March 12 2023

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President Trump will be in Davenport, Iowa tomorrow to deliver remarks on his America First education agenda. The visit to Iowa comes amid surging poll numbers for President Trump.


Morning Consult found that President Trump has his “strongest primary lead yet” in a national poll released Tuesday showing Trump with a 25 percent lead. Meanwhile, Emerson College found that President Trump has a 41 percent lead in a hypothetical New Hampshire Republican primary.


Americans are desperate for leadership. Just look at East Palestine, Ohio. Nick Sortor posted a picture on Twitter of a “WE NEED TRUMP” sign on someone’s front lawn. 


“THIS is the sentiment here in East Palestine given Joe Biden is totally ignoring the town—even after promising he’d come visit residents,” Sortor wrote. President Trump will never ignore Americans.



Taylor Budowich

Head of MAGA Inc.



Biden sleeps at the wheel while Americans face an increasingly uncertain economic future:


  • The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last week was the largest bank run in modern history. It's the largest bank failure since 2008 when customers at Washington Mutual withdrew $16.7 billion over ten days. Last week’s run on SVB, however, totaled $42 billion in a single day.
  • As inflation continues to outpace wage growth, the total amount of credit card debt held by Americans is nearing a historic high, up 18.5% from the previous year to a record $930.6 billion in 2022. 
  • More than ever, the United States needs a firm hand on the wheel of our economy. Joe Biden spent last week instead touting his disastrous, job-killing, growth-shrinking budget.
  • Biden’s proposed budget would increase taxes by $5.5 trillion and end domestic oil and gas production incentives. Meanwhile, Biden proposed that the EPA receive $2 billion for “advancing racial equity and securing environmental justice.”
  • Economist Stephen Moore described Biden’s budget as a “fiscal atrocity” that would be an economic “killer.” A report from the nonpartisan Tax Foundation found that Biden’s proposed corporate tax rate hike specifically would strangle our economy and slash nearly 140,000 jobs.


Cartels continue to threaten Americans. Only President Trump has a plan to take them head on:


  • The four Americans kidnapped in Mexico last week are not an outlier. There are currently more than 550 Americans missing in Mexico.
  • The Mexican drug cartels have made Mexico unsafe for Americans to visit. When the cartels are not busy terrorizing their own country, they are producing and smuggling deadly drugs into the U.S. that destroy communities. 
  • The cartels must be defeated. President Trump has a plan to “wage war” on the cartels and use every means possible to dismantle them. 
  • The Democrats, unfortunately, cannot be trusted to handle this threat. Democrat Senator Bob Menendez said he wouldn’t vote to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organization claiming, “We should save that for truly terrorist organizations in the world.” 



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