October 24 2023

Florida State Representative Randy Fine is backing Donald Trump for President and calling out Ron DeSantis for his lack of action.


Rep. Fine in The Washington Times: "Words won’t save us.


Only actions will.


Donald Trump didn’t just talk about moving the Embassy. He did it.


Donald Trump didn’t just talk about Israeli security. He green-lit them annexing the Golan.


Donald Trump didn’t just talk about peace. He signed the Abraham Accords. He deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for it.


When he was President, Islamic countries weren’t attacking Jews over there; neo-Nazis were not attacking Jews over here because they feared him.


The past two weeks have made me realize our choice as Jews is simple. We can vote for the Governor who says all the right things, or we can vote for the President who actually does them. When it comes to action, Donald Trump has never let us down.


I wrote this while just down the street a group of my fellow Americans openly rallied for the death of my children. Just two miles from where Ron DeSantis lives.


There is one man I know who can bring this to an end. I know this because I don’t have to trust his words.


I can remember his acts.


There is no choice – we must return Donald Trump to the Oval Office. For Israel. For Jews. For America. And for the World."

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