February 22 2024

Joe Biden has spent his presidency undermining immigration enforcement and opening our border to criminals and terrorists.


  • Starting on Day One, Joe Biden actively worked to open up America's borders. Illegal immigrants understand that Joe Biden is to thank for America becoming a haven for illegal immigration. One illegal immigrant said shortly after crossing, "I love you Joe Biden, thank you for everything, Joe Biden."


    • Biden's administration instituteda policy to stop deporting illegal immigrants if they are simply in the country illegally.
    • Biden signed an executive order on his first day in office to halt the construction of the border wall.
    • On its first day, the Biden administration announced a policy to halt deportations for 100 days.
    • Biden reinstated catch-and-release, with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitting to releasing "well more than a million" illegal immigrants a year.
    • Biden ordered ICE to stop worksite immigration enforcement.


  • Joe Biden is refusing to deport criminal illegal immigrants. The Center for Immigration Studies found that "the Biden administration’s immigration policies have resulted in a 67 percent decline in removals of criminal aliens.” These are illegal immigrants with criminal convictions or pending charges.


    • An illegal immigrant was recently arrested for killing a 35-year-old father of three in a drunk driving incident in Wisconsin. The illegal immigrant, Jorge Sanchez-Tzanhua, should have been deported in 2023 when he was first convicted of DUI.
      • During a 2020 interview, Joe Biden said that ICE should "only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that’s committed, and I don’t consider drunk driving as a felony.”
      • Jon Feere at the Center for Immigration Studies found: "Under Biden, there's a 71% decrease in ICE arrests of illegal aliens with DUI records. During Trump's first three years there were 235,800 DUI records on the aliens ICE arrested; during Biden's first three years, only 69,282 records."


  • Biden's lax internal immigration enforcement has led to over 10 million illegal immigrants crossing during Biden’s tenure.
    • Biden set a record for most illegal immigrant crossings in a year. There were 3.2 million illegal immigrants encountered in Fiscal Year 2023. A record. The previous record was set the year prior in FY 2022
    • In 2019, Obama’s former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said that if 4,000 people cross the southern border in a day, that’s a “crisis.” There have routinely beendays under Joe Biden where over 10,000 illegals crossed the border in a day.
    • Criminals are taking advantage of Biden's open border.Since October 1, "thousands of illegal immigrants with criminal convictions" have been caught at the border, including ones with "rap sheets for violent crimes such as murder, rape, child molestation, as well as drugs and weapons trafficking."


  • Record numbers of terrorists are flocking to America’s borders.
    • Fox News: “FY 23 saw a record 169 terror watchlist encounters by Border Patrol between the ports of entry at the southern border, a number that exceeded not only fiscal year 2022’s record-setting total (98) but the last six fiscal years combined.”
    • A former senior FBI official said on Fox News: “[F]rom my perspective at the Terrorist Screening Center, the last three years, you’ve had 336 known or suspected terrorists arrested between entry points in the southern border. If you take the past four years, fiscal year ’17, ’18, ’19, and ’20, you had 14. So, that caused us, from my perspective, sleepless nights.”


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