March 14 2023

Ron DeSantis' latest statement on Ukraine is a failed attempt at a flip-flop. The Florida governor has a long track record of being a hawk on the issue. His wordy statement to Tucker Carlson does not change that. 


As Erick Erickson wrote today, "the reality is DeSantis and Biden have the same position on Ukraine right now."


Journalist Michael Tracey took apart DeSantis' statement in a smart analysis Monday night: "The statement from DeSantis is politically clever -- it's worded in such a way that gives the impression he's vaguely opposed to current US policy in Ukraine.


But the actual policy positions articulated (against sending F-16s, US troops) are substantively no different than Biden's stated position at the moment Should the US continue provisioning arms in perpetuity to Ukraine?


Should the US compel the initiation of negotiations? DeSantis says nothing that would answer either of those core questions Conversely, Trump -- in calling for the US to immediately initiate negotiations -- *does* substantively break from current US policy, which purports to defer to Ukraine on all major strategic objectives, and rejects the idea of initiating negotiations with Russia."


As President Trump told thousands in Iowa Monday night, he is the only candidate that can prevent World War 3. President Trump has been warning about the threat of nuclear war for months now and is the only Republican that wants an immediate peace deal between Ukraine and Russia. 

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