October 29 2023

President Donald J. Trump on Sunday rallied a packed house of supporters at the historic Orpheum Theater in Sioux City, Iowa. Before taking the stage, President Trump was endorsed by Dr. Ben Carsonand over 100 Iowa faith leaders from across the Hawkeye State.


Here are some highlights:


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Under Crooked Joe our borders have been demolished, drugs and criminals are pouring in, our economy is a mess, our schools are in shambles, our justice system is corrupt, our Constitution is being ripped to shreds, Israel is under attack, and now we have terrorist sympathizers chanting their jihad slogans on our streets.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “For four straight years under the Trump Administration, I kept America safe, I kept Israel safe, and I kept the world safe.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I’m the only president in 72 years that didn’t start a war.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “With your vote, we will defend our country, we will defend our Judeo-Christian values, and we will defend western civilization.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I will end Joe Biden's inflation disaster immediately, and we will quickly rebuild the greatest economy in the history of the world.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I will also sign a new executive order to cut federal funding for any school pushing Critical Race Theory, transgender insanity, and other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content on our children.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I will continue to protect innocent life. We will restore free speech, and I will secure our borders.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “They indicted me because I protested a crooked election.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Every time they indict me, I consider it a great badge of honor, because I’m being indicted for you.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Somebody told me that I was very conservative; I said, ‘Well, basically, I have common sense.’”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “It's no wonder that Crooked Joe Biden and the far-left lunatics are desperate to stop us...because they can't win it on policy, and they can't win it on results.”

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