October 23 2023

Monica Crowley in Newsweek: "Biden's catastrophic performance is a major reason why a competitive Republican primary hasn't materialized. Trump remains so dominant—his lead in the RealClearPolitics polling average has not dipped below 20 percent since April— that The Washington Post recently dubbed it the 'make-believe primary.'


No candidate has been able to successfully break through, despite two Trump-less debates. Voters aren't looking for worthless chatter or a rehash of tired, counterproductive policies. They want America First policies that improve their lives, keep them safe, and protect America's superpower status.


Only one candidate has a stellar record of delivering all of that as president. With tax cuts, regulatory relief, energy independence and fairer trade deals, Trump delivered a thriving economy with record-low unemployment, significant wage gains, little to no inflation, and a manufacturing boom. He essentially solved illegal immigration, enforced the border, delivered law and order, smashed ISIS, took on China, and ushered in a workable peace in the Middle East."

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