December 09 2022

Biden Is Deporting Fewer Criminal Aliens

Newly released data shows deportations plummeting under Joe Biden. Biden is deporting 71 percent fewer criminal aliens than President Trump, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

Our Take:
-President Trump kept Americans safe by deporting criminal illegal immigrants. 
-Biden is opposed to immigration enforcement. He campaigned on allowing illegal immigrant drunk drivers to stay in the country.
-Biden's open borders policies are putting Americans at risk. Every crime committed by an illegal immigrant is an avoidable crime.

The Background:
The Center for Immigration Studies found: "In the time period covering the first nine months of the Biden administration, ICE removed 16,351 locally arrested criminal aliens, down from 55,870 such removals that occurred during the same period in 2019, under Trump administration policies — a drop of 71 percent."

CIS looked at counties across the country. "In one representative county, Howard County, Texas, under Biden policies just half the number of criminals convicted of homicides were removed than before, and there also were steep drops in removals of criminals convicted of assault, burglary, drugs, larceny, and sex offenses."

Under Biden, deportations in general are plummeting. "According to ICE records, the number of removals nationwide declined from 186,000 in FY 2020 to 59,000 in FY 2021."

President Trump prioritized enforcing the law. In the first few months of his administration, ICE arrests increased 37.6 percent.

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