December 13 2022

Biden's Inflation Keeps Hurting Americans

Inflation is outpacing wage growth, data released Tuesday shows. From November 2021 to November 2022, real average hourly earnings decreased 1.9 percent. During that same time frame, the consumer price index increased 7.1 percent

Our Take:

  • Americans continue to suffer as life becomes more expensive without any relief in sight. 
  • Out of touch liberals called Tuesday's report "good." It's never good when inflation outpaces wage growth.
  • President Trump presided over a booming economy where all Americans benefited and he will do it again.

The Background:

Here are some of the price increases from Tuesday's inflation report

From Nov 2021 -- Nov 2022:

  • Food +10.6 percent
  • Dairy +16.4 percent
  • Gasoline +10.1 percent
  • Rent +7.9 percent
  • Airline fares +36 percent 
  • New vehicles +7.2 percent
  • Electricity +13.7 percent
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