February 09 2024

President Donald Trump will speak this afternoon at the National Rifle Association Great Outdoor Show.


President Trump protected your Second Amendment Rights as president:


  • President Trump nominated and confirmed over 230 federal judges—including nearly one-third of the appellate courts and three Supreme Court justices—who respected and upheld Americans’ Second Amendment rights.
  • President Trump signed a law restoring hunting and fishing rights for sportsmen and women on public lands. 
  • President Trump declared shooting ranges, firearms manufacturers, and gun stores as “essential” during the China Virus pandemic, preventing Democrat-led states from forcefully closing them.


President Trump will continue to protect the rights of gun owners in his second term:

  • PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I promise you this: With me at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, no one will lay a finger on your firearms."
  • PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I will ask Congress to send a bill to my desk delivering national concealed carry reciprocity."
  • PRESIDENT TRUMP: "I will also create a new tax credit to reimburse any teacher for the full cost of a concealed-carry firearm and training from highly-qualified experts."
  • PRESIDENT TRUMP: "We will pass legislation protecting the absolute right to self defense, with federal penalties for prosecutorial abuse like we saw just recently in Texas...A man was trying to defend himself and they want to put him in jail for the rest of his life."
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