December 07 2022

Biden is Abolishing ICE 


The Biden administration is taking policy advice from an Abolish ICE activist as Democrats continue dismantling our immigration enforcement system, The Daily Caller reports.

Our Take: 

  • Border crossings surged to record highs under Biden because illegal immigrants know there are no consequences for breaking the law.
  • Biden is effectively abolishing ICE by deporting and detaining fewer illegal immigrants.
  • President Trump proudly enforced the law. ICE arrests and detention grew during the Trump administration. Enforcing immigration laws mean less violent crime and fewer drug overdoses.
  • Congress should not reward illegal immigrants with amnesty.

The Background:

Biden repeatedly teams up with Abolish ICE activists.

The Daily Caller reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) held a private event recently with a "panelist that pushed to abolish the agency, along with others against immigration detention that strongly criticized immigration enforcement during the meeting."

That panelist, law professor Peter Markowitz, once created his own “blueprint” to “allow us to abolish ICE.”

This is not the first time the Biden administration worked with radicals.

Fox News recently reported that a "nonprofit that called for the defunding and abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is overseeing a Department of Homeland Security pilot program to aid illegal immigrants facing deportation."

The administration even takes orders from Abolish ICE activists.

Fox News: "ICE emails show how agency chief halted deportation after 'Abolish ICE' activist's request"

Joe Biden continually criticizes immigration enforcement. He previously called for an end of deportation of illegal immigrants arrested for DUI. 

Biden worked to fulfill this promise by releasing guidelines shortly after entering the White House. They stopped the deportation of "illegal immigrants convicted of simple assault, driving under the influence, and 'less serious' drug crimes." 

Deportations plummeted nearly 70 percent during Biden's first year in office to the lowest level in history.

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