November 02 2023

President Donald Trump told a massive crowd in Houston on Thursday that he will end Joe Biden's war on energy. 


Under President Trump, America became a net energy exporter for the first time in nearly 70 years—we were energy independent and no longer forced to rely on our global adversaries for our energy needs


The latest Texas Republican primary poll found that 58 percent of likely Republican voters in Texas plan to vote for President Trump.


Highlights from President Trump's speech: 


President Trump: "With your vote, we will fire Crooked Joe Biden, and we will reclaim America’s destiny as the greatest energy superpower on the face of the earth!"


President Trump: "On Day One of our new administration, we will end Biden's nation-wrecking war on American energy."


President Trump: "Biden surrendered our energy independence to foreign producers just like he surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban.”


President Trump: "Biden's policies are good for China, but they're not good for America."


President Trump: "There has never been a more incompetent, more corrupt, or worse president in the history of the United States than Crooked Joe Biden."


President Trump: "Energy security is national security...If you don't have energy, and if you don't have borders, and if you don't have fair elections, you don't have a country ... We're close to having no country."


President Trump: "Crooked Joe's Green New Energy calamity is one of the biggest factors causing, as you know, the inflation disaster, which is about the worse we've ever had. The typical American family is paying more than $2,250 in increased energy costs since Biden took office."

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