January 22 2024

President Donald Trump returned to New Hampshire Sunday to rally supporters in Rochester.


President Trump addressed Gov. Ron DeSantis' endorsement and said that he looks "forward to working with Ron and everybody else to defeat Crooked Joe Biden."


Highlights from President Trump's speech:


President Trump: "Since 2016, you and I have been in this battle side-by-side... The Washington Swamp has done everything in its power to take away your voice—but this Tuesday, I believe the people of New Hampshire are going to speak loud and clear."


President Trump: “The people behind Nikki are pro-Amnesty, pro-China, pro-Open Borders, pro-war, pro-Deep State and they're pro-Biden.”


President Trump: "Nikki Haley, globalist, will never secure the border or stop the fentanyl that is killing thousands of New Hampshire citizens."


President Trump: "We're also dominating Crooked Joe Biden in the general election. We're up eight points over Biden in a brand new Rasmussen poll... and Haley is down."


President Trump: "The Radical Left Democrats are supporting Nikki for a very simple reason—because they know she's easy to beat... She's unelectable."


President Trump: "I will instruct the heads of ICE and Border Patrol to begin the largest deportation program in American history."


President Trump: "If you want a losing candidate who puts America last, vote for Nikki Haley."


President Trump: "On day one, I will terminate every open border policy of Crooked Joe Biden and the Biden administration."


President Trump: "From the very first day that we take back the White House from Crooked Joe Biden... I believe we're going to have the four greatest years in the history of our country. The next Trump economic boom will begin on November 5th, 2024."


President Trump: "Two days from now, we're going to win New Hampshire and then we're going to defeat Crooked Joe Biden...Your vote in this primary is your personal chance to score the ultimate victory over the liars, cheaters, and frauds trying to destroy America."


President Trump: "As soon as I get back in the White House, I will quickly end Joe Biden's inflation catastrophe. We will terminate the Green New Scam."


President Trump: "As soon as I lift my hand from the Bible as your 47th president, I will seal the border, shut down the invasion of millions and millions of people coming into our country, and we will start an energy revolution."


President Trump: “So if you want to save America, then this Tuesday, January 23rd… you must vote for Trump.”


President Trump: "On Tuesday, you can declare that the Republican Party is never going back to the days of a weak establishment candidate."

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