September 29 2023

President Donald Trump gave a rousing speech Friday to a packed ballroom at the California Republican Party's fall convention.


President Trump declared: "I make this promise to you the great people of California, we are going to save your state. The great silent majority is rising like never before, and under our leadership the forgotten men and women will be forgotten no longer."


An August poll from the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies found that President Donald Trump is the first choice of 55 percent of California Republican primary voters.


President Trump addressed the crime wave in California during his speech and said that he will "direct a completely overhauled DOJ to investigate every radical DA and AG in America."


President Trump remarked, "While California was once a symbol of success, today under the radical Left fascists that run your state, it is becoming a symbol of our nation’s decline.”


President Trump: "The far left communists in Sacramento, San Francisco, and LA...have given you sanctuary cities, wide open borders, mass homeless encampments, out-of-control taxes, soaring income inequality, Marxist district attorneys, woke tech tyrants, rolling blackouts, child sexual mutilation, and roving bands of looters, criminals, and thugs, but other than that I think they're doing quite a good job."

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