March 06 2023

President Trump wrote an op-ed published by The Daily Mail on the need to hold China accountable for COVID-19.


President Trump on the virus' orgins: "When I first suggested in early 2020 that the virus may have come from a lab, it was called 'racist,' a 'conspiracy theory,' and a claim for which 'there is no evidence'."


The entire globalist establishment—from the World Health Organization, to the media, to Anthony Fauci and the public health authorities, to the corrupt Silicon Valley tech giants, to Joe Biden—worked relentlessly to silence, censor, and shut down any suggestion that the so-called 'lab leak theory' could be true."


President Trump on the WHO: "There must now be a reckoning. The sinister censorship regimes in the United States and throughout the West must be dismantled and destroyed. This scandal is the best possible reminder of why we must have free speech.


The World Health Organization must also be held to account. The WHO, which effectively did China's bidding, fully endorsed the 'natural origin' theory, failed to conduct a thorough inquiry into the possibility that the virus came from a lab, and covered up for China at every turn."


President Trump on the need to hold China accountable: "Their lies and deception killed any opportunity to stop this deadly global catastrophe at the start.


Add to that the probability that the virus emerged from a Chinese government lab, and may even have been engineered by Chinese government scientists, and it is clear that the nations of the world are not just owed a massive apology; they are owed massive damages.


To collect this compensation, nothing should be off the table—tariffs, taxes, and a global summit on reparations."

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