February 26 2023

As President Trump told us in 2019, “Ultimately, I’m always right.”


He has a point. 


The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that the “U.S. Energy Department has concluded that the Covid pandemic most likely arose from a laboratory leak.”


Three years ago, President Trump was telling the public that the China Virus originated from the virology institute in Wuhan. At the time, the press claimed this was “baseless” and a “conspiracy theory.”


Well, the virus did originate from Wuhan and Trump was right to ban travel from China. 


It’s important to keep President Trump’s track record of correct predictions in mind as he warns the country that Joe Biden is leading us into World War 3 in Ukraine.  The Biden administration is not only wasting American tax dollars, but is also putting us all in danger.


Taylor Budowich

Head of MAGA Inc.



Joe Biden blames his own propagandists in the media for the sorry state of America’s economy: 


  • Joe Biden told ABC’s David Muir in an interview that it was the media’s fault that Americans have such a bleak outlook on the economy—not his own policies. 
    • MUIR: “Our latest ABC News poll shows four-in-ten Americans say they are worse off than when you were elected, only 16% say they were better off, so why is that? Why aren’t Americans feeling this?” 
    • BIDEN: “Well look, I think it’s, it goes well beyond the economy. Think about it, you make the news, I mean, you interview for the news, can you think of anything I turn on the television and ‘God, that makes me feel good.’ Almost anything. Everything is in the negative…So, I think things feel a little out of whack and I don’t blame people for feeling down.” 
    • The ABC News poll that Muir referenced also noted that the number of people who say they are worse off is at its highest level since the organization began asking that question nearly four decades ago.  
  • While Biden blames his own media lapdogs for not doing enough to lie to the American people about the economy, the reality is that Americans are earning less and racking up more debt. 
    • Americans in their thirties are accumulating debt at historic rates, holding 27% more debt than in 2019—the fastest rate over three years since the 2008 recession. 
    • Since Biden began his inflationary spending spree, real year-over-year wages have fallen for 22 straight months
    • The average American family has lost $7,600 of their hard-earned income to the hidden costs of Biden’s agenda.  


Polls continue to show President Trump is the Republican frontrunner:


  • A Fox News poll released Sunday shows President Trump with a double-digit lead in the Republican primary.
    • FNC: "Trump tops the list with 43%, followed by Ron DeSantis at 28%, Nikki Haley and Mike Pence at 7% each, and Greg Abbott and Liz Cheney at 2% each."
  • Morning Consult’s weekly tracking poll also has Trump with a double-digit lead. 
    • Trump: 50%, DeSantis: 30%, Pence: 6%, Haley: 6%, Cheney: 3%,      Abbott: 1%, Noem: 1%,  Pompeo: 1%, Scott: 1%, Youngkin: 0% 


A year after Russia’s invasion, the Ukraine War continues with no end in sight. Only President Trump is calling for peace:


  • The flow of money and weapons to Ukraine continues unabated. The Biden administration recently announced a $2 billion commitment to send additional weapons to Ukraine.
  • Statista recently found that “the payments to Ukraine have already exceeded the annual military expenditure of the U.S. in the war in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2010.”
  • The Biden administration appears to have no plan to wind down the death and destruction in Ukraine. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told CNN that he can’t promise that the war will be wrapped up within a year.
  • President Trump knows that continued escalation with a nuclear power is a dangerous game. He told Glenn Beck in an interview this week, “We’re going to end up in World War 3.” President Trump told Glenn Beck that it’s necessary to get Ukraine and Russia in a negotiation room and figure out a peace deal as soon as possible.
  • President Trump also weighed in on China’s alleged plans to arm Russia. “The ultimate sin is taking place…never let China and Russia unify and we have let them unify…that’s the most dangerous thing that can happen to our country.”
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