October 01 2023

President Donald Trump spoke to an audience of 2,500 in Ottumwa, Iowa on Sunday.


A Des Moines Register reporter said the room where President Trump spoke in was "at capacity."


President Trump is currently dominating Iowa Caucus polling. The RealClearPolitics polling average has President Trump with a 33.2 percent lead. 


During President Trump's speech on Sunday, he said, "Crooked Joe Biden has three major problems, and all of them begin with I – inflation, immigration, and incompetence!"


President Trump has a record of supporting Iowa's farmers. Iowa State Rep. Bobby Kaufmann said earlier this year that "there is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump has been the single best president in United States history for Iowa agriculture and farmers in general."


President Trump remarked Sunday that "within hours of my inauguration, I will cancel every Biden policy that is brutalizing our farmers!"


President Trump will be back in Iowa on Saturday speaking at two separate events

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