November 21 2022

Americans Face Record Travel Costs This Thanksgiving Thanks to Biden

Data compiled by the travel booking firm Hopper reveals that the average roundtrip domestic flight this Thanksgiving costs a staggering 43 percent more than last year. These fares are 22 percent more than pre-pandemic levels.

It’s not just flights that are unaffordable. Hotel rooms are 13 percent more than last year, and rental cars are 46 percent more expensive than pre-pandemic levels. 

To top it all, gas prices are higher than they’ve ever been around Thanksgiving. GasBuddy projects that the average price of gasoline across the country on Thanksgiving will be $3.68 per gallon—30 cents more per gallon than last year. This beats the previous record of $3.44 in 2012.

This Thanksgiving is one of the most unaffordable in American history thanks to Joe Biden’s wasteful, inflationary spending of trillions of dollars and his war on domestic energy production.

“Get ready for the most expensive holiday travel season ever,” CNN warned readers on Sunday.

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