November 18 2022

Biden Is Making It More Difficult For Americans To Afford Thanksgiving

The latest figures from the American Farm Bureau Federation show that the average cost of this year’s typical Thanksgiving dinner is up an unaffordable 36.5 percent from President Trump’s final year in office.

President Trump said during his Tuesday night announcement that he will “immediately tackle inflation and bring it down to a level that it was.” President Trump added “and good luck getting a turkey for Thanksgiving.”

He is right. The price of a whole Turkey increased nearly 50 percent since President Trump left office. 

The average cost of a 16-pound turkey is $28.96 this year. In 2020, a 16-pound bird only cost $19.39—nearly $10 cheaper than now. That’s a 49 percent rise in price. 

The price of all sorts of Thanksgiving items steadily increased under Biden’s failed leadership. 

The price of a pound of frozen peas is up 23 percent from last year, a dozen dinner rolls is up 22 percent, a bag of stuffing mix is up 69 percent—everything costs more thanks to Joe Biden.

An average dinner for 10 people is estimated to cost $64.05 this year. Last year, it was $53.31. In 2020, it was $46.90.

This is the “most expensive dinner in the 37 years of the bureau's holiday survey,” according to Axios.

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