is he now?”
    • Throughout the course of the disastrous interview, Biden confused Vladimir Putin with Xi Jinping, claimed that there will soon be one billion people in Africa (there are currently 1.4 billion), lied about wages keeping pace with inflation, took credit for President Trump’s foreign policy accomplishments in Asia, claimed his reversal of President Trump’s border policies had no impact on the record surge of illegal immigration, and lost his train of thought multiple times.
    • When asked about his age, Biden threatened to fight the reporter.
  • To cap off Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal published a devastating report documenting concerns from White House staff and others who have recently interacted with Biden about his mental state:
    • In a January 2024 meeting on funding for Ukraine, attendees noted how much Biden relied on notecards and his staff to answer questions, even simple ones: “You couldn’t be there and not feel uncomfortable.”
    • In a February interaction with Speaker Mike Johnson, Biden appeared to forget his own administration’s ban on new permits for liquified natural gas exports, falsely claiming it was just a study, not a ban.
    • These concerns stretch back to last year, when then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy had to tell Biden in a May 2023 debt ceiling negotiation that “We talked about that meetings ago…we are done with that,” as Biden forgot the stage of the negotiating process.
  • With his hand forced by plummeting poll numbers attributable to his own destruction of the border, Biden’s desperate executive order on Tuesday is too little, too late.
    • Fox News reported that, despite going into effect, Biden’s executive order had “no immediate impact” as Border Patrol apprehended 4,000 migrants trying to enter the country illegally on Wednesday, “on par or a little bit higher than what the averages have been in recent weeks.”
    • Fox’s Bill Melugin reported that, by day two, the order was having “little to zero impact…If anything, it’s getting busier out here.”
  • An FBI witness in Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial testified on Tuesday that Hunter Biden’s laptop—and the evidence of degeneracy and criminal activity contained therein—is real and has not been tampered with.
  • Biden arrived in France Wednesday morning to honor the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, and his team immediately called a lid to hide him for the rest of the day.
  • Biden’s struggles in France continued into Thursday, where he appeared to have an accident trying to sit down in a non-existent chair before First Lady Jill Biden had to escort him out of the ceremony while French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife met with D-Day veterans.
  • As White House staff and Biden allies back in D.C. continued to insist that Joe Biden is secretly an athletic genius behind closed doors, Biden claimed in an interview released Thursday that he has known Vladimir Putin for “over 40 years,” apparently as far back as when Putin was an undercover KGB agent.
  • The week ended with a dismal jobs report highlighting how stagnant our economy is and how Americans are paying the steep price for Biden’s failures:
    • 625,000 full-time jobs vanished in May as part-time employees surged by 286,000—Bidenomics forces Americans out of stable, good-paying jobs.
    • AMERICANS LAST: Friday’s jobs numbers were good for at least one demographic. 414,000 foreign-born employees entered the workforce last month as 663,000 native-born Americans lost their jobs.
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June 07 2024

BIDENOMICS: Full-Time Jobs Disappear as Americans are Forced Into Part-Time Work

A staggering 625,000 full-time jobs vanished in May, according to Friday's release of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Employment Situation report. At the same time, the number of Americans employed part-time surged by 286,000 last month. This troubling shift in employment highlights an economy that is increasingly precarious for the most vulnerable, forcing many to settle for less stable and lower-paying jobs. That's Bidenomics. 


 Apr. 2024May. 2024Difference
Full-Time   133,889,000  133,264,000   (625,000)
Part-Time     27,718,000    28,004,000    286,000
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June 07 2024

May Jobs Report: Immigrants Win While Native Born Americans Lose

AMERICA LAST: May's Employment Situation Report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics paints a dire picture for the American economy as 663,000 native born American lost their jobs while 414,000 foreign born workers entered the workforce.


 Apr. 2024May. 2024Difference
Foreign Born    30,482,000    30,896,000    414,000
Native Born  131,108,000  130,445,000   (663,000)


Bureau of Labor Statistics, April 2024 Employment Situation

Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2024 Employment Situation


CNBC's Steve Liesman said Friday, "There's an immigration piece of this, there are bodies available and there is work for them to do. Whether or not, they're here legally or not is a different story."

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June 06 2024

President Trump Delivers Remarks In Arizona

President Donald Trump delivered remarks in Phoenix, Arizona Thursday at a "Chase the Vote" town hall hosted by Turning Point Action.


President Trump called out Joe Biden's open border policies, including his executive order that is having "zero impact."


Highlights from President Trump's speech:


President Trump: "Biden's action this week establishes an annual minimum of 2 million illegal alien border crossers...Joe Biden is the worst president in the history of the United States, by far."


President Trump: "If Joe Biden truly wanted to sign an executive order to stop the invasion, he only needs a single sentence—it would say, 'I hereby immediately reinstate every single border policy of a gentleman named Donald J. Trump.'"


President Trump: "Crooked Joe Biden has imported more illegal aliens than the populations of forty out of our fifty states."


President Trump: "Joe Biden’s order is pro-invasion, pro-child trafficking, pro-women trafficking, pro-human trafficking, pro-drug dealers and they bring death and they bring destruction into our country. It's really pro-illegal immigration."


President Trump: "Just this week, two brave officers of the New York Police Department...were shot in Queens by a Biden migrant, who Crooked Joe released into our country. This monster infiltrated...and was quickly given administrative amnesty by Joe Biden."


President Trump: "On Day One, I will shift massive portions of federal law enforcement to immigration enforcement, including parts of the DEA, ATF, FBI and DHS."


President Trump: "If you want to volunteer to help us turn out our target voters in your neighborhood --"


President Trump: "We were energy independent just 3.5 years ago...we're going to lower your energy costs by 50% within one year."

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June 06 2024

Post-Verdict Fox News Poll: Trump Is Leading In Arizona And Nevada

President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in Arizona and Nevada, according to Fox News polls conducted after the verdict in Manhattan. 


The Fox News poll also shows President Trump tied with Joe Biden in Virginia, a state that a Republican presidential candidate hasn't won since 2004. 


Arizona (Conducted June 1 - June 4):

Trump 51 percent

Biden 46 percent


Nevada (Conducted June 1 - June 4): 

Trump 50 percent

Biden 45 percent


Virginia (Conducted June 1 - June 4): 

Trump 48 percent

Biden 48 percent

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June 06 2024

ICYMI: Biden claims he’s ‘known’ Russia’s Vladimir Putin ‘for over 40 years’— even when he was undercover KGB agent

- June 6, 2024


ICYMI: Biden claims he’s ‘known’ Russia’s Vladimir Putin ‘for over 40 years’ — even when he was an undercover KGB agent

New York Post: "President Biden claimed Thursday that he has 'known' Vladimir Putin 'for over 40 years' — despite Russia’s president having served as an undercover KGB intelligence officer through the entire 1980s.

'I’ve known him for over 40 years. He’s concerned me for 40 years. He’s not a decent man,' Biden, 81, told ABC News anchor David Muir during an interview in France at the Normandy American Cemetery to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Putin worked as an intelligence officer in the Soviet Union’s spy network from 1975 to 1991, with postings in his hometown of St. Petersburg and the former East Germany before he retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel — making it highly unlikely Biden was aware of the future US adversary’s existence as early as he claimed."

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June 06 2024

Post-Verdict Poll: ‘Trump tops Biden by 5 points in Georgia’

The Hill: "Former President Trump leads President Biden by 5 points in a hypothetical head-to-head match-up among Georgia voters, according to a poll released Wednesday.


In a Quinnipiac University survey, conducted May 30-June 3, 49 percent of registered voters in the battleground state support Trump, while 44 percent support Biden."

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June 05 2024

Biden’s Border Executive Order Is ‘Full Of Loopholes’

Joe Biden's new border executive order is "full of loopholes" for illegal immigrants. 


A Free Beacon analysis of an ICE memo on the order found that illegal "migrants who claim they're afraid to return to their home country could avoid deportation."


NewsNation's Ali Bradley reportedthat in an internal ICE memo, officers were told to "not question illegal immigrants who cross the southern border and are processed for expedited removal while the limitation is in effect regarding their fear of return."


Bradley reported a source told her, "In other words nothing has changed…”


Meanwhile, the New York Post reported that the loopholes in Biden's order "will be abused and utilized by cartels in Mexico who are in the business of migrant smuggling."

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June 04 2024

What They Are Saying About Biden’s Executive Order

NBC News correspondent David Noriega: "I'm quite skeptical that this is going to have any kind of immediate, widespread, dramatic impact on the border, on the number of migrants who are crossing the border, and on the number of migrants who manage to stay in the United States as a result."


Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin: "In no way can Biden’s executive order be described as 'shutting down' the border... Unaccompanied children/minors are exempt from the order - which will lead to concerns about child trafficking, and migrants can still claim fear in an attempt to avoid deportation... There has been no explanation as to how the administration will be able to begin mass removals of migrants coming from another hemisphere with governments that don’t cooperate with the U.S."


Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott: "This is all political theater. It's not going to change anything at the border... As long as people get released into the United States, the flow will continue and this mediocre response is not going to send the message that we need."


House Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green: "President Biden has effectively legitimized crisis levels of illegal immigration well beyond those laid out by the DHS secretary he once served with. And this number doesn’t count any of the roughly 70,000 monthly encounters through Biden and Mayorkas’ unlawful CBP One, CHNV, and other mass-parole programs."

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June 04 2024

Biden’s Former Border Patrol Chief Rips Executive Order: ‘This is all political theater’

Rodney Scott, who served as Border Patrol chief in the Biden administration, told Fox News on Tuesday that Biden's executive order is "all political theater. It's not going to change anything at the border."


Scott went on to say that "the Biden administration created this border crisis with the stroke of a pen by shutting down the Remain in Mexico program, and shutting down the asylum cooperative agreements we were building out with a host of other nations."


Scott said: "As long as people get released into the United States, the flow will continue and this mediocre response is not going to send the message that we need."


Biden's former Border Patrol chief concluded the interview by saying, "We're basically locking in now over 2 million illegal entries a year... we can't sustain this." 

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June 04 2024

New York Post: Biden’s Border Plan Will Let In At Least 1.75 Million Illegals A Year

New York PostThe Biden administration announced an executive order Tuesday that it claims would shut down the US-Mexico border once border crossings hit 2,500 per day between points of entry for seven consecutive days — a “crackdown” that will still permit 1.75 million new arrivals into America every year even if enforced properly.


The order, which is expected to take effect immediately, would lift border restrictions two weeks after the number of crossings averages 1,500 for seven days straight, senior administration officials said in a background call previewing President Biden’s announcement, set for 2 p.m.


The new restrictions include several exceptions, such as allowing migrants to cross the border who use the CBP One mobile application at a port of entry, as well as “lawful permanent residents, unaccompanied children, victims of a severe form of trafficking, those who face an acute medical emergency or an imminent an extreme threat to life and safety and other non citizens who have a valid visa or some other lawful permission to enter the United States,” the officials said.


Even if migration is limited to 2,500 per day for a full calendar year, the number of crossings would hit 912,500 — a historic high compared to the rest of the century.


Hundreds of thousands more have been allowed into the US using the CBP One app, with CBS News reporting in February that 450,000 migrants had gained admission in the 13 months since the program was announced by Biden in January 2023.


Additionally, Biden has ushered in roughly 400,000 more migrants into the country through a mass parole scheme allowing Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans to fly directly to America.

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June 04 2024

New Poll: ‘Trump Up Big in North Carolina’

American GreatnessTrump leads battleground North Carolina by +8% in a head-to-head battle and +12% in a multi candidate ballot test in that state that he won by only +1.4% last time in 2020.


In a two-man race:

Trump 49%

Biden 41%


In a multi-candidate race:

Trump 44%

Biden 32%

Kennedy 9%

West 3%

Stein 2%


This poll was conducted by North Star Opinion Research  both before and after the Trump verdict announcement. The post-verdict trends in the poll did not deviate materially from the pre-verdict trends. The poll queried 600 likely voters in North Carolina that reported their 2020 choice as +2% for Trump.


Other notable poll results included a +2% lead for Mark Robinson in the North Carolina governor’s race, up 44-42% on Democratic nominee Josh Stein, with 14% undecided.


On economic issues North Carolina voters give very poor marks to Joe Biden, with only 35% reporting that “Bidenomics” works well for middle class families in North Carolina. Among the 65% who said Bidenomics does not work, 45% reported that Biden’s economic agenda works “not at all.” On inflation, 68% of North Carolina voters specifically blame Joe Biden for high food costs. In addition, only 9% of voters say that prescription prices have gone lower under Biden.

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June 04 2024

ICYMI: ‘Migrant accused of shooting two NYPD cops had immigration case dismissed within a year of illegally crossing into US’

New York Post: The Venezuelan migrant accused of shooting two NYPD cops during the early hours of Monday morning crossed into the US illegally last year, but the case against him has already been dismissed, The Post can exclusively reveal.


Bernardo Castro Mata, 19 — who shot one officer in the chest and another in the leg after they attempted to stop his moped in Queens — had a hearing in Chicago on May 6 where an immigration judge closed his case, according to ICE sources.


The information emerged less than 24 hours after The Post exposed the Biden administration’s dismissal of asylum cases and deportation orders against 350,000 migrants because they didn’t have criminal records or aren’t deemed national security threats.


Those migrants are also under no obligation to leave the country and are no longer monitored by Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] — making them undocumented.


“The Biden administration is allowing foreigners to violate our immigration laws at every possible opportunity, with no finality, no real resolution of their cases.


“This is just the latest example proving that the government does not have the capacity to adequately vet large numbers of people randomly pouring across our borders,” former ICE chief of staff Jon Feere, who is now at the Center for Immigration Studies, told The Post.

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June 04 2024

FOX NEWS: ‘RFK Jr.’s past support for higher gas prices and electric cars surfaces’

Fox News:Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. previously expressed support for higher gas prices for consumers, which he argued would force a market shift toward electric vehicles.


Kennedy made the argument in a number of media appearances, as well as at least one speech, going back to 2003, claiming that ending subsidies to oil companies and forcing them to cover certain costs related to oil production, would lead to gasoline costing its "true price" of up to $22 per gallon.


"The No. 1 thing we need to do as a nation, more important than the moonshot, more important than anything else, is to get off of foreign oil, whatever it takes, and I think if we had true markets, we'd spend $5.2 trillion a year on subsidies to the carbon industry, and that doesn't include the $8 trillion that we spent on wars protecting essentially oil pipelines," Kennedy said during an interview last year.


"If those companies were forced to internalize those costs, gasoline would cost its true price, which is about $22 a gallon, and we would be figuring out using American initiative and our industrial genius other ways to get around," he added.


Kennedy made a similar argument during a 2016 speech at the University of California, Berkeley, telling the audience that if oil companies were "forced" to internalize costs related to the effects the industry had on nearby populations, such as healthcare costs, crop damage, acid rain damage and other pollution costs, it would, in turn, be reflected in the price of oil.


"We'd be paying $12 at the pump, and we'd be sending the correct signals to the marketplace. And the market would be saying, we need an alternative to a gasoline car because every American would say, ‘Well, it costs about 0.30 cents a mile to drive an electric car, and it costs about $4 a mile once you get to buy a gasoline car,'" he said.


"We'd very quickly transition, and you would incentivize all these people out there who are adding efficiencies to lithium-ion batteries and looking at different battery systems."


He went on to argue that the federal government should be creating an "ecosystem" that incentivizes the most efficient technologies available and "punishes the inefficiencies of oil and coal."


Kennedy similarly wrote in a 2014 article for the Huffington Post that "if the oil industry had to pay the true costs of bringing its product to market, gas prices would be upwards of $12 per gallon at the pump."


"Most Americans would be running to buy electric cars," he wrote. "With low-cost disruptive technologies like cheap, fast and efficient electric vehicles, and solar and wind technologies poised to displace Big Oil, the industry is using its hold on the Republican Party to permanently embed itself in our economy while subverting science, American democracy, free market capitalism and our sacred belief in an ethical God."

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June 03 2024

Biden’s Open Border Has Dangerous Consequences

Joe Biden's open border has dangerous consequences. 


An illegal immigrant from Venezuela was arrested in New York Monday after shooting two NYPD officers. The illegal immigrant entered the U.S. via Eagle Pass, Texas in July 2023, according to a New York Post report.


The alleged shooter is just one of many millions of illegal immigrants Joe Biden has let into our country by rescinding President Trump's effective border policies. 


Biden has no intention to stop the flood at the border. He is reportedly set to sign an executive order on Tuesday that would allow 4,000 illegal border crossings a day.


This would ensure an ongoing crisis at the border. 


In 2019, Obama's former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said that "by any measure, 4,000 apprehensions on our southern border in one day, 100,000 in a month, is a crisis." 


That same year, Johnson also said, "I know that 1,000 [illegal crossings] overwhelms the system. I cannot begin to imagine what 4,000/day looks like."

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June 03 2024

ICYMI: “Biden admin offers ‘mass amnesty’ to migrants as it quietly terminates 350,000 asylum cases”

New York PostWhile the Biden administration is attempting to look like it’s getting tough on the border, behind the scenes it’s operating a program of a “mass amnesty” for migrants, The Post can reveal.


Data shows that since 2022, more than 350,000 asylum cases filed by migrants have been closed by the US government if the applicants don’t have a criminal record or are otherwise not deemed a threat to the country.


This means that while the migrants are not granted or denied asylum — their cases are “terminated without a decision on the merits of their asylum claim” — they are removed from the legal system and no longer required to check in with authorities.


The move allows them to legally, indefinitely roam about the US without fear of deportation, effectively letting them slip through the cracks.


“This is just a massive amnesty under the guise of prosecutorial discretion,” according to Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge who now works for the Center for Immigration Studies.


“You’re basically allowing people who don’t have a right to be in the United States to be here indefinitely,” he added to The Post.

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June 02 2024

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note: June 2, 2024

Good afternoon, 


Joe Biden doesn't want to talk about it, and neither do his friends in the media, but tomorrow starts the federal trial of Hunter Biden for gun crimes. This case is already resurfacing highly embarrassing details such as Hunter's penchant for drugs and escorts. 


Joe Biden is highly worried about the case. The New York Times reported Sunday that Hunter Biden's "legal problems" are at the top of the "list" of Joe Biden's concerns, ahead of the "war in Gaza and the Russian invasion of Ukraine."


This gun case just scratches the surface of the Bidens' legal problems. Later this year, Hunter will face trial on tax evasion charges. In that case, he's being indicted for failing to pay taxes on the millions of dollars he earned from sketchy foreign business deals in which Joe Biden was involved.


The unraveling of the Biden Crime Family's business operations threatens Biden's re-election hopes to the point that Biden's donors might step in to fund Hunter's legal fees.


A recent New York Times report revealed that Kevin Morris, Hunter Biden's benefactor, is planning on pressuring Biden's "advisers into helping find new donors" to pay for Hunter's legal fees.


As the Washington Free Beacon's Joe Simonson pointed out: "Some might say legal fees for the son is a campaign contribution, given that Hunter's own attorneys have said in court that they believe these issues are a liability for the president. I wonder if they're recorded that way."


Taylor Budowich, 

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc. 


America stands behind President Trump:


  • It's clear that the country isn't buying Alvin Bragg's hoax. Just look at the reception President Trump received in traditionally Democrat New Jersey at UFC 302. At one point, the crowd at the UFC event in Newark chanted "We Want Trump" so loudly that it was clearly audible on the TV feed.


  • The historic flood of small dollar donations pouring in to support President Trump also reflects the nation's unity behind the Republican nominee. Lara Trump said on CNN's State of the Union that in the "48 hours after Donald Trump's verdict was read, our campaign and the RNC raised $70 million."


  • The real verdict will come on November 5. On Meet the Press, Sen. Tom Cotton said: "It's going to be based on things like they can't pay for their rent and put food on the table for their kids. The border is chaos. We've got war all around the world. The reason why you have this weaponization of the legal system is because Joe Biden can't defend his weak, failed record, and that they – the American people see through it and they remember that Donald Trump brought peace and prosperity to this country."


Joe Biden is desperate to stop the release of the Robert Hur interview audio:


  • Biden's Justice Department is making a bizarre argument in its attempt to block the release of Joe Biden's interview with Robert Hur. This was the interview that caused Special Counsel Hur to determine that Joe Biden was unfit to stand trial. The DOJ argued in a court filing late Friday that it can't release the audio of the interview because they are worried that it would be "improperly altered, and that the altered file could be passed off as an authentic recording and widely distributed."
    • This argument doesn't pass the smell test. Any recording, transcript, etc. released by the DOJ could be "improperly altered." Under this standard, the DOJ could just stop complying with any and all FOIA requests. Why is Joe Biden so desperate to stop the release of this audio?
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May 31 2024

CNN Legal Analyst Lays Out ‘Undeniable Facts’ About Bragg’s Case

Former federal prosecutor and CNN legal analyst Elie Honig in New York magazine:


"The following are all undeniable facts.


The judge donated money — a tiny amount, $35, but in plain violation of a rule prohibiting New York judges from making political donations of any kind — to a pro-Biden, anti-Trump political operation, including funds that the judge earmarked for “resisting the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s radical right-wing legacy.” Would folks have been just fine with the judge staying on the case if he had donated a couple bucks to “Re-elect Donald Trump, MAGA forever!”? Absolutely not.


District Attorney Alvin Bragg ran for office in an overwhelmingly Democratic county by touting his Trump-hunting prowess. He bizarrely (and falsely) boasted on the campaign trail, “It is a fact that I have sued Trump over 100 times.” (Disclosure: Both Bragg and Trump’s lead counsel, Todd Blanche, are friends and former colleagues of mine at the Southern District of New York.)


Most importantly, the DA’s charges against Trump push the outer boundaries of the law and due process. That’s not on the jury. That’s on the prosecutors who chose to bring the case and the judge who let it play out as it did.


The district attorney’s press office and its flaks often proclaim that falsification of business records charges are “commonplace” and, indeed, the office’s “bread and butter.” That’s true only if you draw definitional lines so broad as to render them meaningless. Of course the DA charges falsification quite frequently; virtually any fraud case involves some sort of fake documentation.


But when you impose meaningful search parameters, the truth emerges: The charges against Trump are obscure, and nearly entirely unprecedented. In fact, no state prosecutor — in New York, or Wyoming, or anywhere — has ever charged federal election laws as a direct or predicate state crime, against anyone, for anything. None. Ever. Even putting aside the specifics of election law, the Manhattan DA itself almost never brings any case in which falsification of business records is the only charge.


Standing alone, falsification charges would have been mere misdemeanors under New York law, which posed two problems for the DA. First, nobody cares about a misdemeanor, and it would be laughable to bring the first-ever charge against a former president for a trifling offense that falls within the same technical criminal classification as shoplifting a Snapple and a bag of Cheetos from a bodega. Second, the statute of limitations on a misdemeanor — two years — likely has long expired on Trump’s conduct, which dates to 2016 and 2017.


So, to inflate the charges up to the lowest-level felony (Class E, on a scale of Class A through E) — and to electroshock them back to life within the longer felony statute of limitations — the DA alleged that the falsification of business records was committed “with intent to commit another crime.” Here, according to prosecutors, the “another crime” is a New York State election-law violation, which in turn incorporates three separate “unlawful means”: federal campaign crimes, tax crimes, and falsification of still more documents. Inexcusably, the DA refused to specify what those unlawful means actually were — and the judge declined to force them to pony up — until right before closing arguments. So much for the constitutional obligation to provide notice to the defendant of the accusations against him in advance of trial. (This, folks, is what indictments are for.)


In these key respects, the charges against Trump aren’t just unusual. They’re bespoke, seemingly crafted individually for the former president and nobody else.


The Manhattan DA’s employees reportedly have called this the “Zombie Case” because of various legal infirmities, including its bizarre charging mechanism. But it’s better characterized as the Frankenstein Case, cobbled together with ill-fitting parts into an ugly, awkward, but more-or-less functioning contraption that just might ultimately turn on its creator.


Trump will appeal, as is his right, and he’s certain to contest the inventive charges constructed by the DA. I won’t go so far as to say an appeals court is likely to overturn a conviction — New York law is broad and hazy enough to (potentially) allow such machinations — but he’s going to have a decent shot at a reversal.


'No man is above the law.' It’s become cliché, but it’s an important point, and it’s worth pausing to reflect on the importance of this core principle. But it’s also meaningless pablum if we unquestioningly tolerate (or worse, celebrate) deviations from ordinary process and principle to get there. The jury’s word is indeed sacrosanct, as I learned long ago. But it can’t fix everything that preceded it. Here, prosecutors got their man, for now at least — but they also contorted the law in an unprecedented manner in their quest to snare their prey."

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May 31 2024

34 Reasons Joe Biden Had An Awful Week

"This sham conviction is going to be steamrolled by reality: Joe Biden is destroying America and our country is suffering. MAGA Inc. will hold Joe Biden and the Democrats accountable for their failures and come November 5th, the American people will deal the only verdict that matters: re-electing President Donald J. Trump." -- Taylor Budowich, CEO of Make America Great Again Inc. 


1. TheDaily Caller reported, “Inflation Under Biden Crushing Families On Food Stamps.” A study from the Urban Institute found: "The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) failed to cover the cost of a modestly priced meal in 98% of counties in 2023, far higher than the 21% gap experienced in 2021 due to rampant food inflation.”


2. Fox News reported that over 52,000 illegal immigrants from countries with "possible security concerns" have crossed the border since October.


3. Politico reported that Democrats are panicking about Biden’s failures with black voters. Politico: “Prominent Black officials are warning the Biden campaign that the president’s efforts to keep Black voters firmly and enthusiastically in his electoral coalition aren’t working — and that time is running out to get his message across.”


4. NPR reported that a new poll shows President Trump leading Joe Biden “by 6 with Gen Z/Millennials and by 8 with the under 45 group.”


5. Politico reported that Democrats are "full-blown ‘freakout’ over Biden." The report said there is a "pervasive sense of fear has settled in at the highest levels of the Democratic Party over President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects," and quoted one Democrat strategist saying, "If the frame of this race is, ‘What was better, the 3.5 years under Biden or four years under Trump,’ we lose that every day of the week and twice on Sunday.”


6. BIDENOMICS: McDonald's president Joe Erlinger wrote in an open letter that the average price of McDonald's menu items is up 40 percent over the past five years.


7. The Daily Mail reported on new evidence of Biden family corruption. "Hunter Biden used Joe Biden's appearance at a Sandy Hook memorial service to arrange a meeting between his dad  and his Chinese business partners."


8. Data from the Washington Post shows that inflation under Joe Biden is the worst since Jimmy Carter.


9. CBS Philadelphia: “The majority of people in Pennsylvania said they would be financially better off with Trump back in office."


10. Reuters reportedFriday that inflation rose in April and that "consumers appear to be pulling back on spending."


11. ABC 5 in Cleveland reported: "The official start of summer is 22 days away and energy costs are expected to rise across the country and that means summer road trips and staying cool could be more expensive than last year."


12. Breitbart: "The U.S. economy grew less than previously thought in the first three months of the year, expanding at an annual pace of just 1.3 percent, revised government data showed Thursday."


13. BIDENOMICS: NewsNation reported that nearly "40% of Americans paid a late fee in past 12 months," as consumers struggle "to pay their bills on time."


14. BIDEN'S OPEN BORDER: National Review reported that an illegal immigrant, "who was supposed to be deported more than a year ago," was arrested for allegedly murdering a two-year-old.


15. Todd Bensman wrote in the New York Post that it appears the Biden administration is "covering up an attempted terror attack by illegal immigrants."


16. BIDENOMICS: USA Today reported that nearly 80 percent of Americans "said they view fast food as a luxury because of its cost."


17. Newsweek highlighted that many restaurants are closing as "a tough economic climate for businesses and a cost-of-living crisis for consumers has left many stalwarts floundering."


18. NPR's Central and Northern Michigan station reported that a new report found that "nearly 2 million Michigan households can’t afford basic needs."


19. Biden could barely fill up half a school gymnasium when he held an event in Philadelphia on Wednesday.


20. The Washington Examiner reported Friday: "The public’s suffering from President Joe Biden’s inflation-plagued economy has sunk to the level that cost former President George H.W. Bush his reelection. Economic confidence under Biden is stumbling anew, and Gallup, which has studied the matter for decades, said it is down to levels seen in 1992."


21. A majority of Democrats, 54%, told Rasmussen Reports that they think the Democrat Party should drop Joe Biden as the nominee.


22. Never Trumper Bill Kristol praised the Trump campaign and called out Joe Biden. "They’re kind of underestimated so Trump goes to the South Bronx for that you know 4,000 person rally the other night after the trial … I feel like that was pretty effective. He showed that he’s willing to go anywhere. He went to an 85% blue area. Biden never goes to an 85% red area, right? I mean, he can sort of say to Hispanics and other parts of the country, ‘Hey I’m willing to campaign anywhere, you know? And I care about you guys.”


23. Semafor reported that a new poll from a Democrat polling firm shows that "64% of 18-30-year-olds backed the statement that 'America is in decline.'"


24. The Daily Mail reported that Biden's proposed historic capital gains tax hike will "crush the economy."


25. The Washington Post reported that Biden's housing crisis means that "more first-time homebuyers are relying on their parents to "co-sign loans and contribute to down payments."


26. WOODTV in Grand Rapids reported on the crisis of fentanyl overdose deaths in Michigan. The fentanyl is pouring into the country due to Joe Biden's open border.


27. BIDEN'S OPEN BORDER: 118 illegal Chinese immigrants crossed into San Diego on Saturday during just one day.


28. Illegal immigrants are making a mockery of our nation and are now getting Lyft rides shortly after they cross the border.


29. Spectrum News reported that Milwaukee residents are struggling to afford rent as costs rise.


30. BBC News highlighted how Americans are struggling to buy a home. BBC News: "Just 40.1% of renters expect to ever own a home one day, according to the New York Federal Reserve, the smallest share since the bank started asking renters the question in 2014."


31. Newsweek reported: "President Biden's popularity is lower in a number of key swing states than his national average, according to a series of surveys conducted by a polling company, a blow to his reelection hopes."


32. In deep Blue Rhode Island, a majority of voters disapprove of Joe Biden's job performance, a University of New Hampshire poll found.


33. Reuters reported that after just two weeks, the Biden administration’s poorly-conceived Gaza aid pier suspended operations “after a part of the structure broke off.” 


34. The Arab American Institute released a poll on Thursday revealing that Joe Biden's support among Arab Americans is languishing at just below 20 percent.

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May 30 2024

Republicans Rally Around President Trump

House Speaker Mike Johnson: "Today is a shameful day in American history. Democrats cheered as they convicted the leader of the opposing party on ridiculous charges, predicated on the testimony of a disbarred, convicted felon.


This was a purely political exercise, not a legal one. The weaponization of our justice system has been a hallmark of the Biden Administration, and the decision today is further evidence that Democrats will stop at nothing to silence dissent and crush their political opponents.


The American people see this as lawfare, and they know it is wrong—and dangerous. President Trump will rightfully appeal this absurd verdict—and he WILL WIN!"


House Majority Leader Steve Scalise: "Extremist Democrats have undermined democracy by weaponizing the courts to operate like a banana republic that targets their political opponents.


Today’s verdict is a defeat for Americans who believe in the critical legal tenet that justice is blind. It was clear from the start that Biden teamed up with heavily biased DA Alvin Bragg to go after his political opponent regardless of wrongdoing—while hardened criminals are set free in New York to commit more violent crimes against innocent citizens.


This is nothing more than an attempt to interfere with the 2024 election. The radical Democrats behind this abuse of our justice system will not prevail. The voters will settle this on November 5th."


Gov. Ron DeSantis: "Today’s verdict represents the culmination of a legal process that has been bent to the political will of the actors involved: a leftist prosecutor, a partisan judge and a jury reflective of one of the most liberal enclaves in America—all in an effort to 'get' Donald Trump.


That this case—involving alleged misdemeanor business records violations from nearly a decade ago—was even brought is a testament to the political debasement of the justice system in places like New York City. This is especially true considering this same district attorney routinely excuses criminal conduct in a way that has endangered law-abiding citizens in his jurisdiction.


It is often said that no one is above the law, but it is also true that no one is below the law. If the defendant were not Donald Trump, this case would never have been brought, the judge would have never issued similar rulings, and the jury would have never returned a guilty verdict. In America, the rule of law should be applied in a dispassionate, even-handed manner, not become captive to the political agenda of some kangaroo court."


Senate Minority Whip John Thune: "This case was politically motivated from the beginning, and today's verdict does nothing to absolve the partisan nature of this prosecution. Regardless of outcome, more and more Americans are realizing that we cannot survive four more years of Joe Biden. With President Trump in the White House and a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, we can finally end the disastrous Biden-Schumer agenda that's crushing American families and businesses."


Senate Republican Conference Chair John Barrasso: "The case in New York against President Trump has never been about justice. Democrats are weaponizing the justice system against a political opponent.


Elections are decided in voting booths, not courtrooms.


President Trump will keep fighting to get America back on track."


Sen. Tim Scott: "Absolute injustice. This erodes our justice system. Hear me clearly: You cannot silence the American people. You cannot stop us from voting for change. Joe Biden — you’re fired. We the People stand with Donald J. Trump."


Gov. Doug Burgum: "This verdict is a travesty of justice. The judge was a Biden donor. The prosecutors were Biden supporters. This Lawfare should scare every American. The American people will have their say in November."


Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders: "This is a politically-motivated sham trial.


The American people decide our elections.


Donald Trump will be our next president."



Gov. Greg Abbott: "This was a sham show trial. The Kangaroo Court will never stand on appeal.


Americans deserve better than a sitting U.S. President weaponizing our justice system against a political opponent— all to win an election.


We must FIRE Joe Biden in November."


Sen. Rick Scott: "This was a sham trial and the clearest example we’ve ever seen of election interference. I am furious and no American is safe from Democrat political persecution.


Joe Biden and the Democrat machine manufactured a legal case against Trump to win an election. I went to New York to stand with President Trump and the American voters will stand with him this November."



Sen. J.D. Vance: "This decision is a disgrace to the rule of law and our Constitution. Dems invented a felony to 'get Trump,' with the help of a Soros funded prosecutor and a Biden donor Judge, who rigged the entire case to get this outcome.


This isn't justice, it's election interference."


Sen. John Cornyn: "This verdict is a disgrace, and this trial should have never happened. Now more than ever, we need to rally around [President Donald Trump], take back the White House and Senate, and get this country back on track. The real verdict will be Election Day."


Sen. Steve Daines: "This verdict is a sham and the American people know it. Dems weaponized the justice system and held a trial worthy of a banana republic. The judge is a donor to [Joe Biden]’s campaign & displayed extreme bias. This verdict should be overturned on appeal for justice to be served."


Sen. Marco Rubio: "The verdict in New York is a complete travesty that makes a mockery of our system of justice.


A political show trial conducted by an openly pro-Biden judge whose daughter makes money off the case, a jury from the most liberal county in America, absurd and ridiculous charges and outrageous jury instructions that guaranteed guilty verdicts.


Biden and the Trump deranged left will stop at nothing to remain in power."


Sen. Tom Cotton: "This verdict, like the case itself, is a travesty of justice. The nakedly partisan judge biased the trial at every turn, from allowing an unconstitutional indictment in the first place to excluding key evidence to rigging the jury instructions. The American people will see right through Joe Biden and the Democrats’ weaponization of the legal system."


Sen. Ted Cruz: "This is a dark day for America.


This entire trial has been a sham, and it is nothing more than political persecution. The only reason they prosecuted Donald Trump is because Democrats are terrified that he will win reelection.


This disgraceful decision is legally baseless and should be overturned promptly on appeal. Any judge with a modicum of integrity would recognize that this entire trial has been utterly fraudulent."


House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik: "Today’s verdict shows how corrupt, rigged, and unAmerican the weaponized justice system has become under Joe Biden and Democrats. I fully support President Trump appealing this decision and look forward to a higher New York Court to deliver justice and overturn this verdict. The facts are clear: this was a zombie case illegally brought forward by a corrupt prosecutor doing Joe Biden’s political bidding in a desperate attempt to save Joe Biden’s failing campaign.


The case hinged on the testimony of a convicted felon who was disbarred for lying and perjured himself when he lied to Congress. This sham trial was overseen by a corrupt and highly unethical Judge who is a Biden donor and whose own family has directly profited from this case. This corrupt Democrat Judge imposed a clearly unconstitutional gag order on President Trump and his team. This corrupt Democrat Judge routinely sided with the prosecution and prevented President Trump’s defense from calling a critical witness to the stand. The prosecution team that brought forward this case consisted of a Soros-funded Far Left Democrat District Attorney on a vendetta, Democrat political operatives, and Democrat donors.


From the start, the weaponized scales of justice were stacked against President Trump. Joe Biden, Far Left Democrats, and their stenographers in the mainstream media have made it clear they will stop at nothing to prevent President Trump from returning to the White House. We must work around the clock to ensure President Trump is victorious this November to save America from Biden’s failed Far Left Democrat agenda and the illegal weaponization of the justice system against the American people."


Sen. Tommy Tuberville: "This is pure election interference and the American people will see through it. We can't have a two-tier justice system. If we don't return to our Constitution, which guarantees every U.S. citizen the right to free speech and the right to a fair trial by an impartial jury, we are no better than Venezuela or communist China."


Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy: "President Trump’s only “crime” is running against Joe Biden in 2024. The American people see right through this weaponization of the legal system."


Gov. Kristi Noem: "Massively conflicted, Biden donor and Liberal judge + stacked jury with unconstitutional jury instructions + radical leftist prosecutor = wrongful conviction.


President Trump did nothing wrong, and even the liberal media knows it.


The judge violated Trump’s constitutional rights and did everything in his power to get this outcome despite the clear evidence Trump was innocent.


No doubt Trump will be easily vindicated soon as the case will obviously be overturned on appeal."


Sen. Marsha Blackburn: "There was no way [President Donald Trump] was going to get a fair trial in New York City with:

- A liberal DA who campaigned on targeting Trump.

- A partisan judge who has donated to Joe Biden.

- A prosecutor who is a former Biden DOJ official and consultant for the DNC.


Total witch hunt."


Sen. Mike Lee: "A sad day for America. The verdict against Donald Trump, marred by unclear charges and irregular jury instructions, sets a dangerous precedent. This was a political prosectuion to help Joe Biden, a weaponization of our justice system that threatens the very fabric of our Republic."


Sen. Ron Johnson: "After this travesty of justice, our judicial system will never be the same. How can this not be considered the most egregious example of election interference?"


Sen. Roger Marshall: "The political persecution of Donald Trump is the most egregious miscarriage of justice in our nation’s history. This happens in banana republics, under authoritarian regimes, not here in America. The true judge and jury will speak loudly in November, and Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States."


Sen. Mike Braun: "This case was a blatant abuse of our justice system as a political weapon by a radical prosecutor trying to interfere in the election, and the verdict proves that this was just a show trial all along. Trump is going to win in November because Americans are sick of these political games when the price of everything has doubled in 4 years and the world is at war because of Joe Biden’s weakness and incompetence."


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: "The future of this country should — and will — be decided by the American people in an election, not by 12 New Yorkers in a travesty of a politicized courtroom."


Rep. Jim Jordan: "The verdict is a travesty of justice.


The Manhattan kangaroo court shows what happens when our justice system is weaponized by partisan prosecutors in front of a biased judge with an unfair process, designed to keep President Trump off the campaign trail and avoid bringing attention to President Biden’s failing radical policies.


Americans see through Democrats' lawfare tactics and know President Trump will be vindicated on appeal."


Vivek Ramaswamy: "The prosecutor is a politician who promised to nail Trump.


The judge’s daughter is a Democrat operative who literally *raised $$ from the trial* while her father presided over it.


The jury instructions said they didn’t have to agree on the crime to convict.


This will backfire."


Rep. James Comer: "Today is a sad day for all Americans. This verdict in New York is another example of Democrats being relentless in their pursuit to weaponize the courts, abuse America’s judicial system, and target President Joe Biden’s political opposition. One thing is clear: Democrats are afraid to face Donald Trump. Americans will make their voices heard this November."


Rep. Michael Waltz: "The genie is out of the bottle. This trial was always about taking President Trump off the ballot because Biden has nothing else to run on.


Democrats tried to remove Trump off the ballot in Maine & Colorado.  They unleashed a politicized justice system against him.


This judge, jurisdiction, and jury instructions preordained President’s Trump’s legal fate. Americans see right through this and will continue to fight to elect him back to the White House!"


Rep. Jim Banks: "The New York trial was a total sham that was rigged from the beginning. 12 liberal jurors don’t decide who the next president is. We the people do.

The final verdict comes on November 5th when we the people will vote to send Trump back to the White House! I STAND WITH TRUMP!"


Rep. Matt Gaetz: "This verdict is the corrupt result of a corrupt trial, a corrupt judge, and a corrupt DA.

We will stand with President Trump now more than ever to save the country."


Rep. Byron Donalds: "What happened in NY is disaster verdict by a crooked judge and a crooked prosecution. Donald Trump is innocent. To hell with what the jury said. America, this is what a political prosecution looks like.


Remember  in November!"


Rep. Lisa McClain: "Sham court, sham trial.


If Donald Trump’s name wasn’t Donald Trump, he would’ve been acquitted. What a travesty."


Rep. Eli Crane: "Americans know this was a total sham trial and the continuation of a disgraceful witch hunt against President Trump.


The record will be set straight on November 5th."


Rep. Dan Crenshaw: "A disgraceful moment for our country, when activism and emotion trampled longstanding judicial principles and standards. This case is ripe to be overturned on appeal, as it should be, and Donald Trump will be reelected in November. Ultimately this will blow up in the left’s smirking, pretentious little faces."


Rep. Anna Paulina Luna: "SHAM CASE.




President Trump is innocent, and everyone knows it. Our justice system has been weaponized against political opponents. This is what happens in banana republics, not in America."


Rep. Wesley Hunt: "Today is a sad and terrible day in American history.


Partisan actors and a judge who is a Biden donor acting in bad faith turned the American judicial system in New York into a firing squad to destroy Joe Biden’s top political opponent.


Prosecuting political enemies and opposition leaders are the actions of third world dictators, not the leaders of the world’s leading democracy, and yet here we are in uncharted territory.


Americans believe in our Republic and they believe in justice, but what happened today was an assault on our founding principles and a miscarriage of justice.


We have gone over a cliff in this nation, when a former President of the United States can be targeted by lawfare and “convicted” of crimes that do NOT exist.


This type of political warfare against President Trump has changed America and our political discourse forever.


We will NOT be deterred, because this is the last best hope of freedom in the world, but that light is going out.  President Trump is fighting for the survival of our nation and the REAL verdict is coming on November 5th."


Rep. Lance Gooden: "Today is a dark day for America. This farce of a verdict stems from a Democratic jury, a Democratic prosecutor, and a Democratic judge.


The American people know that the Biden Trial was a sham from start to finish, and voters will deliver the only verdict that matters in November."


Rep. Nancy Mace: "The outpouring of support for President Trump suggests one thing: this administration has broken our justice system.


Now, it is in the hands of the American people to fix it."


Rep. Anthony D'Esposito: "I served with the NYPD for 15 years, I know bad judges & bad verdicts when I see them.


Today’s ruling was a miscarriage of justice — a partisan witch-hunt that imperils our democracy. @HouseGOP stands with 45 & 47."


Rep. Carol Miller: "This is a sad day for the United States. This verdict is clearly politically motivated, and it's terrible that politics has corrupted our justice system. When President Trump is reelected in November with Republican majorities in the House and Senate we will ensure that people are punished for committing crimes and not because of their politics."


Rep. Erin Houchin: "Today is a sad day in America. This trial and verdict should never have happened. I never imagined we would witness a former President of the United States being politically prosecuted. This is a clear miscarriage of justice, and the American people won’t forget this corrupt, two-tiered system. It’s a travesty that we are witnessing this level of election interference in our country. I look forward to President Trump’s appeal of this verdict and its reversal."


Rep. Russell Fry: "What a disgrace!


A politically motivated prosecutor brings a bogus case before a politically compromised judge in the bluest jurisdiction in America. The politically biased jury believes the words of a star witness for the prosecution — a gentleman with perjury issues and a big credibility problem. All to convict the leading Republican candidate for president.




Rep. Scott Perry: "These are the actions of a dictator, plain and simple. Joe Biden has corrupted the awesome power of the U.S. government. His and his radical Left minions’ weaponization of 'lawfare' to destroy their political opponents is nothing more than a Soviet-style show trial, replete with fake charges, the impossibility of innocence, and a predetermined outcome; it’s clear to anyone who even remotely values and respects our Constitution.


Donald Trump has been persecuted relentlessly at the hands of the Left for political gain, and the American People know it – which is why he’s even more strongly supported around the Nation.


Joe Biden has crushed our economy, imperiled our national interests and security, and emboldened our enemies. His actions set us squarely in line with the Third World. Today it’s Trump. If they can manufacture the crime to fit the man, guess what? You’re  next. Joe Biden and his minions must be defeated in November.  America can’t withstand any more tyranny. This is breathtaking outrage, and far beyond the bounds of politics and elections.


The future of our Democratic Republic has never been more at risk."


Rep. Jodey Arrington: "This blatant political persecution of our nation’s leading presidential candidate and weaponization of our justice system is a dangerous precedent in American politics and an all new low for our country.


Fortunately, the American people - not this corrupt DA and Kangaroo Court - will have the final say at the ballot box this November."


Rep. Max Miller: "WITCH HUNT.


This utterly ridiculous, political outcome is abhorrent to our Constitutional Republic.


We all know the truth. And the truth will still prevail.


This won’t stop him from Making America Great Again. Again."


Rep. Thomas Massie: "Guilty on 34 counts, but no underlying crime. Partisan hacks serving as judges, investigators, and prosecutors have turned our legal system into a farce at both the state and federal level."


Former Rep. Lee Zeldin: "This political persecution, designed to interfere with the 2024 election, was a disgusting abuse and weaponization of the criminal justice system. This ruling is obviously going to be overturned on appeal, but, for Democrats, this case was never about the merits."


Rep. Beth Van Duyne: "This is a dark and deeply perilous day for our country as the weaponization of the judicial system has reached such a demented and fascist level that a former President and leading Presidential candidate has been politically persecuted to deliver a guilty verdict. The DA who charged Donald Trump is corrupt. The corrupt Judge, who should have recused himself because of his family’s deep financial ties to Joe Biden’s campaign, rigged the trial, utterly violated President Trump’s Constitutional rights during court proceedings, and gave the jury ludicrous, never before used, instructions with the sole purpose of constraining them to produce a guilty verdict. The American people know this entire process has been an abomination that we would condemn if it occurred in another country. We will not stand for this. We will take our country back and stop the radical, Marxist Democrats from doing more harm to our nation, and we will defend President Trump, no matter what disgraceful attacks are thrown his way."


Rep. Lloyd Smucker: "Joe and Hunter Biden get special treatment, Trump is dragged through a sham trial. Two justice systems. Very sad day for the country and rule of law."


Rep. Rick Allen: "Time and time again we’ve seen the Biden Administration and Democrats weaponize the federal government for their own political gain. This trial was no different. I stand with President Trump."


Rep. Pete Stauber: "This is a sad day in our nation’s history. This trial was rigged from the start in a desperate attempt to keep Donald Trump off the campaign trail and out of the White House. The American people see right through this sham conviction and I am confident this election will be decided in the voting booth - not the courtroom."


Rep. Rick Crawford: "I am saddened that our nation had to go through this trial. The prosecution inflated a charge for a misdemeanor crime – failing to accurately report expenses – for which the statute of limitations had expired, into a federal election crime for purely political purposes. The prosecution wouldn’t have done this had the target not been former President Trump. Justice in America is supposed to be blind. Everyone should be treated equally under the law. I doubt that any other individual who had failed to report business expenses in the appropriate manner would have been put through this type of trial."


Rep. Diana Harshbarger:  "I stand with President Trump and all true American Patriots who know he did nothing wrong. We will not let this injustice stand. We will fight to restore justice, and President Trump will be back, stronger than ever."


Congresswoman Julia Letlow: "Like countless Americans all around our country, I’m deeply disappointed by the legal proceedings in New York City that resulted in the conviction of former President Trump. It was clear from the beginning that this trial was about politics, not facts or the rule of law. Ultimately, the voters themselves will be able to deliver the final verdict on November 5."


Rep. Ann Wagner: "Today’s verdict is shameful and will be overturned on appeal. President Trump will lead this country forward towards peace and prosperity while President Biden continues to make the lives of everyday Americans worse in every meaningful way. The American people will render their verdict on this sham trial in November."


Rep. Tom Cole: "This verdict against President Trump is a farce and weaponization of the courts. Thankfully President Trump is a fighter and will appeal and move forward. This is a sad example of political gamesmanship. We must restore faith in our Judicial system."

Rep. Mark Green: "Today is a sad day for America. The only reason radical Democrats launched a politically motivated prosecution against a former president was to affect the results of the upcoming election.


This verdict is a disgrace. From spurious charges to an openly biased judge, the trial was a sham from the start. President Trump will appeal this verdict. The American people see this trial for what it is—a political stunt. The verdict is further evidence that the radical left will stop at nothing to crush their political opponents.”


Rep. Gary Palmer: "The Trump trial has been nothing more than a political assassination attempt. The only reason this case proceeded is because the defendant’s name is Donald Trump. The left will do anything to stop him before the election in November."

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May 30 2024

Politico And NPR Agree: Joe Biden Is In Trouble

Americans are rejecting Joe Biden's agenda of high prices and open borders. 


Joe Biden is struggling with black voters and young voters, according to Politico and NPR


NPR reported Thursday morning that "Biden’s problems with younger voters are glaring."


The latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll shows that President Donald Trump is leading the field among young voters. NPR: "When independents Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West, as well as Green Party candidate Jill Stein are introduced, Biden trails Trump by 4 points. Trump leads by 6 with Gen Z/Millennials and by 8 with the under 45 group in this scenario."


Meanwhile, Politico reported Thursday morning that "Biden’s Black voter troubles are setting off alarm bells."


Politico: "Prominent Black officials are warning the Biden campaign that the president’s efforts to keep Black voters firmly and enthusiastically in his electoral coalition aren’t working — and that time is running out to get his message across."

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May 28 2024

They All Agree: There’s No Crime In The Alvin Bragg Case

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: "New York prosecutors rested their hush-money case against Donald Trump this week, but after 20 days in court and a trial transcript of 4,000 pages, the missing piece is still missing. The question is whether Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg presented the evidence necessary for a conviction, and if we were in the jury room, we’d say no."


George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley: "Even a cursory review of the evidence shows this case does not have a leg to stand on."


Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy: "Trump ought to be acquitted for the simplest of reasons: Prosecutors can't prove their case"


Criminal defense attorney David W. Fischer: "The prosecution has not established that a criminal offense took place."


Criminal defense attorney James Trusty: "That is unlike any trial I could ever think of that you go through the entire trial and it's still an open question of how this is a felony case."


Attorney Will Chamberlain: "No reasonable juror can rely solely on Cohen to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt, and [Judge Juan] Merchan should have dismissed the case outright."


Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett: "In reality, none of the essential elements of the alleged crimes in the indictment have been met by prosecutors.  There is no credible evidence that Trump engineered or even knew about booking entries by accountants that were not false at all.  Nor is there any plausible evidence that he willfully violated campaign laws that were not violations at all.  Where is the fraud that prosecutors argued in their opening statement? Like Bigfoot, it’s a fictitious missing link in the case. This has always been a trial in search of an imaginary crime and a disgraceful charade."


Attorney Scott Johnson: "Under New York’s state constitution, the felony statute invoked gives insufficient notice of what it is criminalizing. The indictment fails to explain what laws Trump is alleged to have broken. Bragg purports to enforce federal law over which he has no enforcement jurisdiction. To top it off, Bragg’s version of federal campaign-finance law — over which he has no authority — diverges from the interpretations followed by the two federal agencies with exclusive jurisdiction over that law (the Justice Department and the FEC)."

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May 28 2024

ICYMI: ‘Joe and Hunter Biden used a visit to Sandy Hook memorial service to set up secret meet with Chinese over $10m-a-year deal’

Daily Mail: Hunter Biden used Joe Biden's appearance at a Sandy Hook memorial service to arrange a meeting between his dad  and his Chinese business partners, new texts reveal.


The messages come from a fresh tranche of documents released by Congress on Wednesday, given to them by IRS agents who investigated the First Son.


On December 12, 2017 Hunter wrote on the Chinese messaging app WeChat to Liu Yadong, a top executive at Chinese oil giant CEFC, to arrange a meeting with his father.


'Can you meet this evening early,' Hunter wrote. 'My father will be in New York also and he wants me to attend the Sandyhook memorial service with him and I would like him to meet you along with my uncle [Jim Biden] and then you and I can talk let me know if that works.'


'No problem,' Yadong replied. 'Pls let me know where and when to meet.'


The texts to set up a meeting with Joe came after months of negotiation about the Biden family's involvement in the deal with the Chinese government-linked company, in exchange for $10 million a year.


In July 2017 Hunter sent 'threatening' texts to CEFC official Runlong Zhao demanding he follow through on the $10 million deal, and noting his father's involvement.


'I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled,' Hunter wrote, in text messages obtained by the IRS investigators and published by Congress last year.

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May 26 2024

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note: May 26, 2024

Good afternoon,


This Memorial Day weekend, we remember the brave patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation's freedom.


President Donald Trump supports our troops and kept them out of unnecessary danger as the only president in decades to start no new wars.


President Trump delivered a thoughtful speech on Memorial Day 2020 that is worth reading.


He said: "To every Gold Star family here today and all across our land: Our debt to you is infinite and everlasting.  We stand with you today and all days to come, remembering and grieving for America’s greatest heroes.  In spirit and strength, in loyalty and love, in character and courage, they were larger than life itself.  They were angels sent from above, and they are now rejoined with God in the glorious Kingdom of Heaven. Wherever the Stars and Stripes fly — at our schools, our churches, town halls, firehouses, and national monuments — it is made possible because there are extraordinary Americans who are willing to brave death so that we can live in freedom and live in peace."


Taylor Budowich, 

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc. 


President Trump is on the offensive: 


  • In the past week you've seen President Trump speak in the Bronx and at the Libertarian National Convention. He is the first former president to speak at the Libertarian Convention and the first Republican nominee to hold a rally in the Bronx since Ronald Reagan in 1980. He's on the offensive expanding the political map. 
    • Sen. J.D. Vance wrote Sunday, "I’m proud our party’s leader goes into hostile territory and makes his case. There’s a reason Joe Biden gives scripted speeches in front of friendly audiences, and Donald Trump goes everywhere. Trump has the energy to lead this country. Joe Biden hides from it."


  • The liberal media couldn't help but recognize the impressive showing at the Bronx rally. 
    • The Daily Beast wrote, "The large crowd at a Trump rally in the Bronx is a warning to his opponents that the former president is far from unpopular."
    • While CNN's Kristen Holmes said, "Certainly a bigger crowd than I think Democrats would like to see, particularly given that this is one of the bluest counties in the entire country."
    • CBS' Olivia Rinaldi attended the Bronx rally and said, "I will say this rally did look a lot like America. There were a lot of Asian voters there, there were a lot of Hispanic voters, a lot of black voters there."


  • The Biden campaign lies and says they aren't worried, but their actions say otherwise. They are a desperate, losing campaign trying to stop the bleeding. The Biden campaign reacted to President Trump's Bronx rally by buying targeted advertising in the area.


Joe Biden confirms the political nature of the Alvin Bragg case:


  • The Biden White House is crafting a response to the looming verdict in Manhattan and will address it from the White House, according to Politico. Biden is abusing his bully pulpit to try to capitalize on a political prosecution.
    • To recap: The lead prosecutor, Matthew Colangelo, is a former DNC political operative and number three official at the DOJ, while the judge is a Biden donor
      • Trey Gowdy, who attended the trial in recent weeks, said on Fox News Sunday, "I've had some pro-prosecution judges in my life, but I ain't never seen a judge like this... That's what I felt like, is he was a member of the prosecution team." 


  • The prosecution team has been unable to make a clear case and its star witness Michael Cohen admitted to a crime on the witness stand.
    • CNN's Sara Murray said Sunday, "This case is not a slam dunk, which means that Donald Trump may very well not be convicted."
    • Sen. Tim Scott remarked on CNN's State of the Union, "The only person guilty in that courtroom is DA Bragg -- guilty of corrupting the justice system, guilty of not doing his job, and guilty of trying to frame an innocent man."


President Trump stands with America's heroes:


  • President Trump delivered historic accomplishments for America's veterans during his first administration. He signed legislation to modernize the VA and signed legislation to expand benefits for veterans.
    • In his second term, President Trump will honor the service of our nation's heroes by making it a "personal mission to totally eradicate veterans’ homelessness in America."


  • Joe Biden has never apologized for his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 service members dead. He thinks there were no mistakes made.
    • Joe Biden has never even said the names of these 13 heroes out loud.
    • A Gold Star mother who was with Biden at the dignified transfer ceremony said Biden showed "total disrespect" and checked his watch multiple times.


President Trump lays out his pro-Liberty agenda at the Libertarian Convention:


  • President Trump explained to Libertarian voters on Saturday why he is their best hope to get libertarian values in the White House.
    • President Trump: "I am proud to be the only president in 70 years who started no new wars."
    • President Trump: "To the nation‘s 50 million crypto holders, I say this, with your vote I will keep Elizabeth Warren and her goons away from your Bitcoin."
    • President Trump: "Everyone here tonight believes that we must fight for the same fundamental freedoms — freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of the right to own a firearm, and freedom from over-taxation."
    • President Trump: "I'm committing to you tonight that I will put a libertarian in my cabinet, and also, libertarians in senior posts."


  • Jeffrey A. Tucker, a prominent libertarian, gave President Trump kudos for reaching out to libertarian voters. "At the LP convention, Trump said, in effect, vote for me and I'll put some of you in top government jobs and also do some stuff you will like. That was a weirdly honest way to campaign. Felt like the 19th century or something."


  • Sen. Mike Lee, a libertarian Republican, reacted to President Trump's speech in a video in which he said, "Well done, President Trump. I think you won the hearts and minds of a whole lot of libertarians out there."
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May 26 2024

President Trump Addresses The Libertarian National Convention

President Donald Trump delivered remarks at the Libertarian National Convention in Washington, D.C. Saturday.


Utah Senator Mike Lee said: "Donald Trump may not agree with you on everything, but I can tell you, he will agree with you a whole hell of a lot more than that nutball in the White House--or anybody else on the ticket."


Highlights from President Trump's speech:


President Trump: "I am truly honored to be invited here tonight as the first president in American history to address the Libertarian National Convention."


President Trump: "I'm here to talk to you about the...need to defeat the corrupt and incompetent tyrant in the White House, Crooked Joe Biden--the worst president in the history of the United States."


President Trump: "If you vote for me, on Day One, I will commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht."


President Trump: "I'm committing to you tonight that I will put a Libertarian in my cabinet, and also, Libertarians in senior posts."


President Trump: "I am proud to be the only president in 70 years who started no new wars."


President Trump: "To the nation‘s 50 million crypto holders, I say this, with your vote I will keep Elizabeth Warren and her goons away from your Bitcoin."


President Trump "I will return power to the states, local governments, and to the American people!"


President Trump: "Everyone here tonight believes that we must fight for the same fundamental freedoms — freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of the right to own a firearm, and freedom from over-taxation."

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May 24 2024

Biden’s Week In Review

It was a typical week for Joe Biden. Polling revealed the country is ready to turn the page from his disastrous presidency that is responsible for rampant inflation and an open border.


  • The White House was in clean-up mode this week, forced to rewrite nine lies and gaffes Biden made during a speech in their official transcript.


  • BIDEN’S BORDER CRISIS: An illegal immigrant was arrested in Wisconsin on Monday for allegedly trafficking and sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl. The illegal immigrant was released into our country by the Biden administration after being apprehended in 2021.


  • The House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday released damning text messages from Hunter Biden, revealing his efforts to arrange a meeting between Joe Biden and Yadong Liu, the CEO of CEFC Global Strategic Holdings, the Chinese energy company Hunter was conducting business with in 2017. This evidence starkly contradicts Joe Biden's persistent denials of involvement in his son's foreign dealings.


  • On Wednesday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune covered the surge in fast food prices hurting consumers. "Over the past five years, prices for popular menu items at chains like McDonald's and Taco Bell have risen dramatically. The cost of a Big Mac or a Chalupa has doubled since 2019, according to archived and current pages of the Fast Food Menu Prices online tracker."


  • A new Cook Political poll released Thursday spells doom for Biden: President Trump is leading in six key swing states. Voters are deeply skeptical of Biden’s ability to control inflation, with 78% expecting it to persist, while a majority of voters place greater confidence in Trump’s plan to lower prices.


  • On Thursday, an illegal immigrant breached Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas.  


  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Thursday confirmed that the Jordanian migrants who attempted to infiltrate Marine Corps Base Quantico earlier this month were in the country illegally.
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May 24 2024

Bidenflation’s Impact on Memorial Day Weekend

Americans across the country will gather this weekend to remember the incredible patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom and liberty. For many, the long weekend provides an opportunity to travel and spend valuable time with friends and family. Unfortunately, most typical Memorial Day plans are more expensive than ever, thanks to Joe Biden.


Are you planning on grilling this weekend? Prices for these cookout staples have skyrocketed since President Trump left office:


Price Increases Since January 2021:



Up 32%

Salad Dressing

Up 30%


Up 29%


Up 26%


Up 26%

Ground Beef

Up 22%

Hot Dogs

Up 19%

Ice Cream

Up 19%


Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


If you’re planning to travel this weekend, things are even worse:


Price Increases Since January 2021:



Up 56%


Up 51%


Up 38%

Rental Cars

Up 22%


Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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May 24 2024

President Trump Holds Historic Rally In The Bronx

President Donald Trump drew a massive crowd to his historic rally in the South Bronx on Thursday. 


A Bronx resident said: "Joe Biden's policies have terms of the economy, in terms of his illegal immigration, in terms of the environment. These policies only hurt Black people, it doesn't help them."


CNN's Kristen Holmes: "Certainly a bigger crowd than I think Democrats would like to see, particularly given that this is one of the bluest counties in the entire country."


Fox News' Lawrence Jones: "Been to a lot of Trump rallies... what I'm witnessing here in the BRONX is truly unbelievable!"


Turning Point Action Reporter Savanah Hernandez: “We have so many different people from all areas of life coming out here today in support of Donald Trump because they say that they’re just tired of Joe Biden... the energy has just been absolutely incredible.”


Ruben Diaz, a former Democrat State Senator from the Bronx, endorsed President Trump: "Mr. President — I want to join you in having the Bronx Great again! Please accept this Democrat — this Black Puerto Rican ... please accept my endorsement for you as the President!"


Highlights from President Trump's speech: 


President Trump: "We have mobs of migrants fighting our police officers and giving America the middle finger. But we are not going to let this continue. We are not going to abandon our hope and our pride. This city has given us so much, and now it is time that we are going to give it back. Together we are going to make New York City great again, and simultaneously we are going to make America great again."


President Trump: “As soon as I get back into the Oval Office, I am going to pick up the phone and I’m going to call your mayor and your governor and I'm going to say ...I want to come back and help…we’re going to get this state and this city at a level that it’s never seen before.”


President Trump: "We lifted 6.6 million people out of poverty... and real middle class income rose over $6,000 a year. Under Biden, it's a disaster... real earnings for African Americans are down 5.6%"


President Trump: "These millions and millions of people that are coming into this country...the biggest negative impact is against our Black population and our Hispanic population who are losing their jobs, losing their housing, losing everything." 


President Trump: “I will give you low taxes, low inflation, low interest rates, rising wages, growing incomes, and fair trade for the American worker. And we will make energy affordable again by saying drill baby drill.”


President Trump: "The criminal charged with savagely murdering Officer Diller was previously arrested by the NYPD 21 times... These dangerous and violent repeat offenders should never have been on our streets...I will not sit by and accept this reckless insanity..."

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May 22 2024

President Trump Leads In Key States As Voters Trust Him To Handle Economy And Border

President Donald Trump is leading in key states, according to the latest Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll.


The poll found that President Trump is beating Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.


Voters were asked what was "the single most important issue to you when deciding how to vote," and the two top answers were the economy (35%) and immigration (14%).


On both of these issues, voters trust Trump to handle them best by double-digit margins.


When asked "who do you trust more to handle" the economy, 50% of voters answered Trump, while just 37% answered Biden.


When asked "who do you trust more to handle" immigration, 51% of voters answered Trump, while just 34% of voters answered Biden.

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May 21 2024

RFK Jr. says he would give black farmers $5B in reparations

New York PostIndependent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said he will support giving black farmers $5 billion in reparations once in office — throwing his weight behind a provision in President Biden’s American Rescue Plan that was struck down by a court as unconstitutional.


“When I’m in the White House… I’m going to get rid of those people in USDA and get that money,” Kennedy told John Boyd Jr., the founder of the National Black Farmers Association, in a recent episode of his podcast.


“That $5 billion is not money, that is an entitlement,” the 70-year-old added. “It’s money that was a loan that black farmers were entitled to way back when and was stolen from them through discrimination.”


Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 proposed a loan assistance program of roughly $5 billion for “socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers” — defined as those who “have been subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice” — who were harmed financially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


One of the parties involved in the lawsuit at the time, America First Legal, sounded off Monday on Kennedy’s support for the $5 billion package.


“Any public official who thinks it is the government’s role to pick winners and losers based on the color of their skin does not belong in public office,” AFL Executive Director and general counsel Gene Hamilton told The Post.

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May 20 2024

ICYMI: Biden Says He Was Still VP During COVID and Obama Sent Him to ‘Fix It’

Watch Biden's bizarre comments here


The Daily Beast: "President Joe Biden erroneously claimed on Sunday he was still serving as vice president during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Speaking at a dinner for the NAACP in Detroit, Michigan, Biden went on a tangent proclaiming he was on the ground in the state to help out as the virus raged on, at the request of former President Barack Obama.


'And when I was vice president, things were kind of bad during the pandemic,' Biden said. 'And what happened was, Barack said to me, ‘Go to Detroit, and help fix it.’ Well the poor mayor, he spent more time with me than he thought he was ever going to have to. God love you.'"

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May 19 2024

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note: May 19, 2024

Good afternoon, 


A chart in this weekend's Wall Street Journal shows the stark contrast between Bidenomics and MAGAnomics. WSJ: "Adjusted for inflation, net worth was up just 0.7% through Biden’s first three years, compared with 16% through Trump’s first three years."



Biden's inflation crisis is robbing families of wealth. It's no surprise that a recent CBS News poll of likely voters in Arizona found that the two top issues for voters are the economy and inflation.


Joe Biden will have to address his economic failures during the June debate if he shows up. So far, Biden's answers on the issue are to lie and propose tax hikes


Taylor Budowich, 

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc. 


CBS News: Voters know President Trump puts Americans first: 


  • CBS News' latest poll shows President Trump leading Joe Biden in Arizona by five percent. The poll makes it clear that one major reason for this lead is that President Trump puts Americans first.
    • The poll found that 72 percent of voters say that Trump's policies puts the interests of "U.S. citizens over immigrants," while just 13 percent said the same about Joe Biden. 
  • Joe Biden will be forced to answer for his failed border policies during the presidential debates. He rescinded the Trump immigration agenda that kept Americans safes. 


Morehouse College graduates turn their backs on Joe Biden: 


  • Joe Biden and his campaign are flailing and desperate for the support of black voters. As part of this effort, Biden spoke at Morehouse College Sunday where students turned their backs on him during Biden's speech. 
    • The speech followed New York Times swing state polling that showed President Trump is poised to win the "highest level of Black support for any Republican presidential candidate since the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964."
    • On Saturday, the Times reported: "In interviews with nearly two dozen voters in predominantly Black neighborhoods in Philadelphia this week, as well as with elected officials and strategists, signs of softness in Mr. Biden’s standing were palpable."
  • Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said on CNN's State of the Union Sunday, "Black Americans are no different than any other Americans. They feel the pinch of the inflation... They see the crime that is running rampant... They see what's happening at the border and how that's impacting their own communities."



Alvin Bragg's case falls apart in the homestretch: 


  • Michael Cohen was District Attorney Alvin Bragg's final and key witness in his partisan prosecution of President Donald Trump. Legal experts agree that Cohen's disastrous performance on Thursday should mean that in a fair judicial system President Trump is found not guilty. 
    • NYU Law professor Ryan Goodman told CNN, "If the case ended today and there were final statements, I think there would not be a conviction.”
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May 18 2024

President Trump Addresses The NRA

President Donald Trump delivered the keynote address at the annual National Rifle Association meeting in Dallas, Texas Saturday.


President Trump received the endorsement of the NRA prior to taking the stage.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott said: "With your help, we will elect Donald Trump president once again--a freedom fighter who puts America first. He will lock down the border, control the chaos that grips the globe, and most importantly, protect your God-given second amendment rights."


Highlights from President Trump's speech:


President Trump: "The NRA has stood with me from the very beginning and with your vote, I will stand strong for your rights and liberties. And four more years in the White House...We're going to turn our country around. We're going to, quite simply, make America great again!"


President Trump: "RFK Jr. calls you a terrorist group and I call you the backbone of America."


President Trump: "If the Biden regime gets four more years, they are coming for your guns--100% certain. Crooked Joe has a 40-year record of trying to rip firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens."


President Trump: "With me in the White House, the radical gun grabbers will run straight into a very, very powerful brick wall. Their dreams of taking away your God-given rights will die when the polls close on November 5th, 2024."


President Trump: "As we speak, the Biden administration is trying to crush independent firearms dealers by revoking their licenses if they make a single error even in unimportant paperwork."


President Trump: "My administration also petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn New York City's unconstitutional ban on transporting handguns outside the home...and we overturned a landmark case..."


President Trump: "Biden wants to disarm American citizens while he floods our country with Biden migrant crime."


President Trump: "On Day One, we will begin the largest deportation effort in the history of our country."


President Trump: "So if you want to save America and your second amendment, register, get an abesntee or mail-in ballot, vote early or vote on Election Day...but whatever you do, you have to vote."

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May 18 2024

Trump Calls Out The Failure Of Bidenomics In Minnesota Speech

President Donald Trump called out the failure of Bidenomics during a Friday night speech in St. Paul, Minnesota. 


The speech followed polling showing President Trump and Joe Biden in a "virtual dead heat" in Minnesota. 


House Majority Whip Tom Emmer said Friday night, "Sadly, our state has not gone red for a presidential candidate since 1972. That is all about to change in the next six months. President Trump has the opportunity to make history here and we're going to help him do it."


Highlights from President Trump's speech: 


President Trump: "His inflation catastrophe is in effect a colossal tax on American families. We will call it the Biden inflation tax."


President Trump: "One of the most vicious effects of the Biden Inflation Tax is how Crooked Joe has made it impossible for millions of Americans, especially young Americans, to buy a home, a car, or even make their rent. Young Americans are getting out of high school and getting out of college and it's a disaster for them."


President Trump: "The Biden price hikes are continuing to drain $1,165 from the typical Minnesota family budget every single month." 


President Trump: "On Day One, we will throw out Bidenomics and we will reinstate MAGAnomics." 


President Trump: "In my first four years, we ended the disaster known as NAFTA, the worst trade deal ever made in the history of our country, and replaced it... with the brand new USMCA... it is a fantastic giant win for Minnesota farmers and dairy producers and manufacturers." 

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May 17 2024

Biden’s Week In Review

Joe Biden finally accepted President Trump’s invitation to debate this week. Now, he faces the impossible task of defending his administration’s deliberate destruction of our economy and our border.


  • Team Biden began the week with yet another devastating poll when the New York Times found that President Trump is beating Joe Biden in five key swing states: Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.
    • “Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden are essentially tied among 18-to-29-year-olds and Hispanic voters, even though each group gave Mr. Biden more than 60 percent of their vote in 2020. Mr. Trump also wins more than 20 percent of Black voters — a tally that would be the highest level of Black support for any Republican presidential candidate since the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco on Monday contradicted a common Biden campaign lie, publishing a report showing that corporate price setting is not the cause of historic inflation that has ravaged hard-working Americans since January 2021.
  • Yahoo Finance on Tuesday released a pre-recorded interview with Biden, during which he repeated the flagrant lie that inflation was at 9% when he took office (it was actually at 1.4%).
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest inflation numbers released Wednesday painted a dire picture of just how bad things have gotten under Joe Biden:
    • Prices overall have skyrocketed 19.9% since January 2021.
    • Since Biden took office, gas prices are up over 55%, auto insurance is 52.1% more expensive, eggs are up 43.5%, baby food and formula prices are up 30.0%, electricity bills cost 28.5% more, groceries are 21.3% more expensive, and rent costs 20.8% more.
    • Bidenflation has cost the average American household a total of $24,835 since January 2021.
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection data obtained and published by Fox News on Wednesday revealed that there have been more known “gotaways” from the border in just the last three years than during the entire decade between 2010 and 2020.
  • BORDER TERROR: The Department of Homeland Security on Thursday night confirmed that two Jordanian migrants are in ICE custody after attempting to break into Quantico Marine Corps Base earlier this month.
  • On Friday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas acknowledged that far more illegal immigrants are entering the nation under Joe Biden than under President Donald Trump. 
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May 17 2024

President Trump Stands With Gun Owners, RFK Jr. Calls Them Terrorists

President Donald Trump will address the National Rifle Association on Saturday and lay out his vision for protecting gun rights. 


This stands in stark contrast to RFK Jr.'s radical anti-gun agenda. 


  • RFK Jr. accused the NRA of being a "terror group."
  • RFK Jr. smeared the NRA and said that the NRA is "as responsible" for the Parkland school schooting "as if they pulled the trigger."
  • RFK Jr. supports a ban on America's most popular rifle. 
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May 16 2024

Even CNN and MSNBC Know That Alvin Bragg Had An Awful Day

Alvin Bragg's bogus case against President Donald Trump centers around Michael Cohen. 


Cohen is a key witness for Bragg and the New York Times reported that "the trial could become a referendum on Mr. Cohen’s credibility, with the verdict possibly hinging on a convincing performance."


Well, it's now clear that Cohen, a convicted perjurer, did not deliver a "convincing performance." The coverage was uniform on Thursday -- Michael Cohen was exposed as a liar on the witness stand. 


CNN's Elie Honig said, "I don't think I've never seen a star cooperating witness get his knees chopped out quite as clearly and dramatically as what just happened with Michael Cohen."


MSNBC's Ari Melber remarked on the defense exposing Cohen, "'I think the punches are building cumulatively. I think Tuesday there were bruises, and today there is blood."


CNN's Anderson Cooper on Michael Cohen: "I think if I was a juror in this case watching that, I would think this guy is making it up as he's going along."


Alyssa Farah said on CNN: "I couldn't today convict beyond a reasonable doubt. Michael Cohen is just such a problematic figure."

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May 16 2024

ICYMI: RFK Jr. Called the Tea Party ‘The Resurgence of the Confederacy’

Radical leftist RFK Jr. bashed Tea Party patriots in 2014 as the "resurgence of the Confederacy."


The Washington Free Beacon reported that RFK Jr. attacked the Tea Party at length during a speech. "They just don't want to pay their taxes. And they don't want, and they don't want, a black person to be president of the United States," RFK Jr. said.


Free Beacon: "Later in the speech, Kennedy said the 'whole Tea Party movement came out of the nostalgia for a plantation economy.'


'Why is it that they—they all came out of those, you know, those dozen southern states that were part of the Confederacy?' Kennedy said. 'This is the resurgence of the Confederacy.'"


You can watch RFK Jr.'s comments here

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May 15 2024

Joe Biden Will Be Forced To Defend His Awful Record

If Joe Biden actually shows up to debate, he will have to defend his awful record and agenda. 


Joe Biden is responsible for an ongoing inflation crisis, open borders, and American weakness abroad. 


He is a dishonest, weak, and failed president. 


Bidenomics is a failure: 


  • The latest CPI data shows prices have increased 19.9% since January 2021. The annual cost to the average household due to Biden's inflation is a staggering $12,892.




  • Joe Biden plans to raise taxes on low-and-middle-income Americans by letting the Trump Tax Cuts expire in 2025.
    • President Trump is promising across the board tax cuts. 


  • A whopping 65 percent of Americans say they are living paycheck to paycheck.



Biden's open border is putting Americans in danger: 


  • Well over 10 million illegal immigrants have entered the country during Joe Biden's presidency. 


  • Joe Biden invited this wave of illegal immigration by reversing President Trump's successful border policies. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that Biden "rescinded so many Trump immigration policies, it would take so much time to list them."
    • Biden signed an executive order on his first day in office to halt the construction of the border wall.
    • On its first day, the Biden administration announced a policy to halt deportations for 100 days.
    • Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera told NBC News that Biden "should not have reversed Trump's border policies."


  • Joe Biden's open border is directly responsible for many vicious crimes. 
    • Laken Riley was killed by an illegal immigrant that Joe Biden released into the country.
    • Kayla Hamilton was raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant MS-13 gang member that was released into the country by Joe Biden in 2022.
    • An illegal immigrant released into the country by the Biden administration was arrested in Pennsylvania for killing a mother and her toddler.
    • Just last week, police in Palm Beach announced the arrest of an illegal immigrant for "allegedly snatching an 11-year-old girl off the street in front of her" home. The illegal immigrant crossed the border in January and was released into the country by Joe Biden. 


  • Joe Biden is refusing to deport criminal illegal immigrants. The Center for Immigration Studies found that "the Biden administration’s immigration policies have resulted in a 67 percent decline in removals of criminal aliens.” These are illegal immigrants with criminal convictions or pending charges.


Joe Biden lied about his involvement in the Biden Crime Family business and his handling of classified documents: 


  • Joe Biden willfully retained classified documents, shared them with someone without clearance, and improperly stored the documents. Joe Biden put America's national security at risk with his illegal retention and disclosure of classified material.
    • Joe Biden lied to the country when he said that he didn't share classified information with his ghostwriter and when Joe Biden said his documents were stored in locked cabinets.


  • Joe Biden is lying when he says he has never interacted with Hunter's business partners.
    • Tony Bobulinski testified that he met with Joe Biden "multiple times" while Bobulinski was conducting business with Hunter. 


  • Former Hunter Biden business partner Jason Galanis testified that Hunter Biden asked his father to help get a deal with a Chinese Communist Party-linked company "across the finish line."
    • Joe Biden was the "big guy" referenced in an email about a Chinese business deal. The email said that the "big guy" would get a 10 percent stake.


  • During the 2020 debates, Joe Biden lied and said Hunter Biden does not do any business with China. Hunter has since confirmed in a court filing that he did do business with CCP-linked businessmen.
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May 14 2024

Joe Biden Keeps Lying About Inflation

Joe Biden is not in touch with reality.


For the second time in a week, Joe Biden lied about what the inflation rate was when he took office.


Biden told Yahoo Finance that inflation was at 9% when he took office. That's a lie.  Inflation was at 1.4% when Biden took office.


Joe Biden told the same lie last week to CNN, where he also claimed inflation was at 9% when he took office. He was widely fact-checked for that dishonest claim.


Joe Biden's lie to Yahoo on Tuesday about inflation comes as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says that inflation has been "higher" than expected. Gallup recently reported that "the percentage of Americans naming inflation or the high cost of living as the most important financial problem facing their family has reached a new high." 


What's behind Joe Biden's made-up inflation claims -- is it dishonesty or dementia?

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May 13 2024

NYT: ‘Trump Leads in 5 Key States, as Young and Nonwhite Voters Express Discontent With Biden’

The latest New York Times swing state polling shows President Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in five key states.


NYT: "The surveys by The New York Times, Siena College and The Philadelphia Inquirer found that Mr. Trump was ahead among registered voters in a head-to-head matchup against Mr. Biden in five of six key states: Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania."


The Times wrote: "Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden are essentially tied among 18-to-29-year-olds and Hispanic voters, even though each group gave Mr. Biden more than 60 percent of their vote in 2020. Mr. Trump also wins more than 20 percent of Black voters — a tally that would be the highest level of Black support for any Republican presidential candidate since the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964."

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May 12 2024

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note: May 12, 2024

Good evening, 


President Joe Biden is ignoring everyday Americans and is instead trying to please the most radical elements of the Democrat Party. Former Clinton pollster Mark Penn wrote in the New York Times on Sunday that Joe Biden is "doing it all wrong" by placating the far-left. 


Penn wrote that Joe Biden is turning off moderate voters with his betrayal of Israel, open borders policies, electric vehicle mandate, and proposed tax increases. 


While Joe Biden struggles with his awful record and radical agenda, President Trump is turning out massive crowds. His rally Saturday in Wildwood, New Jersey drew nearly 100,000 people.


President Trump pledged across-the-board tax cuts in contrast to Biden's plan to let the Trump Tax Cuts expire and raise taxes on middle-class Americans.


Taylor Budowich, 

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.


Here's what you need to know about the Alvin Bragg trial:


  • This case is a partisan attack. The lead prosecutor Matthew Colangelo is a former DNC political consultant whose wife donated thousands to Biden and Obama. 
  • Alvin Bragg's key witness Michael Cohen will take the stand this week. Cohen is a convicted perjurer and disbarred attorney. As George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley said, "Who would base a case on Michael Cohen... this is someone who just recently was denounced by a judge as a serial perjurer." 
  • The Washington Post's Charles Lane acknowledged on ABC's This Week that outside of a "hardcore" group of "mostly Democrats," voters are largely tuning out Alvin Bragg's bogus case.
  • Sen. J.D. Vance said on CNN's State of the Union, "The only thing that Alvin Bragg, the New York prosecutor's team thinks Donald Trump did wrong is that he ran for president in 2024 and he looks to be on the cusp of victory. That is the only thing that this is ultimately about."

Financial Times poll shows strong disapproval of Bidenomics:

  • Financial Times poll conducted this month found that 51 percent of Americans say that they are financially worse off since Joe Biden became president.
  • The poll found that 58 percent of voters disapprove of Joe Biden's handling of the economy.


President Trump's New Jersey rally highlights the massive amount of energy supporting the Trump 2024 effort: 


  • The frontpage of the Philadelphia Inquirer said: "Trump fires up a crowd at rally in Wildwood," and quoted a voter saying that the "country is headed in the wrong direction."
    • Fox News reporter Bryan Llenas said: "This is one of the largest Trump rallies I've ever been to..."
  • President Trump told voters at the rally, "So if you want to save America, register, get an absentee or mail-in ballot, vote early or vote on Election Day...but whatever you do, you must get out and vote. This year, election season begins on September 16th and goes all the way to November 5th." 
  • President Trump promised voters: "Instead of a Biden tax hike, I’ll give you a Trump middle class, upper class, lower class, business class big tax cut."
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May 12 2024

President Trump Holds Largest Rally Of The Year

President Donald Trump held a massive rally Saturday in Wildwood, New Jersey.


A spokesperson for the City of Wildwood told the Associated Press she estimated between 80,000 and 100,000 attendees.


Fox News reporter Bryan Llenas said: "This is one of the largest Trump rallies I've ever been to..."


Highlights from President Trump's speech:


President Trump: "All across America, millions of people in so-called “Blue States” are joining our movement based on love, intelligence, and...common sense. No one has more common sense than the tough, strong, incredible...people of New Jersey!"


President Trump: "Tonight, I am officially calling on Joe Biden and the Democrat National Committee to return the donations of all the anti-Semites, America-haters, and financiers of chaos who have funded the chaos on our campuses."


President Trump: "On day one, we will throw out Bidenomics, and we will reinstate MAGAnomics.  And we are going to bring manufacturing, tourism, and other industry back to New Jersey like never before!"


President Trump: "Instead of a Biden tax hike, I'll give you a Trump middle class...lower class...Big tax cut."


President Trump: "On day one of my new administration, I will seal the border, stop the invasion...and send Joe Biden's illegal aliens back home where they belong."


President Trump: "We will shut down deadly sanctuary cities such as Newark and Philadelphia...we will not let them release illegal alien criminals into your streets...and on day one, we will begin the largest domestic deportation operation in American history."


President Trump: "We will cut off all of Biden's taxpayer giveaways to illegal aliens. If the Biden invasion is not stopped, it will also demolish Medicare and Social Security. It cannot survive 20 million people coming into the country."


President Trump: "So if you want to save America, register, get an absentee or mail-in ballot, vote early or vote on Election Day...but whatever you do, you must get out and vote. This year, election season begins on September 16th and goes all the way to November 5th."

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May 10 2024

Biden’s Week In Review

Biden’s lying reached new heights this week, claiming he lowered inflation from 9% when he took office and that he has “turned around” the economy. Biden is lost, confused, and in denial of reality.


  • POLITICO revealed on Sunday a “surprising” source of funding for the pro-Hamas rioters occupying college campuses across the nation: Biden’s top donors.
    • In a “surprise” to no one besides POLITICO, the same liberal billionaires that are supporting Biden’s reelection have funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to pro-Hamas activist groups.
  • Biden’s desperate attempts to appease the pro-Hamas contingent of the progressive movement came to a head on Wednesday, when the Biden administration threatened to halt U.S. arms sales to Israel.
    • President Trump: “Crooked Joe Biden, whether he knows it or not, just said he will withhold weapons from Israel as they fight to eradicate Hamas Terrorists in Gaza. Hamas murdered thousands of innocent civilians, including babies, and are still holding Americans hostage, if the hostages are still alive. Yet Crooked Joe is taking the side of these terrorists, just like he has sided with the Radical Mobs taking over our college campuses, because his donors are funding them. Biden is weak, corrupt, and leading the world straight into World War III. Remember - this war in Israel, just like the war in Ukraine, would have NEVER started if I was in the White House. But very soon, we will be back, and once again demanding PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!”
  • Joe Biden on Wednesday misled voters with one of his most brazen lies yet, falsely claiming to CNN’s Erin Burnett he lowered inflation from “9% when I came to office.”
    • Inflation was at a healthy 1.4% when Biden took office and, thanks to his wasteful spending and regulatory stranglehold on the economy, rose to a four-decade high of 9.1% in June 2022.
    • Since Biden took office, overall prices have increased by an unaffordable 19.4%, costing the average American family $23,760.
  • Biden’s attempts to gaslight the nation about hardships he inflicted on us were on full display throughout Wednesday’s disastrous interview. According to the New York Post Editorial Board, Biden lied roughly once a minute
    • Biden outright denied reality, claiming that “we’ve already turned around” the economy.
    • A record number of Americans cannot afford to pay rent.
    • Credit card debt is up 38.7 percent since Joe Biden took office.
    • A whopping 65 percent of Americans say they are living paycheck to paycheck.
  • The highly-anticipated University of Michigan Survey of Consumers on Friday revealed that consumer sentiment dropped 13%in May to its lowest level in six months as consumers “expressed worries that inflation, unemployment and interest rates may all be moving in an unfavorable direction in the year ahead.”
    • Additionally, the one-year inflation outlook surged to 3.5%, up 0.3 percentage points from the previous month, reaching its highest level since November 2023.
  • Joe Biden's open border continues to destroy lives:
    • In Palm Beach County, an illegal immigrant was arrested for "allegedly snatching an 11-year-old girl off the street in front of her Lake Worth home and sexually assaulting her."
      • CBS 12 reported that the illegal immigrant "crossed the U.S.-Mexico Border in early January. He made his way to Florida shortly after. PBSO stated he has an immigration court date scheduled in 2027."
      • Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw: "Here's a Guatemalan, who came into the country illegally was stopped by the border people released, and made his way to South Florida. And now he commits a crime where he held an 11-year-old girl against her will and sexually assaulted her."

How many more weeks like this can America afford?

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May 10 2024

RFK Jr.‘s Week In Review

It's been a disastrous week for RFK Jr. as he has been thoroughly exposed as the left-wing radical that he is. 


  • On Tuesday, it was revealed that RFK Jr. mocked Republicans as “Democrats who don’t know what’s going on,” and praised NPR as "not liberal" and the "truth.”
  • On Wednesday, Sean Hannity tore into RFK Jr. for being "maybe one of the most liberal candidates to ever seek the presidency... He supports, let's see, reparations, affirmative action, he once called the NRA a 'terrorist group,' he endorsed just about every major Democrat this century from Kerry to Clinton to Obama etc... he's against fracking, he's against fossil fuels of all kinds."
  • On Thursday, Fox News reported that RFK Jr. once "praised China's 'organ harvesting' threats to meet climate goals."
  • On Thursday, RFK Jr. was roundly criticized for his support for "full-term" abortion.
    • Charlie Kirk said RFK Jr. affirmed his "commitment to China-style full-term abortion, without limits, nationwide."
    • Buck Sexton wrote, "Infanticide. RFK jr supports infanticide.  Some of us warned you about him from the start- he’s a Democrat.  Can’t trust him."
    • Matt Walsh wrote that RFK Jr.'s comments are "Absolutely evil and psychotic."
  • On Friday, the Washington Free Beacon reported: "Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vacationed in Cuba, Praised 'Incredibly Charming' Fidel Castro"
  • In the New York Post on Friday, Daniel Turner wrote that RFK Jr. "would do even more green damage than Joe Biden."
    • Turner: "On energy — one of the core issues that has defined the Biden presidency from its outset — Kennedy is an extremist. His policies would go even further than Joe Biden’s, even though the president’s have weakened our security, slammed middle-class families’ budgets and set our nation backward."
    • Turner: "A quick check of the tape reveals startling similarities between the two. Biden declared climate change, the 'only existential threat humanity faces.' Kennedy labels global warming 'the biggest crisis we face globally.' Biden vowed to 'end fossil fuel.' Kennedy has bemoaned 'our longtime deadly addiction to coal and oil.' Kennedy would ban exports of liquefied natural gas. He has praised the Green New Deal, the brainchild of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He once denigrated those dubious of some climate warnings as 'traitors.'"
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May 09 2024

Dishonest Joe Biden Lies About The Economy

Joe Biden lies as easily as he breathes.


Joe Biden was confronted with the poor state of Bidenomics during a CNN interview Wednesday and was asked if he's running out of time to improve the economy, Biden lied and said, "we've already turned it around."


Here are some facts: 


  • A record number of Americans cannot afford to pay rent.
  • Credit card debt is up 38.7 percent since Joe Biden took office.
  • Since Joe Biden took office, overall prices are up 19.4 percent and gas is up over 50 percent.
    • His own former chief of staff recently acknowledged, "you go to the grocery store and, you know, eggs and milk are expensive." 
    • In Pennsylvania, "Demand at food banks and pantries reaches ‘catastrophic’ levels"
  • A whopping 65 percent of Americans say they are living paycheck to paycheck.


Joe Biden claimed during the CNN interview that Michigan residents feel good about their personal finances, but recent polling says otherwise.


CBS News found that 46 percent of Michigan residents say their finances are worse now than during the time before the pandemic, more than double the number that say their situation has improved. 


Meanwhile, a Morning Consult poll found that 76 percent of Michigan residents say that the price they pay for everyday goods has increased in the past month.

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May 07 2024

Latest Pennsylvania Poll Shows President Trump Leading Joe Biden

A poll of likely voters in Pennsylvania commissioned by the AARP found that President Trump is leading Joe Biden in the battleground state. 


AARP: "President Donald Trump (R) leads over President Joe Biden (D) by 4 percentage points – 49% to 45%. Trump’s lead is even greater among voters 50 and older, at 52% - 42%."


In a four-way ballot, the poll found that President Trump leads Joe Biden 46% to 41%.


The Pennsylvania poll found that a majority of voters (51%) approve of the job President Trump did as president, while a majority of voters (62%) disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as president.

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May 06 2024

Gallup: ‘Confidence in Biden Economic Stewardship Historically Low’

The latest Gallup polling shows that Americans do not trust Joe Biden to fix the American economy. 


Just 38 percent of Americans say they have confidence in Biden to "do or recommend the right thing for the economy." 


Gallup wrote: "Biden's subpar rating could have significant electoral implications as not only does he have the lowest economic rating of any president seeking reelection since Gallup began tracking this in 2001, but independents trust his opponent more than him."


The Gallup survey comes as CNBC reports that "three in five small business owners cite inflation (63%) and economic growth (61%) as the top issues for deciding on who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election."

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May 05 2024

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note: May 5, 2024

Good afternoon,


Even an NPR reporter has to admit that voters are upset with Bidenomics. NPR's Asma Khalid said on ABC's This Week that she was in Pennsylvania recently hearing from people that "don't feel great about the economy." She added there is "nostalgia for the Trump years" even from Democrat voters.


These comments came after Friday's lackluster jobs report, which showed a decline in full-time jobs over the past year. Meanwhile, ABC's latest poll showed that voters trust President Trump by a 14-point margin to handle the economy and inflation.


While Joe Biden's Bidenomics experiment fails, his party is tearing itself apart. Bernie Sanders recently remarked that anti-Israel campus protesters could sink Joe Biden's presidency as Vietnam did LBJ's. Well, it turns out these protesters have been funded by Joe Biden's "biggest donors," according to Politico.


Will Joe Biden condemn his donors for funding anti-Israel hatred?


Taylor Budowich,

CEO, Make America Great Again 


Conservatives are calling out RFK Jr. for his radical leftist views:

  • Terry Schilling of the American Principles Project wrote in The Blaze on Friday how RFK Jr. won't protect American families from the radical left, and noted that RFK Jr. doesn't oppose sex-change procedures for minors.
  • On Sunday, several prominent conservatives criticized RFK Jr. for saying that he "doesn't know enough" to say that it should be illegal for minors to have sex change surgeries.
    • The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh wrote, "This is ridiculous, shameful cowardice. He pretends he 'doesn't know enough' to determine whether it's okay to castrate, butcher, and sterilize children. Absolutely disqualifying."
    • The Blaze's Sara Gonzales said RFK's comments were "completely unacceptable."
  • Howie Carr called out RFK. Jr for his "pitiful" comments that "red state people are more likely to murder you." 
    • Senate Republican Conference Chair John Barrasso also responded to RFK Jr.'s attacks on "red state" Americans. He wrote, "I’m proud to be from the most conservative state in America and represent the best of our country. RFK Jr.'s divisive attacks are disqualifying."
  • Hugh Hewitt shared a Daily Wire article on how RFK Jr. wants to get rid of our aircraft carriers in order to fund welfare programs. Hewitt wrote that President Trump is "correct" about RFK being a radical leftist.
  • Lars Larson gave out a lengthy list of reasons on his nationally syndicated radio show of why RFK Jr. is unfit for office. Some of the reasons: RFK has been a Dem donor since 1985, he endorsed Hillary multiple times, called himself a "huge admirer" of Bernie Sanders, and called the NRA a "terror group."


The failure of Bidenomics:


  • Joe Biden and his allies can lie all they want, but the reality is that Americans are struggling in the Biden economy. You know this is the case because food banks around the nation are reporting a surge in people needing help. 
    • In Harrisburg, PA, a local news report covered a local food bank: "Demand is the highest it's ever been for our services since the height of the pandemic, we're serving over 200,000 individuals every single month."
    • The Tacoma News-Tribune reported Sunday that "customers seek food assistance in record numbers."
    • In the Bay Area, NBC reported that there is "booming demand," as a food bank employee said, "the amount of people that are in need of food has only increased."
    • CNN published a report Saturday on the increased use of food banks. One employee at a Connecticut food bank said, "I've been here seven years and this is definitely the most difficult time in those seven years"


Jake Tapper's lie about the Alvin Bragg case:


  • Jake Tapper doesn't have his facts straight. He claimed on CNN's State of the Union Sunday that "a plurality of the American people think that President Trump did commit a crime when it comes to" the Alvin Bragg case. Jake Tapper is wrong. In fact, the Associated Press found that 65 percent of Americans believe President Trump did not commit a crime. 
  • Sen. Marco Rubio noted on Fox News Sunday: "You have a Biden-supporting judge, a Biden prosecutor in the most liberal county in America on ridiculous charges—the rest of the world is watching that saying, 'You know this is the stuff that America used to sanction other countries for doing.'"
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May 03 2024

Biden’s Week In Review

Joe Biden spent another week hiding from reporters and lying to voters about his disastrous, America Last record.


  • The Pentagon on Monday revealed that the cost of Biden’s offshore pier to get aid into Gaza had almost doubled from its original budget of $180 million to $320 million.
    • 1,000 U.S. servicemen and women have been deployed to construct and maintain the pier, placing them directly in harm’s way within range of Hamas rockets.
    • Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday acknowledged that "troops working on the construction of a floating pier off the coast of Gaza could possibly be shot."
  • During earnings calls this week, executives from corporate giants like McDonald’s, 3M, and Coca-Cola all confirmed how inflation has strained household budgets, particularly for low-income consumers.
    • “Consumers,” McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski said on Tuesday, “continue to be even more discriminating with every dollar that they spend as they faced elevated prices in their day-to-day spending.”
  • CBS Newsreported on Tuesday that the Biden administration is considering allowing Palestinians from Gaza into the country as refugees, risking U.S. national security.
    • In response to President Trump’s correct statement that Biden risks allowing an October 7th-style terror attack in the United States, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged, claiming “no comment.”
  • On Wednesday, CBS in Pittsburgh reported, "Advocates say there is a growing hunger problem in Pennsylvania. Anti-hunger resources say rising food prices and increased demand are straining the state's charitable food network."
  • Pro-Hamas and pro-Israel protestors found a moment of agreement at the University of Alabama on Wednesday, as the two sides united in chants of "F--- Joe Biden."
  • Biden arrived looking lost and confused in North Carolina on Thursday in his campaign’s latest attempt to gaslight Americans about the dismal state of our economy.
    • Biden claimed his economic plan “is beginning to work.” However, inflation is on the rise again with overall prices up 19.4% since he took office.
    • North Carolinians know the truth: Biden is “nothing short of an absolute disaster.”
  • Biden ended the week with a disastrous employment report, which missed economists’ projections by nearly 70,000 jobs.
    • Unemployment ticked up to 3.9%, while underemployment rose even higher, to its highest level since November 2021.
    • The number of people who are working multiple jobs to make ends meet rose 8.8% over the last year, and is up 27.8% since January 2021.
  • Biden continued to reward illegal immigrants and prioritize them over American citizens with his announcement Friday that illegals can "access federally run health insurance."

How many more weeks like this can America afford?


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May 03 2024

Jobs Report Reveals The Failure Of Bidenomics

Friday's job report shows how Bidenomics has failed the nation.


  • The economy added just 175,000 jobs in April, far below economists' expectation of 243,000 jobs. The unemployment rate ticked up to 3.9 percent.


  • CNBC's Rick Santelli noted that the underemployment rate "moved even higher" in April — to its highest since November 2021.


  • The number of people who say they are working multiple jobs to make ends meet increased 8.8% over the last year, and is up 27.8% since Biden took office in Jan. 2021. 


  • The number of Americans working full-time jobs is decreasing. Full time jobs are down 0.4% in the last year, while part time jobs are up 3.9%.


  • AMERICA LAST: The number of foreign born workers has increased 20.4% since January 2021. 


  • Wage growth is not keeping pace with inflation. Economist Stephen Moore said on Fox Business, "I think the most important number in this report is the lousy wage gain numbers... That's not keeping pace with inflation...Just over the three-and-a-half years that Biden has been in the White House, inflation is up 20% and wages are only up 17%...That means middle-class families are still struggling. They're not seeing the wage increases they want."


  • Economist Joseph Lavorgna said, "In the last 3 years, overall cost of living has far outstripped...the growth in household income or wages. That's why people feel so downbeat."
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May 02 2024

Republicans Condemn RFK Jr. For His Attack On ‘Red State’ Americans

Republicans are condemning RFK Jr. for his unhinged comments that "Red state people are more likely to murder you."


Senate Republican Conference Chair John Barrasso wrote, "I’m proud to be from the most conservative state in America and represent the best of our country.   RFK Jr.'s divisive attacks are disqualifying."


Sen. Markwayne Mullin wrote, "I’m proud to represent Oklahoma, one of the most conservative states in America in the U.S. Senate.  Everything RFK Jr says in his unhinged rant is completely false. RFK Jr is no friend to conservatives!"


Rep. Jim Banks said, "The Hoosier state is as red as they come.  Far-left RFK Jr’s baseless, unhinged attacks on the values of Red State America will be remembered in November."


Rep. Ronny Jackson wrote, "RFK is a WOLF in Sheep’s Clothing!!   He HATES our Conservative movement and thinks people from Red states are IGNORANT and VIOLENT.   Don’t be FOOLED this November - TRUMP 2024!!!"


Rep. William Timmons wrote, "Everything that RFK Jr. says about red state America and conservatives is totally false.  The great, hardworking people of South Carolina now know that RFK Jr. despises those of us from the Palmetto State.   This guy is as left as Bernie Sanders!"


Rep. Jason Smith wrote, "I represent one of the reddest districts in one of the reddest states in America. Missouri won’t forget that RFK Jr. attacks the values of hard working, God fearing, red state Americans.  Shameful."


Florida's Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis said, "Why is RFK afraid of Floridians?"


Rep. Lance Gooden wrote, "I’m proud to represent one of the reddest districts in Texas.  RFK Jr.’s attacks on red state America are not backed up by facts or reality.  He is unhinged and further left than Bernie Sanders! Texans won’t forget!"


West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore said, "RFK is no friend to conservative red states like West Virginia! He said, 'Red state people are more likely to murder you.'  Stop pretending this guy is a moderate."

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May 01 2024

President Trump Holds Electric Rallies In Wisconsin And Michigan

President Donald Trump held two electric rallies Wednesday in Waukesha, Wisconsin and Freeland, Michigan.


Wisconsin restaurant owner Shana Gray spoke about the harm that Bidenomics has caused to her business. Under Trump, she says, “I was able to afford things, I wasn’t worried about my future as I am now…I didn’t have the stress or anxiety about tomorrow.”


Highlights from President Trump's speeches: 


President Trump: "With your help, we're going to win Wisconsin this November, we're going to defeat Crooked Joe Biden--the worst president in the history of our country--and we're going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN."


President Trump: "Last week we saw a number showing clearly that the economy is crashing, with the GDP growth plunging by more than 50%...we're now in a Biden Stagflation."


President Trump: "73% of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. That's the highest number ever recorded...Yet Crooked Joe Biden wants to raise taxes on top of that..."


President Trump: "When I'm in the White House, the Biden economic bust will quickly be replaced with the Trump economic boom."


President Trump: "The choice for Wisconsin is simple. If you want lower costs, higher incomes and an affordable American dream, then you have no choice but to vote for a gentleman named Donald J. Trump for president."


President Trump: "Master Lock closed down its century-old plant in Milwaukee and sent their Jobe to Mexico and China...that would never have happened with me."


President Trump: "The ultimate verdict on this travesty will not come in a courtroom, it will come at the ballot box, and the American people are going to find Crooked Joe Biden guilty of trying to destroy our country."


President Trump: "3 months ago, an illegal alien criminal was sentenced in Kent County for executing a 22-year old Grand Rapids woman while she was in the car with her 1-year old baby...Last week in Saint Joseph County, an illegal alien was charged with breaking into a Michigan home and sexually assaulting two young girls while threatening to kill them if they screamed or tried to escape. When I return to the White House, we will stop the plunder, rape, slaughter and destruction of the American suburbs, cities and towns."


President Trump: "On day one of my new administration, I will seal the border, stop the invasion and send Joe Biden's illegal aliens back home where they belong."


President Trump: "All you need to know about Joe Biden is that every 100 days, he's adding half a million illegal immigrants and a trillion dollars in debt."

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May 01 2024

RFK Jr: ‘Red state people are more likely to murder you’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hates you.


In a 2005 speech, RFK Jr. said: "Red state people are more likely to murder you, to impregnate your teenage daughter, to commit a violent crime against buy pornography, to buy, you know, degenerate video games like Grand Theft Auto."


Donald Trump Jr. commented on the video and said, "Why are some in 'conservative' media giving this left-wing lunatic a free pass?  Biden and RFK Jr are competing for who hates us more. Insane!!!"

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May 01 2024

Joe Biden Wants To Raise Your Taxes

David Winston in Roll CallTwo weeks ago, President Joe Biden took aim at the Republicans’ 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and its provisions that are due to expire in 2025. He told electrical union workers, “It’s going to expire, and if I’m reelected it’s going to stay expired.”


Biden didn’t just violate his pledge to not raise taxes on anyone making under $400,000; he shattered it with his boast to the union crowd.


And, according to House Ways and Means Committee Republicans, if Congress fails to extend the Trump-era tax cuts, it means an average American family of four making $75,000 will get hit with a $1,500 tax increase. “Main Street businesses will face a 43.4 percent tax rate” and “working parents will suffer from a Child Tax Credit slashed in half” along with the standard deduction every taxpayer is due.


Contrary to what Biden and his supporters would have us believe, most Americans got a tax cut thanks to the 2017 law, which Biden loves to demonize. Biden has been peddling disinformation on the 2017 tax cuts for years. When running for president in 2019, Biden said, “There’s a $2 trillion tax cut last year. Did you feel it? Did you get anything from it? Of course not. Of course not. All of it went to folks at the top and corporations.”


In a May 1, 2019, Washington Post “Fact Checker” column, Glenn Kessler called foul on then-candidate Biden’s claim. “But Biden, with his loose language, ends up in the Four-Pinocchio territory. He asserts that no Americans but those at the top received any tax cut in 2018, which is clearly false,” Kessler wrote.


An April 14, 2019, New York Times article started with this: “If you’re an American taxpayer, you probably got a tax cut last year. And there’s a good chance you don’t believe it.” It went on: “To a large degree, the gap between perception and reality on the tax cuts appears to flow from a sustained — and misleading — effort by liberal opponents of the law to brand it as a broad middle-class tax increase. … Experts are divided on whether the tax law was a good idea. But there is little disagreement on this core point: Most people got a tax cut.”

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April 30 2024

Breitbart: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Praised Obama as ‘Good’ President

RFK Jr. likes the Green New Deal, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama.


Breitbart reported Tuesday that RFK Jr. previously praised Barack Obama as a "good" president. In 2010, while hosting the far-left show Ring of Fire, RFK Jr. said that Obama has "actually got a pretty good record as the United States president."


RFK said, "Past 50 years of presidents have tried to pass national health care, he succeeded in doing it."


You can read more about RFK at

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April 30 2024

Emerson College: ‘Trump Holds Edge Over Biden in Seven Key Swing State Polls’

President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, according to the latest Emerson College polls. 



Trump 44 percent 

Biden 40 percent

Kennedy 9 percent

Other 2 percent



Trump 45 percent

Biden 39 percent

Kennedy 5 percent

Other 3 percent



Trump 43 percent

Biden 42 percent

Kennedy 5 percent

Other 2 percent



Trump 42 percent

Biden 37 percent

Kennedy 8 percent

Other 3 percent


North Carolina:

Trump 46 percent

Biden 37 percent

Kennedy 6 percent

Other 2 percent




Trump 45 percent

Biden 41 percent

Kennedy 6 percent

Other 2 percent



Trump 45 percent

Biden 40 percent

Kennedy 6 percent

Other 1 percent

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April 28 2024

Joe Biden Needs To Address Jill Stein’s Arrest

"As Biden fails to stand with Israel, his party is rapidly devolving into a sideshow of radicals and terrorist sympathizers. Just this weekend, presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested at a protest on a college campus.


Now, she appears to be pointing the finger at Joe Biden for her arrest. Biden needs to address this incident, should Jill Stein have been arrested for protesting? Does he stand with the anti-Israel protestors or the police who are trying to keep America’s campuses safe?" -- Taylor Budowich, CEO of Make America Great Again Inc. 

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April 28 2024

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note: April 28, 2024

Good afternoon, 


Will Joe Biden follow through on his promise to debate President Trump? Politico's Jonathan Martin says Biden's aides hope he stays in the basement. Martin said on Meet the Press: "Biden's folks don't want him to debate. They don't want to give Trump that platform and risk exposing Biden like that on national TV."


It's no wonder Biden's aides don't want Biden to debate Trump. He read out the "pause" instruction from a speech just this week and he continues to trail President Trump in the polls, even after a six-week $30 million ad buy that fell flat.


The latest CNN poll shows President Trump with a healthy six point lead, and reveals the simple reason for President Trump's dominance: voters say Biden's presidency is a failure and Trump's presidency was a success. 


Taylor Budowich, 
CEO, Make America Great Again Inc. 


Polling Shows Voters HATE Bidenomics:


  • CBS News found that over 60 percent of voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin say the Trump economy was better than the Biden economy.
  • CNN found that a whopping 66 percent of voters nationwide disapprove of Joe Biden's handling of the economy.
    • 70 percent of voters said that economic conditions in the country are "poor."
  • CNN found that 55 percent of voters say President Trump's presidency was a "success," while 61 percent of voters say Joe Biden's presidency has been a "failure."


Biden's "reset" fails miserably:


  • The Biden campaign announced a six-week $30 million ad buy following the State of the Union. The result? Well, Bloomberg polled swing states at the start of the buy and towards the end of the buy, and found that President Trump’s margins improved in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada.
    • In a five-way race with RFK Jr. and Jill Stein, CNN found that President Trump leads Joe Biden 42 percent to 33 percent! Just a third of voters are backing Biden.


RFK Jr. is a radical leftist:


  • As usual, President Trump is right. He's calling out RFK Jr. for being "far more LIBERAL than anyone running as a Democrat."
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April 26 2024

Biden’s Week In Review

If it's Friday, then it's the end of yet another disastrous week for Joe Biden. Biden will need even earlier lids and more Delaware vacation time to unwind after this week:

  • Biden at an Earth Day event on Monday acknowledged radical leftist AOC’s outsized influence on the Biden administration: “You know, I learned a long time ago listening to that lady, listening to that lady—we’re gonna talk more about another part of the world too, real quickly.”

    • The Earth Day event “celebrated” several Green Deal New priorities that progressive radicals like AOC have long championed, including bans on oil drilling and a wasteful “American Climate Corps” which would pay activists to enact their anti-energy agenda.

  • At a sparsely-attended campaign event in Tampa, FL on Tuesday, Biden appeared confused, attempted to shake hands with empty air, and falsely claimed he used to drive an 18-wheeler.
  • At another campaign stop on Wednesday, the rapidly-declining Biden struggled to read his teleprompter, at one point reading out loud an instruction for him to “pause.”
  • A Bloomberg poll released Wednesday showed that President Trump leads Biden in six battleground states despite Biden and his allies spending millions of dollars to shore up their increasingly divided base.
  • STAGFLATION: It was revealed on Thursday that the economy grew by just 1.6% in the first quarter of 2024, a growth rate that is a full point lower than what was anticipated by economists.
  • An Axios poll on Thursday revealed what President Trump has long understood on an innate level: Americans are sick of the Biden-abetted invasion of illegal immigrants, and a majority of voters, including 42% of Democrats, support mass deportations.
  • Fox News reported Friday morning that "Biden's latest proposal to hike the top capital gains tax rate to its highest level in more than a century is facing heavy criticism from experts who warn such an action could significantly harm the U.S. economy."
  • Biden wrapped up yet another disastrous week by rattling off some his all-time greatest lies, claiming on Howard Stern’s radio show that he saved people from drowning, that he was arrested during a civil rights protest, and that he was a star football player. All of these are demonstrably false.

How many more weeks like this can America afford?

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April 25 2024

CNBC: ‘Economic growth was much weaker than expected to start the year and prices rose at a faster pace’

CNBC: "U.S. economic growth was much weaker than expected to start the year and prices rose at a faster pace, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.


Gross domestic product, a broad measure of goods and services produced in the January-through-March period, increased at a 1.6% annualized pace when adjusted for seasonality and inflation, according to the department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis.


Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been looking for an increase of 2.4% following a 3.4% gain in the fourth quarter of 2023 and 4.9% in the previous period.


Consumer spending increased 2.5% in the period, down from a 3.3% gain in the fourth quarter. Fixed investment and government spending at the state and local level helped keep GDP positive on the quarter, while a decline in private inventory investment and an increase in imports subtracted.


There was some bad news on the inflation front as well.


The personal consumption expenditures price index, a key inflation variable for the Federal Reserve, rose 3.4% for the quarter, its biggest gain in a year. Excluding food and energy, core PCE prices rose at a 3.7% pace, well above the Fed’s 2% target. Central bank officials tend to focus on core inflation as a better indicator of long-term trends."

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April 24 2024

BLOOMBERG: President Trump Leads In Key Battleground States

President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in key battleground states, according to the latest Bloomberg News/Morning Consult polling. 


The polling found that the two top issues for swing state voters are the economy (34%) and immigration (15%). President Trump leads on both issues by double-digit margins.


On the economy, 51 percent say President Trump is best to handle the issue, while just 36 percent responded with Biden. On immigration, 52 percent of voters trust President Trump to handle the border, while just 32 percent trust Biden.



Trump: 49 percent (+6)

Biden: 43 percent



Trump: 48 percent (+4)

Biden: 44 percent


North Carolina: 

Trump: 51 percent (+10)

Biden: 41 percent



Trump: 47 percent (+1)

Biden: 46 percent



Trump: 49 percent (+7)

Biden: 42 percent




Trump: 51 percent (+8)

Biden: 43 percent

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April 23 2024

Biden Can’t Be Trusted

Joe Biden asked Tuesday, "How many times does [President Trump] have to prove we can't be trusted?"


That's a good question, Joe. I think it's already been proven that you can't be trusted.


You lied on inflation.


  • Joe Biden claimed in 2021 that inflation was "temporary."
  • Inflation has not been temporary. Since Joe Biden took office, overall prices are up 19.4 percent and gas is up over 50 percent. His own former chief of staff recently acknowledged, "you go to the grocery store and, you know, eggs and milk are expensive."


You lied on the border. 


  • Joe Biden claimed he's done everything he can do to secure the border.
  • That's a lie. Joe Biden has done everything he can do to open up the border. As Homeland Secretary Mayorkas infamously said, "We have rescinded so many Trump immigration policies, it would take so much time to list them!”


You lied about the Biden Crime Family business.

  • Joe Biden said nobody in his family ever made money from China (a lie) and he claimed he never talked to his son about his business dealings (a lie).


You lied about the Afghanistan withdrawal. 

  • Joe Biden claimed that the U.S. would stay in Afghanistan until all Americans are evacuated.
  • He lied. Biden abandoned thousands of Americans in Afghanistan.


You lied about your handling of classified information. 


  • Joe Biden lied and told the nation that he "did not share classified information" with his ghostwriter.
  • Special Counsel Robert Hur's report states that Biden's "disclosure of classified information from his notebooks to his ghostwriter, risked serious damage to America's national security."
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April 22 2024

FOX NEWS: RFK Jr railed against ‘racially rancid’ voter ID laws in resurfaced writings, interviews

Fox NewsIndependent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been a longtime opponent of requiring voters to show proof of identification to cast a ballot, a number of his resurfaced writings and interviews show.


The material reviewed by Fox News Digital was published throughout 2008 in the run-up to that year's presidential election, and included Kennedy referencing voter ID laws as "racially rancid," and claiming voter fraud was "non-existent."


One of his past writings – a comic book co-authored with investigative journalist Greg Palast and sponsored by numerous liberal and left-wing organizations – specifically claimed voter ID requirements were discriminatory against Black people.


"One out of every ten Americans don’t have a government-issued ID because they don’t travel abroad, so they don’t have passports, and they don’t drive a car[,] so they don’t have drivers['] licenses. The number rises to one in five when you’re dealing with the African American community. And, indeed, for those people to get a government-issued ID – it’s an obstacle," Kennedy wrote on page 16 of the comic.


On the same page, Kennedy described voter ID laws as "racially rancid," citing thousands of voters rejected at the polls for having an expired license – or no license at all – during an unnamed previous election being "disproportionately" Black.


Kennedy wrote on another page that an Idaho requirement for newly registered voters in the state to show ID to have a mail-in ballot counted was "a new voter Block-the-Vote trick." He later described voter ID laws as "the newest scam to steal your vote," and specifically called those turned away from the polls for not being able to prove their identity as "stolen votes."


"Voter fraud is non-existent… everybody who has ever studied this – non-partisan, bi-partisan groups – [has] said that it is simply not a problem in this country," Kennedy also wrote in the comic.


Kennedy also claimed voter fraud "doesn't exist" during a 2008 HuffPost interview while comparing voter ID requirements to Jim Crow laws and accusing Republicans of using fear surrounding voter fraud as an excuse to make it harder for minorities to vote.


"Republicans have seized on this in order to erect all kinds of obstacles and impediments that essentially mimic the old poll taxes that were used in the southern states during the Jim Crow period, to keep Black people from voting. Today, they're directed toward suppressing the votes, not only Blacks, but Hispanics and American Indians, of young people of senior citizens," Kennedy said.


That same year, Kennedy admitted in a piece published by liberal outlet Rolling Stone that "the requirement to show a government-issued ID doesn't seem unreasonable," but claimed again that traditional Democrat voters, which, at the time, he described as young voters, minorities and seniors, "often have no driver's licenses or state ID cards."


He repeated similar claims during an interview with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow just days ahead of the 2008 presidential election. "One in five Black voters does not have a driver's license. That means if you require a driver’s license, you’re getting rid of 20% of the Black voters in this country," he said.


Fox News Digital has reached out to Kennedy's campaign for comment.


Despite his past claims about them, voter ID laws remain popular across the country. Numerous polls taken in recent years have shown more than three-quarters of Americans support requiring proof of identification to cast a ballot.

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April 21 2024

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note: April 21, 2024

Good afternoon, 


The top issue for voters is inflation, and they trust President Donald Trump by a 22-point margin to handle this crisis, according to the latest NBC News poll released Sunday.


This is why Biden campaign surrogate J.B. Pritzker declined to say whether Joe Biden should debate President Trump when asked on CNN's State of the Union. 


Everyone, including Pritzker and CNN, recognizes that Joe Biden is deeply unpopular. As CNN's polling analyst Harry Enten reported, "Donald Trump is, in fact, better liked than he was four years ago — and is better liked than Joe Biden is right now."


Two local news reports on Sunday -- one out of Michigan and one out of North Carolina -- tell the story of why Americans are ready to ditch Bidenomics. 


In Marquette, Michigan -- a local news report detailed how "in recent years inflation has pushed up the cost of everything we buy."


While in Raleigh, NC -- an anchor told viewers, "Well, how much did you spend to put dinner on the table this week? It's probably a lot more than a couple of years ago."


Taylor Budowich,

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc. 


Democrats make it obvious that they are relying on the courts to interfere in the election:


  • The Hill reported, "Dems bank on Trump trial boosting Biden" and Joe Biden highlighted Alvin Bragg's bogus case while on the campaign trail. 


  • Alvin Bragg's star witness has no credibility. Governor Kristi Noem noted on CNN's State of the Union, "Michael Cohen has lied before Congress multiple times, that's their main witness."
    • The New York Times reported Sunday that "the trial could become a referendum on Mr. Cohen’s credibility."
    • Michael Cohen is a convicted perjurer and a disbarred attorney.


  • The Associated Press found that 65 percent of Americans say President Trump did not break any laws in the Alvin Bragg case.


NBC News Poll: Voters trust Trump


  • NBC News' latest poll shows voters think President Trump is the best candidate to handle a crisis, has the strongest record as president, is the most competent and effective, and will best handle the inflation and cost of living crisis.


  • Inflation was ranked as the top concern of voters, and 52 percent of voters said President Trump is best equipped to handle inflation, while just 30 percent said Joe Biden is best to handle the crisis. 


  • NBC News' poll showed President Trump leading Joe Biden nationally and follows a flurry of swing state polls showing President Trump ahead.
    • Fox News: "Trump maintains advantage over Biden in 2024 Georgia rematch"
    • Fox News: "Trump bests Biden by 3 points in Michigan"
    • The Hill: "Trump leads Biden in North Carolina"
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April 19 2024

Biden’s Week In Review

Biden’s authoritarian lapdogs in New York are trying to stop President Trump, but it's not working. Two in three Americans know that these charges are bogus. The real reason why Biden is weaponizing the government and the courts against his political opponent was clearly illustrated in an Echelon Insights poll this week showing President Trump beating Biden in five out of six key battleground states.


With yet another week of dire news and embarrassing gaffes, Biden’s approval will continue to plummet.


  • Gas prices have skyrocketed across the nation all week – the AAA nationwide average price of a gallon of gas on Friday was a staggering 54% higher than when Biden took office in January 2021.
    • NBC 10 in Philadelphia reported on Friday morning: "If you have had to fill up recently, well you've probably noticed that gas prices are rising pretty quickly."
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stated on Monday that ICE agents arrested an illegal immigrant from Brazil for sexually assaulting a minor in Massachusetts.
    • Joe Biden allowed this avoidable crime against an innocent child to happen. Border Patrol agents previously arrested the alleged rapist trying to illegally enter the country in July 2021, only for him to be immediately released into the United States under the Biden administration’s catch-and-release policies.
  • Biden is losing it: Over the course of the week, Biden repeated a bizarre lie about his “Uncle Bosie” being eaten by cannibals in Papua New Guinea. The military records show his plane was actually lost at sea.
    • Biden spoke gibberish during his speeches. On Thursday he said, "Are you ready to choose freedom over democracy? Because that's America.” Then on Friday, Biden remarked, "Instead of importin foreign products, I'm exporting fedurhhahh products!"
  • In a sad attempt to copy President Trump’s historic visit to a New York City bodega – where hundreds of supporters gathered in the deep blue city to cheer him on amid his political persecution – Joe Biden stumbled through pre-scripted visits to stores in Pennsylvania where he was thoroughly ignored.
  • Biden’s disastrous swing through Pennsylvania continued on Wednesday, where he tried – and failed – to convince voters he would protect American industries from Chinese economic abuses.
    • Americans know the truth: Beijing Biden voted to normalize trade relations with China, called the communist country a “great nation,” and previously stated his desire to “see China rise.” Biden is responsible for the pain China has inflicted on American manufacturers.
  • A managing director at the International Monetary Fund acknowledged that Biden’s open border is lowering wages for native-born Americans.
    • Breitbart: “Abundant labor coming across the border” is reducing the wages paid to American employees, said Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund.
  • On Thursday, Sen. Josh Hawley revealed federal documents that show that the Biden administration gave Laken Riley's killer a work permit despite knowing he was a criminal.
  • A report on Thursday from the Wall Street Journal details how home ownership is out of reach for Americans under Biden.
    • WSJ: "The median monthly payment for a home purchase rose to $2,775 in the four weeks ended April 14, up 10.6% from a year earlier, according to real-estate brokerage Redfin."


How many more weeks like this can America afford?

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April 18 2024

The Hill: ‘Trump leads Biden in latest national poll’

The Hill: "Former President Trump is leading President Biden among potential voters in the upcoming presidential election, a new Emerson College Polling national survey found, with Biden’s polling rate dropping since early April.


The newest Emerson College national poll, released Thursday, found Trump leading Biden, 46 percent to 43 percent, respectively. Support for Biden dropped 2 percentage points since the last Emerson College poll in early April, while Trump’s polling stayed at 46 percent."

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April 16 2024

Joe Lies in Scranton as Pennsylvanians Suffer Under Bidenomics

Joe Biden will travel to Scranton, PA today in an attempt to mislead voters about the harsh realities of life under his failed administration.


Statement: "Bidenomics is failing Pennsylvanians as the price of everyday necessities continues to soar. Joe Biden's solution to this crisis is to raise taxes on hard-working families. President Trump will cut taxes and unleash American prosperity." -- Alex Pfeiffer, spokesman for Make America Great Again Inc. 





  • If Biden gets his way and imposes his disastrous high-tax, high-spend agenda, every American will pay more in taxes.
    • Biden’s proposed budget will inflict nearly $5 trillion in additional taxes on businesses and families over the next decade.
      • If enacted, Biden’s proposed budget will kill 160,000 jobs and slash wages for the lowest earners.
    • Joe Biden's proposed corporate tax hike would result in the immediate loss of approximately 1 million jobs.
    • Biden’s IRS is coming after families: 63% of new audits in 2023 targeted the middle class.
    • President Trump’s historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was the largest tax reform in history, and lowered taxes for all income brackets, benefiting the working and middle classes the most. Filers earning less than $50,000 a year saw a tax cut of up to 26%, while filers earning less than $100,000 saw a tax cut of up to 17%. If allowed to expire, hard-working Americans will be forced to pay even more than they already are.
  • Thanks to Bidenflation, the average Pennsylvanian family is forced to spend $10,656 more every year just to make ends meet.
    • Prices are up an unaffordable 19.4% since Biden took office in January 2021.
    • The price of gallon of gas has soared over 52%, eggs are up 49%, household repair costs are up 41%, baby food is 31% more expensive, electricity costs 29% more, groceries are over 21% more expensive, rent is up 20% – all thanks to Bidenflation.
  • Joe Biden is lying about his healthcare record:
    • Private health insurance premiums have risen for the third year in a row under Biden. In 2024, Americans purchasing a plan through the marketplace will pay a record $584 a month, or $7,008 a year, for their coverage.
    • For two years in a row, Joe Biden has slashed payments to 33 million Americans—over half of the Medicare population—enrolled in Medicare Advantage.
    • Average workplace health insurance premiums for employees and their families jumped 7% in 2023, climbing to nearly $24,000.
    • The rule changes in the Biden administration’s Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2024 will kick nearly 3 million people off their health plans by making over 57% of plans currently offered through the federal marketplace illegal.
    • President Trump has ensured that, under his leadership, Republicans will protect Medicare and Social Security: “DO NOT CUT the benefits our seniors worked for and paid for their entire lives.”
  • DRILL, BABY, DRILL: President Trump will unleash Pennsylvania’s true economic potential by rebuilding American energy dominance, and energy production in Keystone State will help lead our nation back to prosperity and security.
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April 15 2024

Radical F-ing Kennedy

RFK Jr. got defensive and emotional when exposed for being a leftist radical.


"I’m soooo liberal... I am against President Trump." RFK Jr. wrote Monday in response to the new website


RFK Jr. is also against fracking (he wants to ban it) and Voter ID (he thinks it's racist). 


Here are some other facts about RFK Jr. that you should know: 



  • RFK Jr. promoted AOC’s proposed top income tax rate of 70 percent. 
  • RFK Jr. called the NRA a “terror group.”
  • RFK Jr. says he’d sign an “assault weapons ban.”
  • RFK Jr. praised the socialist Green New Deal as “important” and "good,” and said, “We ought to be pursuing it.”
  • Just months after 9/11, RFK Jr. said that hog farmers were worse than Osama Bin Laden.
  • RFK Jr. said he is “very close to Bernie and a huge admirer of Bernie Sanders.” 
  • RFK Jr. praised radical anti-semite Louis Farrakhan as a “truly great partner.”
  • RFK Jr.'s official platform called for issuing reparations. It called for “direct redress payments or tax credits to the descendants of the victims of Jim Crow.”
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April 15 2024

What you need to know about the bogus case in Manhattan

  • Alvin Bragg campaigned on targeting President Trump.
    • During several interviews on the campaign trail, Bragg said that he had the best background of any DA candidate to go after President Trump.
      • "I’m the candidate in the race who has the experience with Donald Trump... I believe we have to hold him accountable."
    • New York Times: "Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan D.A., campaigned as the best candidate to go after the former president."


  • Alvin Bragg’s weak case against President Trump has been widely criticized
    • The New York Times reported: "The case against the former president hinges on an untested and therefore risky legal theory involving a complex interplay of laws."
    • The Washington Post wrote that the prosecution left some “legal experts . . . scratching their heads” as “they describe it as an unusual case.”
    • Never-Trumper Jonah Goldberg said, “if President Trump’s ‘name were John Smith, Alvin Bragg would not be bringing this case.’”
    • The DOJFEC, and Alvin Bragg’s predecessor Cy Vance all declined to prosecute President Trump for this matter.
    • Boston University law professor Jed Shugerman described Bragg's indictment as a "legal embarrassment." 



  • The key witness in the case, Michael Cohen, is a felon, a convicted perjurer, and a disbarred lawyer.
    • George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley: "Everything about this case is, in my view, legally absurd... So you have this crazy case that’s going to go forward, and it’s going to turn on the testimony of people like Michael Cohen. And Michael Cohen just recently had a judge call him a serial perjurer."


  • Alvin Bragg lets criminals run free and terrorize New York.
    • Bragg has a record of downgrading felony charges and criminals are eager to take advantage of his weakness.
    • Shoplifting, for example, has increased 64 percent in recent years in New York, more than any other big city.
    • Here is the New York Post editorial board on Bragg's disgraceful tenure as DA: "Starting with his disgraceful 'Day 1' memo to his office, Bragg has emphasized a 'decarceral' agenda that treats prosecution as a major threat to society.
    • “Along with state criminal-justice 'reforms' pushing the same misbegotten approach, that’s produced a steep rise in shootings and other violent crimes — as well as record shoplifting that’s forced many retailers to close and left the rest locking up most of their shelves, even the toothpaste.”
    • “The DA’s lowlights include a sweet-heart plea deal last December for a gangbanger with a history of robbing high-end Madison Avenue boutiques (Bragg said his office had too much on its plate), the aborted murder charge against bodega worker Jose Alba in a clear case of self-defense as well as charging Marine Corps vet Daniel Penny with manslaughter in the death of Jordan Neely, a mentally unhinged vagrant threatening other straphangers."


  • Judge Juan Merchan is a Biden donor and has a massive conflict of interest. 
    • His daughter actively profits from the case. The New York Post reported: "Dem clients of daughter of NY judge in Trump hush-money trial raised $93M off the case"
      • His daughter, Loren Merchan, receives a cut of those fundraising proceeds.
    • A former federal judge agreed on CNN that this judge has a conflict of interest.
      • Retired federal judge Shira Scheindlin: "As you already said, the daughter does work with many, many high- profile Democratic candidates. She works on their social media. They put out a post. They get contributions. She, as an owner, gets a percentage of those contributions. So, there is a statute, in New York, which says a judge must disqualify himself, if a person known by the judge, be within the sixth degree of relationship, and a daughter is the first degree, has an interest that could be substantially affected by the outcome of the proceeding. So, the question here is, is this daughter likely to profit, to benefit, from the outcome of this proceeding? And you have to understand, it's not actual conduct that's worrisome. It's the appearance, the appearance to a reasonable person, that this judge cannot be fair and impartial, given that relationship. So ordinarily, I would think that a benefit, financially, would be to a spouse, because they share the income. This is an independent adult daughter. They don't share income. But according to this -- according to this statute, according to this statute, the judge must recuse if she would substantially benefit from the outcome. So that's one thing that concerns me."


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April 14 2024

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note: April 14, 2024

Good afternoon, 


The attack on Israel by Iran is a direct consequence of Joe Biden's appeasement of the Mullahs in Tehran. Just one month before Iran's attack on Israel, Joe Biden renewed a sanctions waiver that unlocked up to $10 billion for the Iranian regime.


Instead of defeating America's adversaries, Joe Biden is focused on using the courts in an attempt to defeat his political opponent. The Alvin Bragg trial will commence tomorrow. It's a ridiculous and weak case brought by a prosecutor who campaigned on targeting President Trump.


Taylor Budowich, 
CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.


Alvin Bragg's weak case:


  • George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said on Sunday Morning Futures: "Everything about this case is, in my view, legally absurd... So you have this crazy case that’s going to go forward, and it’s going to turn on the testimony of people like Michael Cohen. And Michael Cohen just recently had a judge call him a serial perjurer."
  • The DOJ, FEC, and Alvin Bragg’s predecessor Cy Vance all declined to prosecute President Trump for this matter.
  • The Washington Post wrote that the prosecution left some “legal experts... scratching their heads” as “they describe it as an unusual case.”
  • Alvin Bragg campaigned on being the best candidate to target President Trump.
  • Bragg has ignored violent crime and instead focuses on going after Joe Biden's political opponent. 


Joe Biden's weakness is emboldening Iran:


  • Rep. Jason Smith remarked on Sunday Morning Futures: "What Iran did last night just is the direct result of Biden's policies and Biden's rhetoric over the last several years as president... Under President Trump, he imposed the strict standards of the sanctions on the Iranians... But unfortunately, the Biden administration has reversed course on that and they have been very lax on those sanctions, allowing Iranians to grow, more power, more economic growth."
  • The Biden administration relaxed enforcement of oil sanctions against Iran and has made the terrorist regime rich.
    • Iran is exporting 134% more barrels of oil a day under Joe Biden than they did under Trump. 
  • The Biden White House is run by clueless individuals like National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Last year, Sullivan claimed that "the Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades."


Joe Biden's continued refusal to debate:


  • Joe Biden is ducking a debate. Major news organizations issued a joint statement on Sunday urging Biden to commit to a debate. President Donald Trump has already said that he will debate Joe Biden "anytime, anywhere, and anyplace."
  • A New York Times poll released Sunday offered a clue as to why Joe Biden is scared to debate -- voters don't like his presidency.
    • NYT: "A larger share of voters see Mr. Trump’s term as better for the country than the current administration, with 42 percent rating the Trump presidency as mostly good for the country compared with 25 percent who say the same about Mr. Biden’s. Nearly half say the Biden years have been mostly bad for the country."
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April 14 2024

President Trump Holds Massive Rally In Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump spoke to supporters in Pennsylvania Saturday at a massive rally in Schnecksville.


President Trump began his remarks by addressing the attack on Israel: “Before going any further, I want to say God bless the people of Israel. They’re under attack right now…it would not have happened if we were in office.”


Highlights from President Trump's remarks:


President Trump: “America prays for Israel. We send our absolute support to everyone in harms way.”


President Trump: “The people of Pennsylvania are going to tell Crooked Joe: YOU’RE FIRED!”


President Trump: "I'm calling on Crooked Joe Biden to debate. Any time, anywhere, any place."


President Trump: "When I walk into that courtroom, I know I will have the love of 200 million Americans behind me...and I will be fighting for the freedom of 325 million Americans."


President Trump: "Right here in eastern Pennsylvania, you had an illegal alien...who murdered a woman in Chester County, stabbing her 38 times in front of her 7-year old daughter and her 4-year old son...Joe Biden's border bloodbath...ends the day I take the oath of office."


President Trump: "As soon as we take office, we will SEAL THE BORDER...and we're going to stop the invasion and send Joe Biden's illegal aliens back home."


President Trump: "As a citizen, I demand that Joe Biden close the border immediately...he doesn't need congress...I never had congress tell me to close the border--I closed the border."


President Trump: "I will prevent World War Three."


President Trump: "We will always protect Social Security and Medicare for our great seniors...As president, I kept that promise and I will keep it once again."

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April 12 2024

Biden’s Week In Review

It’s Friday, and that means it’s the end of another catastrophic week for Joe Biden and the country. Americans are facing even more pain at the pump and at the grocery store, and all Biden has to offer are lies and embarrassing gaffes. It’s no wonder he’s hiding from debating President Donald Trump.


  • Biden began the week by doing what he does best – lie.
    • Biden falsely claimed in Wisconsin on Monday that he was the first in his family to go to college, a lie that was debunked nearly forty years ago during his first run for president in 1987.
  • On Tuesday, Former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain criticized Joe Biden behind closed doors for not focusing on inflation: "I tell you, if you go into the grocery store, you go to the grocery store and, you know, eggs and milk are expensive.”
    • This follows Klain’s comments last week, when he said Biden needs “to make more progress” on inflation: “Prices are too high…people feel that pinch.”
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI data revealed on Wednesday morning what hard-working Americans already know to be true: Inflation never went away, and it’s getting worse.
    • Inflation surged past expectations for the third month in a row – coming in at 3.5% year-over-year in March.
    • Prices are up an unaffordable 19.4% since Biden took office in January 2021, but a breakdown of the numbers is even worse:
      • The price of gallon of gas has soared over 50%, eggs are up 49%, household repair costs are up 41%, baby food is 31% more expensive, electricity costs 29% more, groceries are over 21% more expensive, rent is up 20% – all thanks to Bidenflation.
    • The average American family has lost $23,760 paying for Joe Biden’s cost of living crisis.
  • At a press conference on Wednesday, Biden boldly lied to the American people in response to the painful inflation numbers, claiming that he had “dramatically reduced inflation.” and that “inflation was skyrocketing” when he took office (it was at a healthy 1.4%).
    • It was a rough press conference for Biden, who struggled to read scripted answers from his notes, lost his list of pre-approved reporters to call on, and proudly declared he was living in last century.
  • Data published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia on Wednesday painted another dire picture of the state of our economy, showing that credit card delinquency reached its highest level ever recorded.
  • NBC News on Thursday proved just how much Biden’s open border policies are putting Americans in danger when they uncovered that an Afghan illegal immigrant on the terrorist watchlist spent almost one year living inside the United States after being released by the Biden administration last year.
  • On Friday, a shocking Redfin report discovered that nearly 40% of U.S. renters expect the American Dream of owning their own home will forever be out of reach – a substantial increase from 27% just last year.
  • Yet another example of blatant Biden hypocrisy was exposed on Friday when Axios reported that the DNC picked up Biden’s $1.5 million legal tab covering Robert Hur’s investigation into his criminal mishandling of classified documents.

How many more weeks like this can America afford?

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April 11 2024

West-Abdullah is the Anti-Israel, Pro-BLM Ticket

"Cornel West and Melina Abdullah are the clear choice for anti-Israel, pro-BLM voters. These terrorist sympathizers, who want to stop the Make America Great Again movement, should not be allowed within 1000 yards of the White House." -- Alex Pfeiffer, communications director for Make America Great Again Inc.




Melina Abdullah, Cornel West's running mate, is a leader of BLM Grassroots, which issued a statement that called Hamas' October 7 attack "self-defense."


Cornel West is likewise an anti-Israel radical, who has equated Israel and Hamas.


Abdullah and West both backed the "defund the police" movement. 

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April 07 2024

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note: April 7, 2024

Good evening,


If you tuned in this morning to CNN, of all places, you would have learned two key things about the state of the race and election. 


For starters, Joe Biden is scared to debate President Trump and refusing to commit to a debate. As Tiffany Smiley said on CNN, "For a president who talks about democracy…I think he should absolutely debate him. The American people deserve to see our two presidents…debate on the world stage. That’s democracy in action.” 


Joe Biden is refusing to debate President Trump because he's afraid of his record. Inflation continues to hurt American families, the border is out of control, and the world is on fire. 


Instead of improving the nation, Democrats are resorting to election interference. As Smiley noted on CNN: "The American people...believe that our judicial system is sort of rigged against Donald Trump. For example, Judge Juan Merchan...his daughter raises money for Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris...that judge needs to recuse himself from that case."


Taylor Budowich, 

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.


  • The Biden administration is celebrating dismal jobs numbers:


  • Biden continues to try and appease an increasingly fractured base:
    • Protestors wielding signs declaring “Israel kills kids, Biden funds” forced Biden’s motorcade to depart from its scheduled route on Saturday.


  • WORLD ON FIRE: U.S. prepares for Iranian strike on Israeli and American assets.
    • This comes after Biden spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping for the first time in two years on Tuesday, the Chinese immediately sent boats and warplanes to Taiwan, in another clear sign of Biden’s weakness.
    • Last month, in another sign of Biden's weakness on the world stage, Niger declared the presence of U.S. troops illegal.


  • Alvin Bragg continues to ignore a surge in rapes and robberies while targeting Donald Trump.
    • The New York Post reported Saturday that there has been a surge in major crime in a Bronx precinct. 
      • "Major crime has surged 27%"
      • "Rape has skyrocketed 175% (11 from 4), felony assault soared 18% (105 from 89), robbery climbed 6% (68 from 64); grand larceny ballooned 70% (251 from 148) and auto larceny rose 9% (113 from 104), the stats show."
    • Alvin Bragg is weak-on-crime. He downgraded 60 percent of felony cases to lesser charges in 2023.
  • As we get closer to November 5, the lies from the media continue to accelerate.
    • USA Today is trying to convince readers that Joe Biden is "clamping down" on illegal immigration. This is as fake news as fake news gets. Joe Biden reversed the successful Trump polices that secured our nation. Biden's policies are directly responsible for the record number of illegal immigrants crossing the border.
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April 05 2024

Biden’s Week In Review

With every passing week, Joe Biden’s ineptitude becomes more obvious to America. After a week like this, it’s no surprise that Biden is afraid to debate President Trump.


  • Joe Biden kicked off the week by introducing White House guests to the “Oyster Bunny,” and raised questions about who is really running the administration when he denied that he proclaimed Easter Sunday to be Transgender Day of Visibility (he did).
    • Interestingly, the administration’s Spanish-language X account did not mention Transgender Day of Visibility, demonstrating that Biden’s handlers understood how divisive the proclamation would be.
  • Biden also falsely declared on Monday that the United States has the “best economy in the world.”
    • G20 countries like the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland all have lower rates of inflation than the United States.
    • 78% of Americans are currently living paycheck-to-paycheck.
  • On Tuesday, America learned that Biden has flown over 325,000 illegal immigrants directly into the country, bypassing our southern border to artificially keep border crossing encounters low while aiding and abetting the ongoing invasion.
  • After Biden spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping for the first time in two years on Tuesday, the Chinese immediately sent boats and warplanes to Taiwan, in a clear sign of Biden’s weakness.
  • A Wall Street Journal poll released on Tuesday painted a dim picture for the Biden campaign: “Trump Leads Biden in Six of Seven Swing States”.
  • Thanks to the skyrocketing cost of gas, the Biden administration announced on Wednesday that it would not be refilling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve after emptying it ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.
    • Since Biden took office, the average price of a gallon of gas has soared 50% nationwide, from $2.39 on January 20, 2021 to $3.58 today.
  • On Wednesday, it was revealed that 63% of new tax audits launched by the Biden administration last year targeted the middle class, in direct opposition to Biden’s ongoing claim that nobody earning less than $400,000 a year would be impacted by his tax plans.
  • Also on Wednesday, Biden’s former chief of staff Ron Klain criticized his recent boss, telling MSNBC that “prices are too high,” and that “people feel that pinch.” After reigning over years of “transitory” inflation during his time in the White House, Klain went on to say that Biden “needs to make more progress” on the skyrocketing cost of living directly caused by their policies.
  • Rep. Lisa McClain of Michigan demanded on Wednesday that the Biden administration answer whether federal taxpayer-funded rent subsidies are being sent to illegal immigrants. Rep. McClain’s letter comes as it was revealed that Michigan’s Newcomer Rental Subsidy program is giving up to $500 a month to asylum-seekers, a situation that experts have called vulnerable to abuse by illegal immigrants.
  • Biden’s Border Bloodbath continues: On Thursday, it was reported that a man in the country illegally decapitated his wife in front of their children in a horrific, and avoidable, attack. The alleged murderer entered the United States mere weeks ago, and was released into the country by the Biden administration with a notice to appear at a future court date.
  • On Friday, Biden earned the coveted endorsement of migrants in Mexico seeking to illegally enter our country: “[Trump] won’t let me in.”
  • The Biden administration ended the week by celebrating dishonest jobs numbers, but Americans are living the economic reality:
  • To cap it all off: It was announced on Friday that all 371 “99 Cents Only” stores will be closing, thanks to Bidenflation.
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April 05 2024

BREAKING: Illegal Immigrants Endorse Joe Biden For President

The New York Post reported Friday that illegal immigrants want Joe Biden to win re-election. 

New York Post
"Migrants waiting to cross the southern border into the US say they want President Biden to win re-election in November, because they fear they would not be allowed into the country if former President Donald Trump regains control of the White House."


Illegal immigrants understand that a second Joe Biden term means four more years of open borders. Joe Biden reversed the successful Trump policies that secured America's borders. 


Rodney Scott, who served as Border Patrol chief in both the Trump and Biden administrations, said, "We handed them the most secure border in the history of the United States and a roadmap to keep it that way and make it even better. Through 94 executive actions, President Biden completely destroyed border security."

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April 05 2024

People Are Having To Work Multiple Jobs To Make Ends Meet

Americans are needing multiple jobs to afford Joe Biden's America. 


The number of people working multiple jobs increased 2.7% since last month, 6.1% since last year, and is up 32.2% since January 2021


Meanwhile, as economist E.J. Antoni pointed out, "we're losing full-time jobs and only adding part-time work."

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April 04 2024

Biden’s Former Chief of Staff Ron Klain: ‘Prices are still high’

There's no denying that Bidenflation is hurting American families. 


Joe Biden's former Chief of Staff Ron Klain said on MSNBC last night: "Prices are still high, the price of gasoline is still high, other prices are still high, and people feel that pinch."


The Wall Street Journal's latest swing state poll found that voters trust President Donald Trump by a 20-point margin to handle inflation.

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April 04 2024

WSJ: ‘From beef to mayo, consumers continue to spend more to buy less’

A new Wall Street Journal report shows how Joe Biden's inflation crisis is hurting American families. 


WSJ: "Groceries are still much more expensive than in years past, meaning $100 doesn’t go as nearly as far as it once did."


The Wall Street Journal chose a list of "commonly purchased items that were valued at a total of $100 in 2019," and found that "today, that same grocery list costs 36.5% more, a nearly $37 increase."


WSJ: "The price of some items, such as eggs and sport drinks, climbed more than 40%."

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April 03 2024

WSJ: ‘Trump Leads Biden in Six of Seven Swing States’

The Wall Street Journal's swing state poll found that President Trump is leading Joe Biden in the "battlegrounds that decided 2016 and 2020 elections."


WSJ: "The poll of the election’s main battlegrounds shows Trump holding leads of between 2 and 8 percentage points in six states—Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina—on a test ballot that includes third-party and independent candidates. Trump holds similar leads when voters are asked to choose only between him and Biden."


Voters in the seven swing states polled by the WSJ were asked whether they approve of the job Joe Biden is doing as president and the job President Trump did as president. A majority -- 51 percent -- approve of the job President Trump did as president, while a majority -- 60 percent -- disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as president.


The Journal poll also found that voters trust President Trump to handle the economy and immigration by a 20-point margin.

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April 02 2024

President Trump Rallies Supporters In Wisconsin

President Donald Trump held a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Tuesday.


Wisconsin Rep. Glenn Grothman said: "These new electric cars will cost twenty grand more than another car, and the cost of your insurance...will double with electric cars...Who's the only person who can continue to allow us to buy gas-powered cars in 2032? Donald John Trump!"


Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson: "If you were asked to devise a strategy for destroying this country, you'd be hard-pressed to come up with a better game plan than what President Biden and his Democrat colleagues in congress are imposing on America."


Highlights from President Trump's speech: 


President Trump: "I am calling on Crooked Joe to debate ANY TIME, ANY PLACE... so that we can discuss, in a friendly manner, the real problems of our country, of which there are many, instead of trying to have corrupt prosecutors fight your battles for you."


President Trump: "What the hell was Biden thinking when he declared Easter Sunday to be 'Trans Visibility Day.' Such total disrespect to Christians...November 5th is going to be called CHRISTIAN VISIBILITY DAY--when Christians turn out in numbers that nobody's ever seen before!"


President Trump: "With your support, we're going to win the Wisconsin Republican primary in a landslide, that will be in a few hours. And November 5th, we are going to win this state, we're going to win the White House, and we are going to save our country."


President Trump: "The worst of every country is coming into our country...They're country changing, country threatening and they're country wrecking...we're going to end up with the largest deportation in American history. We have no choice."


President Trump: "I'm here tonight to declare that Joe Biden's border bloodbath...ends the day I take the oath of office."


President Trump: "Unlike Biden and the open borders Democrats, I will always protect Medicare and Social Security for our great seniors."


President Trump: "In my first term, we built the greatest economy in the history of the world. We had record tax cuts, and regulation cuts and rising wages...for citizens of every race. And All of this without any inflation. Now the inflation's a record number."


President Trump: "When I win, you are all getting tax cuts and you're getting a brand new Trump economic boom."


President Trump: "On day one, I will terminate Crooked Joe's insane electric vehicle mandate...If this Biden ban on gasoline cars goes into effect...all of your car making here...will all be gone."


President Trump: "I will take aggressive action to end...squatters' rights. There's now an epidemic of illegal squatters throughout our president, I will establish a federal task force to use every authority that we have at our disposal to end squatting."

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April 02 2024

President Trump Delivers Remarks on Biden’s Border Bloodbath

President Donald Trump delivered remarks on Biden's border bloodbath in Grand Rapids, Michigan Tuesday.


President Trump received the endorsement of the Police Officers Association of Michigan.


Allegan County Sheriff Frank Baker said: "There are a lot of tragedies that are happening, as you mentioned with Ruby Garcia...It's happening in our neighborhoods even though the border's a long ways away and we need help. And so, I appreciate what you're doing to help us."


Van Buren County Sheriff Daniel Abbott: "The open southern border is the heart of lawlessness and crime you’re witnessing... We need leadership at the national level that is willing to solve this crisis. President Trump, without a doubt, is the leader we need to get the job done."


Highlights from President Trump's speech: 


President Trump: "Under Crooked Joe Biden, every state is now a border state, every town is now a border town. Joe Biden has brought the carnage and chaos and killing from all over the world and dumped it straight into our backyards."


President Trump: "This is country changing, it's country threatening and it's country wrecking. But I stand before you today to declare that Joe Biden's border's going to end on the day that I take office."


President Trump: "Michigan communities are being ravaged by a new form of crime, that's the migrant crime... Eleven days ago, right here in Kent County, a 25-year-old Michigan woman Ruby Garcia... was savagely murdered by an illegal alien criminal."


President Trump: "I said I will deliver justice for Laken... and now today I'm adding something. It's going to be for Laken, and it's also going to be justice for Ruby."


President Trump: "Under the Trump administration, we had a tough policy of getting the bad people out... we took them out by the thousands. We took, as an example, the MS-13 gangs out."


President Trump: "Two months ago, another illegal alien criminal was sentenced in Kent County for executing a 22-year old Grand Rapids woman, while she was in the car with her one-year old baby... He was allowed to come into the country by a very weak border policy."


President Trump: "Fentanyl and opioid deaths in your state are up 32% and deadly drugs pour across the border at levels that nobody's ever seen before, steering... these vats of poison right into Michigan lives... you're under an invasion."


President Trump: "Biden and Whitmer are stealing your money to give free housing to illegals."


President Trump: "On Day One, I will SEAL THE BORDER, and we will begin the largest domestic deportation operation in the history of our country!"

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March 31 2024

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note: March 31, 2024

Good evening and Happy Easter!


Tens of millions of families gathered today to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, over at the White House, the Biden administration issued a statement commemorating today as "Transgender Day of Visibility."


This is not surprising from an administration that has been hostile towards Christians since its inauguration. Biden's FBI even "had efforts underway to identify and treat Catholics as 'potential terrorists.'"


Taylor Budowich,

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.


Americans feel the pain of Bidenomics on Easter:


  • Phoenix residents woke up this Easter morning to a report describing how "grocery prices are up and inflation is a problem in so many Valley households."


  • Meanwhile, the morning news in Atlanta reported: "The cost of raising a pet is one of those that continues to go up like some of our food prices. So, it's causing a lot of heartburn for some families." 


  • Axios reported: "Call it Easter eggflation: High egg prices are impacting holiday celebrations for the second year in a row."
    • "Datasembly's Grocery Price Index found the price of eggs is up 45% nationwide in March compared to pre-pandemic times."


  • Biden's failed economic policies are hurting American families. Voters continue to trust President Trump to get America's economy back on track. CNBC's All-America Economic Survey found that "respondents said inflation is the No. 1 issue and they give Trump a 27-point advantage" on which candidate is better to deal with it.  



Washington Post: "Could Biden’s problems with Black voters help Trump win?"


  • The Washington Post covered Joe Biden's struggles with black voters: "Four recent polls — Quinnipiac, Economist-YouGov, New York Times/Siena and Marquette University Law School, however, have shown Trump with at least 20 percent support among Black adults. Now a new Fox News survey shows him with the support of 26 percent of Black voters. If accurate and if the numbers held until November, Trump would receive the highest share of the Black vote for any Republican presidential candidate since Richard M. Nixon in 1960."


  • The Post noted, "Biden’s approval rating among Black Americans has declined over time, as it has among Americans overall. In January 2022, the Pew Center found that 60 percent of Black adults approved of the way he was doing his job. In January of this year, his approval stood at 48 percent."


  • MAGA Inc. is out with a new radio adtargeting black voters that highlights Joe Biden's rental subsidy for illegal immigrants.


President Trump will highlight Joe Biden's "border bloodbath" during a visit on Tuesday in Michigan:


  • President Trump will visit Grand Rapids, Michigan on Tuesday. The event comes after an illegal immigrant was arrested for murdering 25-year-old Ruby Garcia in Grand Rapids. 


  • Joe Biden's open border is putting America in danger. On Wednesday, for example, police arrested a Chinese illegal immigrant after he drove onto a military base and refused to leave. 
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March 29 2024

Biden’s Week In Review

  • Bidenomics continues to wreak havoc.
    • On Monday, ABC 4 in Pittsburgh reported how Pennsylvania voters say "what they're paying at the gas pump will definitely influence how they will vote." 
    • Bloomberg reported Monday that "Gasoline Prices to Reach Highest Since 2022"
    • On Tuesday, WAGM in Maine reported on the increased use of food banks. "I don't think I've ever seen, in my 38 years of being here, the economy affecting people the way it is right now," said the hunger relief director for Catholic Charities Maine. "I don't care who you are — ends aren't meeting. It seems like things have gotten so expensive."
    • Likewise on Tuesday, WNCT in Greenville reported on how North Carolina residents are struggling to afford gas. 
    • CNBC's All-America Economic Survey was released on Tuesday and found that "respondents said inflation is the No. 1 issue and they give Trump a 27-point advantage" on which candidate is better to deal with it. 
    • A Fox News poll released on Wednesday found: "Just 22% say they are better off than four years ago, while more than twice that many -- 52% -- say they are worse off."
    • A Leger poll released Friday showed the number of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck is on the rise. 


  • Biden's open borders continue to put Americans in danger. 
    • On Monday, an illegal immigrant was arrested in Alabama for raping a "mentally incapacitated" teenage girl.
    • On Monday, Michigan rolled out a "Newcomer Rental Subsidy" program that is funded by the Biden administration. Joe Biden is funding this program to subsidize the rent of illegal immigrants.
    • On Wednesday, it was reported that an illegal immigrant was arrested in Michigan after killing a woman during a carjacking attempt.
    • On Friday, Breitbart reported that more illegal immigrants have crossed our northern border "this year than in the past twelve years combined."
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March 29 2024

New Tool Shows You How Much Biden’s Inflation Is Costing You

Joe Biden's inflation is robbing hard-working Americans of their money. There's a reason the majority of voters say they are worse off than they were four years ago.


Now you can visit to see just how much Biden's inflation crisis is costing you. 


You can add up your grocery list and see the difference in cost between going to the grocery store under the Trump administration and now during Bidenflation.

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March 29 2024

Bidenflation Hits Easter

As friends and families across the country gather this weekend to celebrate Easter, Americans are paying more than ever.


Since Joe Biden took office in January 2021, prices for these Easter Sunday staples have skyrocketed:


  • Cocoa (Chocolate): Up 295%
  • Eggs: Up 49%
  • Beef for Roasting: Up 29%
  • Biscuits, Rolls, Muffins: Up 26%
  • Candy: Up 24%
  • Cakes and Cupcakes: Up 24%
  • Salads: Up 18%
  • Ham: Up 17%


Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics,

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March 27 2024

Fox News Poll: President Trump Expands Lead Over Biden

President Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden by five points in the latest Fox News national poll


This is the largest lead President Trump has ever had over Joe Biden in a Fox News national poll. 


Fox News also found that: "Just 22% say they are better off than four years ago, while more than twice that many -- 52% -- say they are worse off."


Fox News poll (conducted March 22-25):


President Trump 50 percent


Biden 45 percent

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March 05 2023

MAGA Inc. Sunday Note

The CPAC Straw Poll made it clear that President Trump is the choice of conservatives to lead the Republican Party in 2024. 


President Trump won the straw poll with 62 percent support -- more than triple Ron DeSantis’ share of the vote (20 percent).  As Politico reported, “No Republican departed CPAC with more glory than former President Donald Trump.”


President Trump has a bond with conservatives because he stood up on their behalf against entrenched Washington interests. They want him back in the White House to finish the job.  As President Trump told the crowd at CPAC Saturday, “We are going to complete the mission. We are going to see this battle through to ultimate victory. We are going to make America great again."


Taylor Budowich

Head of MAGA Inc.



Coverage of CPAC: 


Breitbart: Donald Trump: ‘We Are Never Going Back to the Party of Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, and Jeb Bush’


Semafor coverage of MAGA Inc’s reception at CPAC: “Trump goes after DeSantis on Social Security at CPAC”


Politico: “Trump ties a ribbon on the most MAGA CPAC yet”


New York Post: “Trump wins CPAC straw poll as Republican 2024 frontrunner in a landslide”


Washington Times: “Trump trounces competitors in annual CPAC poll of presidential candidates”


Washington Times: “What about Ron? CPAC attendees frown on Fla. governor challenging Trump for presidential nomination”


Newsmax: Trump to CPAC: In the 'Battle of Our Lives' to Rescue US, Party


Fox News: Trump overwhelmingly wins CPAC's Republican primary straw poll with DeSantis coming in a distant second


Human Events: I AM YOUR RETRIBUTION: Donald Trump delivers vintage America First CPAC speech


Highlights from President Trump’s CPAC address:


"In 2016, I declared, 'I am your voice.' Today I add: I am your warrior, I am your justice, and for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution,” Trump declared


President Trump made it clear that he is the only choice to fight back against the Deep State because he will not back down. 


Trump: “At the end of the day anyone else will be intimidated, bought off, blackmailed, or ripped to shreds. I alone will never retreat."


Trump: “Our enemies are lunatics and maniacs. They cannot stand that they do not own me... and they will never ever control me, and they will never ever, therefore, control you!"


Trump outlined his policies for a second term that will save America.


President Trump: “We are never going back to a party that wants to give unlimited money to fight foreign wars that are endless wars, that are stupid wars."


President Trump reiterated his support for baby bonuses to start a new baby boom. 


The speech also focused on cleaning up the mess Biden has caused at the border. President Trump called for the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.


Trump: “When I am back in the White House, the very first reconciliation bill I sign will be for a massive increase in border patrol, and a colossal increase in the number of ICE deportation officers.”


President Trump outlined his plan to keep China financially accountable for the pandemic it unleashed.


And as our trade deficit hits an all-time high under Joe Biden, President Trump reminded CPAC that he “smashed the false idols of the free trade fanatics."



Praise for President Trump’s CPAC address:


Charlie Kirk: “Epic speech from President Trump. A bold vision for the future, vintage America First, law and order, election integrity, and ending the endless wars.   ‘I am your retribution.’ MAGA 2024”


Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX):  “GREAT SPEECH by President Trump. He is the LEADER of our conservative movement and the LEADER of the Republican Party. TRUMP 2024!!”


Kari Lake: “Only ONE President has taken on the establishment in Washington.   That President is Donald J. Trump.   I can’t wait for him to get back into the White House to do it again!”


Darren Beattie: “Trump's CPAC speech one of the all time greats, certainly in top 10”

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February 19 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, February 19, 2023

I hope you are having a great Presidents' Day Weekend with the ones you love. 


President Trump continues to tower over the Republican field. Several polls this week show Trump with a double-digit lead over the field.


President Trump’s continued dominance over the field is because Republicans recognize that there is no “Trumpism without Trump.” Gavin Wax Mario explains this in a piece in Townhall this weekend that I recommend you read.


“The personal, emotional relationship between Trump and his base cannot be understated. Without Trump as the candidate in 2024, at least a million of his supporters will stay home and refuse to vote Republican. They hate the system, know how they are being screwed, and rightly believe that most politicians in both major parties should be given the boot. They only trust one candidate: Trump,” Gavin writes. 


“These voters are the forgotten men and women of this country; they put Trump in office in 2016, and losing them will assure losses in any election moving forward. If Trumpism disappears, the Republican Party will fall back into the Bush-era neoconservatism of old.”


We’re already seeing an attempt to revert to the failed Bush-era policies with the candidacy of Nikki Haley. While Haley claims to represent a “new generation,” the reality is she's just another career politician who is only in it for herself. She should listen to her own comments from the 2020 Republican convention, “Donald Trump has always put America first, and he has earned four more years as president.”



Taylor Budowich

Head of MAGA Inc. 



As President Trump demonstrates true crisis leadership with his visit to East Palestine, OH, the Biden administration faces intense criticism for its mishandling of the situation: 


  • In stark comparison to the Biden administration’s failure to provide information, testing, and support following the February 2nd train derailment and subsequent toxic chemical fire, President Trump announced that he would be visiting East Palestine: “The people of East Palestine need help. I’ll see you on Wednesday.” 
  • After President Trump announced he would be visiting East Palestine, and two weeks after the initial derailment and fire, the Biden administration reversed its decision and decided they would, in fact, provide FEMA support to the impacted community.  
  • Residents of East Palestine are voicing their frustration with the Biden administration’s weeks-delayed response and complete lack of communication. 
    • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg didn’t even publicly address the disaster until ten days after the train derailed and caught fire, releasing hazardous and toxic chemicals like vinyl chloride into the soil, air, and water. 
  • Federal officials continue to claim that testing “has not detected any levels of health concern in the community,” even as residents complain of headaches, throat irritation, and skin rashes.  EPA Administrator Michael Regan insists the “water is safe.” He should take Senator JD Vance’s advice and drink it. 
    • Peter DeCarlo, Associate Professor of Environmental Health at Johns Hopkins University, told Martha Raddatz on ABC’s This Week that “we just don’t have the information we need to understand what chemicals may be present. The monitoring equipment that [the EPA is] using to determine things that are safe doesn’t give us chemical specificity, it doesn’t tell us what chemicals are present, it just says they’re below some level.” 
    • “There’s plenty of chemicals,” DeCarlo continued, “that can be created from that fire that can be toxic at much lower levels.” 


Americans continue to suffer under the Biden economy


  • Household debt hits a record high.
    • CNN: “Total US household debt hit a record $16.9 trillion during the fourth quarter, an increase of $394 billion, or 2.4%, from the prior three-month period, according to the Fed’s latest Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit… Credit card balances increased nearly 6.6% to $986 billion during the quarter, the highest quarterly growth on record, according to New York Fed data that goes back to 1999. Year over year, credit card balances grew 15.2%.”
  • Americans are falling behind on their car payments.
    • WSJ: “Some 9.3% of auto loans extended to people with low credit scores were 30 or more days behind on payments at the end of last year, the highest share since 2010, according to an analysis by Moody’s Analytics.”



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February 12 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, February 12, 2023

Happy Sunday,


In the week following Joe Biden’s jumbled State of the Union address, the White House continues its attempt to sell the lie that Americans are better off under Biden than under President Trump.


It is a lie that even the mainstream media cannot stomach. A whopping 71% of Americans believe that the country is on the wrong track. Additional polling from last week confirms America’s profound dissatisfaction with Joe Biden’s leadership—his own party doesn’t want him.


Biden’s failure as Commander-in-Chief continues to coalesce around our nation’s response to Chinese incursions into our airspace. Following the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, this latest insult to our national sovereignty is additonal proof to our enemies that it is acceptable to challenge America with Biden in charge. President Trump understood that projecting American strength was paramount to promoting peace and cooperation. We desperately need that leadership again.


Taylor Budowich

MAGA, Inc.


The Biden administration continues to lie about the State of Our Union:

  • There is no talking point that exists to convince Americans that they are imagining the economic hardship they face, despite spin from the Biden White House.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.
  • A recent ABC/Washington Post poll found that 41 percent of Americans “say they are not as well off since Biden became president…the highest level since Post-ABC polling first asked the question in 1986.”
  • A CBS/YouGov poll shows 62 percent of Americans expect the economy to decline next year.
  • President Trump: "Over the past two years, under Biden, millions and millions of illegal aliens from 160 different countries have stormed across our southern border. Drug cartels are now raking in billions of dollars from smuggling poison to kill our people and to kill our children. Savage killers, rapists and violent criminals are being released from jail to continue their crime wave. And under Biden, the murder rate has reached the highest in the history of our country. Biden and the radical Democrats have wasted trillions of dollars and caused the worst inflation in half a century."
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders, providing the Republican response to the SOTU: “President Biden inherited the fastest economic recovery on record, the most secure border in history, cheap, abundant and home-grown energy, fast-rising wages, a rebuilt military, and a world that was stable and at peace. But over the last two years, Democrats destroyed it all.”


President Trump this week outlined an Agenda47 plan to both restore American energy independence and get inflation under control:

  • President Trump will revoke all unnecessary federal regulation that restricts domestic energy production, remove the U.S. from the flawed and pro-China Paris Climate Agreement, and swiftly approve new energy infrastructure projects.
  • Biden’s war on American energy levied a tax on everything we purchase—higher energy prices mean higher costs in transportation and in food production.
  • Nine in ten U.S. voters support increasing domestic energy production.


Biden’s response to Chinese incursions of our airspace undermines America’s strength on the world’s stage:

  • On ABC’s This Week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer attempted to defend the Biden administration’s response to allowing a Chinese spy craft unprecedented surveillance of our nation’s interior.
    • Chuck Schumer: “The first balloon, there was a much different rationale, which I think was the appropriate rationale. We got enormous intelligence information from surveilling the balloon as it went over the United States."
    • George Stephanopoulos: “But didn’t the Chinese get enormous intelligence as well?"
    • Chuck Schumer: “Well, they could have been getting that anyway."
  • The Biden administration disbanded an anti-Chinese espionage program started by President Trump, paving the way for these unacceptable incursions.
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February 05 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, February 5, 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, February 5, 2023

Joe Biden will deliver his third State of the Union this week. 

Biden’s speech on Tuesday will be full of spin claiming that he is a success, but if you ask Americans, they do not think the state of the union is positive. A CBS poll shows that 68 percent of Americans believe things are going “badly” in America today.

Will Tuesday’s speech just be full of canned applause lines or will Biden address any of the nation’s problems? 

Will Biden address the drug overdose crisis sweeping the nation? Maine, for example, set a drug overdose death record in 2022 – it beat the previous record set in 2021. Biden has failed to secure the border and protect American communities. 

Will Biden call for peace in Ukraine as President Trump has done? The war continues to slog on with no end in sight, as we inch closer to nuclear war.  

Finally, will Biden offer any relief to Americans at the pump? Doubtful. Gas prices remain higher than they were a year ago.  Under President Trump, America became the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world. Joe Biden, instead, turns to autocrats like Venezuela’s Nicholas Maduro for oil and encourages Americans to buy electric Hummers that cost more than $87,000. 

Taylor Budowich

Head of MAGA Inc.


Despite the best efforts of Democrats and their allies in the media, Americans recognize Biden is failing:

  • Many are viewing Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday as the opening salvo of his 2024 re-election campaign—one that even Democrats don’t want. 
    • A new NBC poll found that “two-thirds of voters have reservations or are very uncomfortable with the idea of Biden running for a second term.” 
    • A recent ABC/Washington Post poll found that “among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents…58 percent say they would prefer someone other than Biden as their nominee in 2024.” 
  • Sec. Pete Buttigieg painted a falsely positive image of the economy on CNN’s State of the Union. Buttigieg claimed that “usually, when employment is that low, inflation is going up. Right now, inflation is going down along with unemployment.” 
    • Inflation was still at 6.5 percent in December 2022, outstripping any increases in Americans’ wages. In that same month, the annual increase in wages was only 4.6 percent. Wages grew at an even slower rate in January 2023, at 4.4 percent compared to a year ago. 
  • No matter what Biden and his surrogates may say, the economic reality facing many Americans today is painful and bleak. 
    • A recent ABC/Washington Post poll found that 41 percent of Americans “say they are not as well off since Biden became president…the highest level since Post-ABC polling first asked the question in 1986.”  
    • A CBS/YouGov poll found that 62 percent of Americans expect the economy next year to be in decline.

Biden lets Chinese surveillance balloon traverse the whole nation

  • Sen. Marco Rubio, vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN that a spy balloon flying over these many American states is “unprecedented.” Sen. Rubio added, "It's not a coincidence this happens leading up to the State of the Union address...It's not just the balloon, it's the message they're trying to send the world, that we can do whatever we want and America can't stop us."
  • Two former national security advisers to President Trump – John Bolton and Robert O’Brien – both told Fox News that they are unaware of anything like this happening during their time in the Trump administration.
  • Forget the balloon, tens of millions of Americans carry around a Chinese surveillance app on their phone – TikTok. President Trump called for TikTok to be banned in 2020. He was right. Biden revoked this executive order and yet even Democrats now acknowledge that Trump was correct that TikTok has no place in America.
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January 29 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, January 29, 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, January 29, 2023

Good Evening!

President Trump kicked off the 2024 Republican primary with visits to New Hampshire and South Carolina. Trump spoke at the New Hampshire Republican Party’s annual meeting and unveiled his South Carolina leadership team, before stopping for ice cream and meeting supporters.

Trump’s speeches were well received, with talk radio legend Michael Savage praising President Trump’s South Carolina speech as “electrifying.” Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote that Trump “sounds amazing” and is “fired up.”

What struck me most was a line President Trump delivered in New Hampshire. He said, "I'm more angry now and more committed now than I ever was." It was powerful, it was authentic, and it's the kind of fire that will propel President Trump back to the White House.

Our nation is suffering because of the failures and incompetence of career politicians who are putting their own interests ahead of the interests of America. This is what drove President Trump to run in 2016 and it's the same fire that's fueling his campaign today. 

He has never been stronger, and we are ALL more confident and committed than ever before --- 2024 can't come soon enough! 

Taylor Budowich 



President Trump delivers policy-focused speeches in New Hampshire and South Carolina:

  • Trump attacked Biden’s incompetence that has put us on the “brink of World War 3 in Ukraine.” Trump called for a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.
  • Biden has dismantled the effective immigration policies President Trump put in place and Trump vowed in New Hampshire that “within hours of my inauguration, we will restore every border security measure of the Trump presidency."
    • President Trump recognizes the importance of not only border security, but interior enforcement. He said in South Carolina that we “have to remove a lot of people very, very fast” as murderers and rapists have illegally crossed our border.
  • President Trump is determined to combat the influence of the Chinese Communist Party and told the crowd in Manchester, NH that his administration will “force China to sell any current holdings in the United States that puts our national security at risk."
  • Politico reported that the "loudest applause lines during Trump’s speech in NH" included his plan to eliminate federal funding for schools that push critical race theory or left-wing gender ideology.
    • Trump said in South Carolina that “we’re going to defeat the cult of gender ideology, and reaffirm that God created two genders called men and women.”

President Trump is rolling out a forward-thinking and bold series of policy platforms to restore America once again to greatness: 

  • In his plan to save American education, President Trump announced that he will: 
    • Adopting merit pay and abolishing tenure for K-12 teachers 
    • Enshrining a parental bill of rights that promotes curriculum transparency and school choice  
    • Greatly reducing bloated school administrative positions 
    • Allowing the direct election of school principals by parents 
    • Cut federal funding to any school that promotes radical critical race theory, gender ideology or any form of inappropriate content 
    • Identify and fire “the radical zealots and Marxists in the Department of Education” that are poisoning our school systems 
    • Direct a civil rights investigation with the Department of Education into race-based discrimination in schools 
    • Vigorously pursue any potential freedom of religion violations 
    • Incentivize states and school districts to adopt pro-parent and student reforms with preferential funding for: 
  • Fentanyl, meth, and heroin are pouring across our completely open southern border that is controlled by the Mexican drug cartels. The vicious, inhumane cartels have declared war on the men and women of America, and the death toll is rising to over 100,000 victims a year. President Trump announced that once he is back in the White House, he will wage war against the cartels and end their terrible rein over our southern border. 
  • While cities like Washington, D.C. are passing bills that release hundreds of violent criminals back onto the streets, patriots are being held as political prisoners. D.C.’s new bill slashes penalties for carjackings, robberies and for felons committing gun crimes. It also makes violent criminals eligible for release. President Trump called on Congress to send a resolution to Joe Biden’s desk rejecting this weak-on-crime bill. America needs a president who will stand for law and order. 
  • President Trump announced his plan to destroy the insidious influence of the Chinese Communist Party within the United States by enacting “aggressive new restrictions on Chinese ownership of any vital infrastructure in the United States, including energy, technology, telecommunications, farmland, natural resources, medical supplies, and other strategic national assets.” 
  • President Trump will order the construction of a missile defense shield to protect our nation from nuclear and hypersonic weaponry. He understands that unmatched American strength will promote global peace. 
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January 22 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, January 22, 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, January 22, 2023

Good Evening!

President Trump continues to dominate the polls while Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents spirals out of control. The FBI searched Biden’s Wilmington home on Friday and found additional classified documents. CBS reports that the Justice Department is considering more searches.

Biden’s presidency is in crisis and America is suffering because of it. 

Reuters polling shows Biden’s approval rating is near the lowest of his term. Americans are tired of Biden’s inept administration that fails to deliver relief from inflation and stop the invasion across our southern border. America's enemies continue to reap the benefits of Biden's pathetic presidency.

President Trump, meanwhile, continues to roll out his bold and prosperous agenda for America's future. This past week, Trump released his plan to limit the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in our country. Additionally, Trump urged Republicans to focus budget cuts on wasteful programs, while protecting Social Security.

Finally, the media is desperate to divide the Republican Party, however, their attempts to sow division will fail. President Trump, who leads every recent poll by significant margins, will be the Republican nominee and he will unite America around his proven record of leadership and putting America first. 

Taylor Budowich 



FBI search uncovers more classified documents at Biden’s home:

  • FBI agents conducted a search of Joe Biden’s Delaware home on Friday and found even more improperly handled classified documents. 
  • The White House has not been transparent about the Biden’s mishandling of classified documents.
    • Biden spokesman Ian Sams was unwilling to tell MSNBC how many classified documents the Justice Department has found.
    • When asked why the administration sat on these discoveries until after the election, Biden responded that “there’s no there, there.” 
  • This is a serious issue for Joe Biden. As the Article III Project’s Mike Davis wrote at Newsweek, “Biden compromised our national security through his carelessness and brazen law-breaking.”
    • Davis noted: “As a matter of clarity, let's contrast Biden's theft of classified documents with Trump's lawful handling of presidential records. As the commander-in-chief under our Constitution, the president of the United States has the absolute power to declassify records as he sees fit. In addition, under the Presidential Records Act, a departing president can take a personal copy of any of his presidential records—classified or not. The vice president is afforded neither of these privileges.”
  • Polling shows a majority of Americans believe Biden was inappropriate in his handling of documents.
  • Hunter Biden—currently under his own federal investigation over his taxes and overseas business dealings—listed the Wilmington address where many of the documents were found has his permanent residence. He potentially had access to this classified information, while being in business with America's adversaries.  

President Trump continues to dominate in polling:

  • Poll after poll continues to show that President Trump is Republicans’ top choice for the 2024 nomination.
    • Harvard-Harris poll -- Donald Trump: 48 percent, Ron DeSantis: 28 percent, Mike Pence: 7 percent,  Nikki Haley: 3 percent
    • YouGov -- Donald Trump: 46 percent, Ron DeSantis: 27 percent, Mike Pence: 6 percent, Nikki Haley: 3 percent
    • Morning Consult – Donald Trump: 48 percent, Ron DeSantis: 31 percent, Mike Pence: 8 percent, Liz Cheney: 3 percent, Nikki Haley: 2 percent
  • President Trump is also besting Biden in head-to-head polling. The Harvard-Harris poll has Trump at 46 percent and Biden trailing at 41 percent.
    • Breitbart’s coverage of the poll noted that “Former President Donald Trump has opened a clear lead over President Joe Biden.”


Terrorists continue to cross Biden’s open border as Trump urges Republicans to target the depletion of our social safety net by illegal immigrants, and not Social Security: 

  • Fox News’ Bill Melugin reported Sunday that there is a surge of terrorists crossing the border. There already have been 38 individuals on the terror watch list caught crossing the border since October. For comparison, in Fiscal Year 2019 – there were 0 terror watch list suspects caught crossing the border.
  • Biden has failed to secure our border and criminals from across the globe are attempting to cross. Biden just set another embarrassing record with nearly 252,000 illegal immigrant encounters on the border in December. Breitbart reported that "this represents the largest single-month report in U.S. history.”
  • President Trump not only understands that border security, like a wall, is necessary to repel criminal immigration, but that we must also remove the “pull” factors that bring criminal immigrants here. In a video last week, Trump urged Republicans not to cut Social Security and instead focus on the “the mass releases of illegal aliens that are depleting our social safety net and destroying our country.”
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January 15 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, January 15, 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, January 15, 2023

Good evening!

Biden’s mishandling of classified documents finally has many of his allies in the press admitting what has been obvious to us all. Biden is incompetent and puts our national security at risk. Not only did Biden have no authority as vice president to declassify documents, but he kept them in the same Wilmington home that Hunter Biden resided in. That means national security secrets were stored in the residence of a business partner of the Chinese Communist Party.

Taylor Budowich 



Even more classified documents have been found at Joe Biden’s home and office after he removed them the Obama administration: 

  • White House lawyers admitted on Saturday that a fourth batch of classified documents had been found at Biden’s private home and office. 
  • This discovery followed White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre's announcement to reporters that "lawyers had finished searching for classified documents."
  • The classified documents were discovered in a closet at the University of Pennsylvania's Biden Center in D.C., and at Biden’s home in Wilmington.
  • Hunter Biden—currently under his own federal investigation over his taxes and overseas business dealings—listed the Wilmington address where many of the documents were found has his permanent residence. He potentially had access to this classified information. 
  • The Department of Justice has known about the documents since before the 2022 election, and only now has Merrick Garland bothered to inform the public and appoint a special counsel. 
  • Joe Biden downplayed the seriousness of his alleged crime, insisting that it was fine because some documents were locked in his garage next to his Corvette: “It’s not like it’s sitting out in the street.” 

Unlike President Trump, Biden’s handling of classified documents is likely against the law: 

  • Biden was the vice president when he left office with classified documents that he brought to his China-funded think tank and home garage. Unlike presidents, vice presidents have no authority to declassify documents. This discrepancy shows the FBI’s double standard in how they’ve handled the respective cases.
    • House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said on CNN’s State of the Union: "My concern is how there’s such a discrepancy in how former Pres. Trump was treated — by raiding Mar-a-Lago, by getting the security cameras, by taking pictures of documents on the floor, by going through Melania’s closet — versus Joe Biden."
  • Unlike President Trump, Biden did not keep documents in a secure location. Mar-a-Lago has Secret Service protection. Vice presidents only keep Secret Service protection for six months after leaving office, meaning that for over 2 years his Wilmington home did not receive such protection. Even CNN’s Jake Tapper acknowledged Sunday that Biden’s Wilmington Corvette garage is not an ideal place to keep our nation’s secrets. 
    • "That does not look like what a secure location would be,” Tapper said on State of the Union. 

Even Joe Biden’s allies are admitting he was reckless with documents and has not been transparent: 

  • CBS News' Ed O'Keefe said on Face the Nation that the Biden White House "clearly had a problem this week...especially because you have a president who made campaign and day one promises of transparency, and they weren't kept here."
  • ABC’s Jonathan Karl said, “The White House says it is committed to transparency, but the first batch of documents was discovered on November 2nd, just days before the midterm elections, and the public didn't learn of it until this week — and only after reporters started asking."
    • Biden is still refusing to tell the public who has visited his Wilmington home.
  • Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said on ABC’s This Week that it is possible Biden jeopardized national security with his handling of classified documents.
  • Even the Associated Press is acknowledging this reveals Biden is incompetent. “But an excruciating week of awkward disclosures and the appointment of a special counsel to investigate classified records found at his Delaware home and a former office dating to his time as vice president is beginning to strain his claim to competence.”
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January 08 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, January 8, 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, January 8, 2023

Good evening!

After a week of spirited debate, House Republicans are ready to start the 118th Congress. Thanks to President Trump, Republicans united to back Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is finally visiting the border. His visit to the border this week is not about what he will witness, but instead, what he won’t. 

 In the days leading up to his visit, law enforcement and local officials scrambled to clear out migrant camps and beautify the streets—a practice that’s common for third world dictatorial nations, not America. 

In 2009, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s wife, Suzanne, visited the new campus of The American University in Cairo. In the weeks leading up to her visit, streets were swept, the homeless were relocated, palm trees and shrubs were planted, and curbs were painted. Through her eyes, Egypt was beautiful and well kept. Yet, the reality was Egypt was burning, she just wasn’t allowed to see it.

Joe Biden’s visit to America’s southern border is no different. Instead of facing down our nation’s immigration crisis that his policies have created, he is ignoring it.

Taylor Budowich 



Biden’s border policies embolden the cartels, while Trump has a plan to fight them:

  • The Mexican drug cartels are causing havoc in America and in Mexico. The drugs they traffic kill tens of thousands of Americans and fund their bloody war against the Mexican government.
  • Instead of combatting the cartels, Biden has empowered them. The head of the Border Patrol Union called Biden the “cartels’ best friend” and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told Biden in a letter, “your open-border policies have emboldened the cartels, who grow wealthy by trafficking deadly fentanyl and even human beings.”
  • President Trump, on the other hand, has released a bold plan to combat the violent drug cartels. President Trump wants to unleash the U.S. military on the cartels and designate them as foreign terrorist organizations. He promises to destroy the cartels just like he dismantled ISIS.
  • Congressman Michael Waltz praised President Trump’s plan on Sunday Morning Futuressaying, “President Trump just rolled out a plan to go after the cartels and I think he is absolutely right."

President Trump Finalizes Speaker Deal: 

  • Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives for the 118th Congress, thanks to President Trump’s intervention.
  • In the minutes following the vote, several GOP insiders took to Twitter to reveal that President Trump played a crucial role in closing the deal that included key concessions to ensure that the American People are, once again, running the People’s House.
  • The newly-elected Speaker thanked President Trump for his help after the vote, adding that “I don’t think anybody should doubt his influence.”
  • In the hours that followed the vote, central figures on both sides of the deal confirmed that President Trump’s involvement was vital to crossing the finish line.
    • Rep. Jim Jordan: “This doesn’t get done without the support and leadership of President Trump.”
    • Rep. Byron Donalds: “[Trump] has played a good part in this.”
    • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: “[Trump’s] role was huge…America is about to see the most conservative Republican Speaker of the House that they have seen in decades.”
  • "The 'Speaker' selection process," President Trump stated, "as crazy as it may seem, has made it all much bigger and more important than if done the more conventional way."
  • President Trump’s leadership once again succeeded in ensuring that the concerns of the American people are not forgotten—both the Republican Party and our nation are stronger today because of this deal.


Biden finally visits the border, and migrant camps are finally cleared:

  • Biden has finally decided to visit the southern border. The crisis, apparently, can no longer be ignored. However, Biden will not face reality. The Washington Examiner noted: “Days before President Joe Biden visited El Paso, Texas, this afternoon, local and federal authorities began clearing out migrant encampments.”
    • One local reporter said, "One woman did tell us that yes, she has seen city employees out here cleaning the area in preparation for President Biden's visit."
  • The border is a disaster because Biden rolled back President Trump’s successful policies. As Congressman Jim Jordan noted on Fox News Sunday, “The numbers during President Trump were so good on the border." There are many other facts you should know about.


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December 18 2022

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, December 18, 2022

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, December 18, 2022

Good evening, 

Border communities are preparing for absolute chaos at the border this week, while Biden twiddles his thumbs and ignores the impending crisis. 

The end of Title 42 on Wednesday could mean an estimated 18,000 illegal immigrants will cross the border every single day. This deluge will overwhelm border towns. 

President Donald Trump instituted the use of Title 42 to keep Americans safe, and unfortunately radical liberals have succeeded in ending the program. President Trump was dedicated to securing the border. CNN’s Jake Tapper said on State of the Union that for “whatever reason” the border is worse now under Biden than Trump – that “reason” is Trump is no longer in office, something MAGA Inc. is committed to correcting.

The information below will prepare you to counter the leftist lies about the border this week. 

I hope you have a Merry Christmas with the ones you love.

Taylor Budowich 



Democratic senator hopes Americans just don’t care about the border crisis:

  • Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown said on Meet the Press that he doesn’t hear “a lot about immigration from voters except from people on the far-right.”
    • Polling shows that immigration is a top concern for voters. The most recent Gallup polling shows that 60 percent of Americans "personally worry about illegal immigration."
    • The border affects voters of all political persuasions as the drug crisis does not discriminate. The Washington Post recently reported: “From 2019 to 2021, fatal overdoses surged 94 percent, and an estimated 196 Americans are now dying each day from the drug — the equivalent of a fully loaded Boeing 757-200 crashing and killing everyone on board."
  • President Trump has always prioritized securing the border and protecting Americans. An open border means jobs taken away from Americans, more crime, and more overdoses. 

This week we will see a border surge unlike anything before:

  • Border expert Todd Bensman likens the coming surge to a Category 5 hurricane.
    • Bensman: “Still, this pandemonium of 7,000-9,000 illegal crossers caught every single day, 200,000-plus every single month for two years straight, is just a Category 3 hurricane on the mass migration-scale.  A Category 5 is barreling down on the United States with the scheduled December 21 lifting of 'Title 42,' the one last real impediment to a next-level crisis far beyond, not just the American experience, but that of every nation in the developed world.”
  • Estimates for the number of illegal immigrants crossing daily post-Title 42 range from 14,000 to 18,000 a day. That could mean up to 6.4 million illegal immigrants crossing in a year. This would completely overwhelm our nation’s hospitals, schools, and communities. 
  • Border crossings have surged under Biden’s weak policies. Fox News Sunday highlighted that border crossings in October 2022 were up 411 percent from October 2019. 

At least some Democrats acknowledge this is a crisis, while the White House claims Biden has done the “necessary work”:

  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom has said the system “will break” after Title 42 ends and that there “is no question in my mind we are not prepared.”
  • Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar said that the Biden administration is not “listening” to Border Patrol agents and border communities.
  • The White House, meanwhile, does not live in reality. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted this week that Biden has “done the work” necessary to secure the border. This is a laughable lie. Biden has incentivized illegal immigration by ending deportations based on immigration status.
  • President Trump stands up for border communities and Border Patrol agents. Even Democrat border mayors have acknowledged that Trump secured the border.
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December 11 2022

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, December 11, 2022

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, December 11, 2022

Good evening,

This weekend, Democrats from the White House and Congress attempted to downplay the worst prisoner release deal in modern history. Administration officials and Biden’s lackeys regurgitated talking points on the Sunday shows and tried to convince Americans that this prisoner swap would not incentivize our country’s enemies. 

As our southern border remains open and unsecure, RINOs in Congress propose mass amnesty. It seems as if Washington politicians will do anything to avoid reinstating President Trump’s border solutions. The American people, as always, will pay the price for D.C.’s disinterest.

Unsurprisingly, the legacy mainstream media continues to ignore the shocking revelations from Twitter’s internal document release. The files show how liberal activists at the social media giant suppressed President Trump and his supporters to influence the 2020 election. 

The information below will arm you in defense of what will surely be another week of liberal media gaslighting.  

Taylor Budowich



Biden’s weakness undermines American strength on the global stage as the “Merchant of Death” gets swapped for a basketball player:

  • Viktor Bout, also known as Russia’s “Merchant of Death,” was released in exchange for Brittney Griner, an American basketball player who was arrested for drug possession while living and working in Russia.
  • Bout was serving a 25-year sentence after being convicted of conspiring to kill Americans and providing weapons, including anti-aircraft missiles, to groups including terrorist organizations.
  • Preet Bharara, the Democrat who prosecuted Bout during the Obama administration, acknowledged to Meet the Press that the trade was "asymmetric" and that Bout is a "dangerous man."
  • Administration officials John Kirby (National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications) and Roger Carstens (Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs), who were both involved with the prisoner swap, danced around questions about whether this trade incentivizes bad actors to use Americans as bargaining chips.
  • Adam Schiff implied to CBS that Putin deliberately released Brittney Griner over Whelan to “roil America,” while also admitting that this swap incentivizes hostage taking—did Joe Biden take Putin’s bait?
  • Joe Biden abandoned imprisoned marine Paul Whelan:
  • John Kirby on ABC’s This Week said that he only realized “last week” that there was “no chance” to release Whelan.
  • Roger Carstens on CNN’s State Of The Union said that there “was no opportunity” to bring Whelan home.
  • Whelan himself has said that he does not "understand” why he has not been freed.
  • Families of hostages currently detained in Iran joined CBS’ Face The Nation on Sunday to express their frustration with the Biden administration:
  • Hannah Shargi, daughter of imprisoned American Emad Shargi, stated that Biden has not met with “hostage families.” She noted that she lives in Washington, D.C., and is willing to meet at any time.
  • Ariana Shargi expressed that Joe Biden has “no good reason not to meet with us…We’re Americans.”
  • They also voiced their disappointment that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did not know about their family’s case when asked.
  • During his time in office, President Trump freed 56 hostages and detainees from more than 24 countries without surrendering American security—that is what peace through strength looks like.
  • President Trump has the expertise and a proven playbook to protect innocent American lives both at home and abroad. We cannot afford Biden’s weak leadership when our national security is at stake.


Joe Biden and his RINO allies propose mass amnesty as our southern border remains completely open:

  • Border crossings already surged to record highs because of Joe Biden—as the end of Title 42 approaches, border communities are preparing for the worst. Amnesty will reward millions of illegal immigrants for breaking the law and encourage more to cross.
  • Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema told CNN's Jake Tapper that the federal government is failing to secure the border.
  • Even as 2.6 million unknown migrants are expected in 2023, Biden is deporting 71 percent fewer criminal illegal immigrants than President Trump.
  • Under President Trump, our border was as secure as it has ever been.
  • President Trump built over 400 miles of the world’s most advanced border wall and illegal crossings plummeted over 87 percent where the wall was completed.
  • He instituted the Migrant Protection Protocols, or the “Remain in Mexico” policy, to safely return asylum seekers to Mexico while they await hearings in the United States.
  • President Trump also ended the dangerous practice of “Catch-and-Release,” which let untold numbers of illegal immigrants to disappear into our nation’s interior.
  • President Trump must return to the White House to re-implement his border strategy before more American lives are put at risk by terrorists, traffickers, and the cartels.


Liberal media remains silent on the shocking discoveries revealed in internal Twitter documents:

  • CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS once again devoted zero airtime this week to the bombshell revelations coming from Twitter.
  • The documents prove that liberal activists at Twitter censored and suppressed the sitting President of the United States of America to influence an election. This is an unacceptable attack on the voice and votes of the American public.
  • Files released Friday night show that "executives were looking for any excuse to ban President Donald Trump."
  • Elon Musk says it is "unequivocally true" that Twitter employees interfered in the 2020 election and censored President Trump.
  • Documents released on Saturday outlined "how Twitter executives twisted the platform’s rules with the intention of blacklisting" President Trump.
  • According to the documents, Twitter staff and executives “took extraordinary steps to suppress” the Hunter Biden laptop story as first reported by the New York Post.
  • Other emails show Joe Biden’s campaign and the DNC successfully petitioning Twitter staff and executives to remove tweets and suppress accounts.
  • Full knowledge of the details of the Hunter Biden scandal would have led nearly 10 percent of Biden voters to abandon him—more than enough to flip the election in the six swing states won by Biden (AZ, GA, MI, NV, PA, and WI).
  • 45.1 percent of Biden voters said they were unaware of the corruption scandal surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden.
  • One in six Biden voters would have abandoned him if they had known about one or more of eight major news stories suppressed by Big Tech and the mainstream media in the 2020 election.
  • In May 2020, President Trump signed the Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship that made it “the policy of the United States to foster clear ground rules promoting free and open debate on the internet.” It ensured that no federal tax dollars financed online platforms that restricted free speech.


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