January 18 2024

President Donald Trump returned to New Hampshire Wednesday to rally supporters in Portsmouth.


Highlights from President Trump's speech:


President Trump: "It's time for the Republican Party to come together and to unify... and focus all of our resources and energy and effort on defeating Crooked Joe Biden -- the worst president in the history of our country."


President Trump: "So if you want to save America, then this Tuesday, January 23rd, you must go out and vote for Trump."


President Trump: "We had record low poverty rates... record high incomes... and we increased the typical American family's take home pay by over $6,000... Everybody was better off under Trump."


President Trump: “The people behind Nikki Haley are pro-Amnesty, they're pro-China, they're pro-open borders, pro-war, and they're pro-Biden.”


President Trump: "Nikki Haley will never secure the border. She doesn't believe in a secure border. She actually opposed my border wall...In 2016, she stabbed the Republican Party in the back by siding with Barack Hussein Obama against the Trump travel ban."


President Trump: "In Iowa, nearly 50% of Haley voters said they plan to vote for Biden in November. That means that she's like a Democrat."


President Trump: "Nikki Haley wants to gut Medicare and Social Security. She says the retirement age of 65 is way too low."


President Trump: "We will cut New Hampshire energy prices in half and we will do it very, very quickly."


President Trump: "Tonight, I'm also making another promise to protect Americans from government tyranny. As your president, I will never allow the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency."

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