October 29 2023

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President Donald Trump started no new wars as president, a historic period of peace that was only achieved through unquestioned strength. Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani learned the hard way what happens when you target American troops during a Trump presidency--you die.


President Trump understands that weakness breeds chaos and strength delivers peace.


The Biden administration does not understand this and that is clear from National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s recent article in Foreign Affairs. 


It’s impossible to imagine an essay that has aged more poorly. In it, Sullivan claims that due to Biden administration policies the Middle East "region is quieter than it has been for decades."


Sullivan wrote that this "progress" was not "an accident," and that the Biden administration has "de-escalated crises in Gaza.” The White House’s national security adviser wrote that through Biden's actions U.S. troops were no longer "under regular attack in Iraq and Syria."


Since writing this article, the Middle East region is hotter than it has been in years, Hamas used Gaza as a launching pad to attack Israel, and U.S. troops are under constant attack in Iraq and Syria.


As President Trump told attendees at the Republican Jewish Coalition's annual leadership summit in Las Vegas, "For four straight years I kept America safe, I kept Israel safe, and I kept the world safe. Today the world is blowing up all around, no matter where you look. If I were President, the attack on Israel would never, ever have happened."


President Trump went on to make this promise to America's enemies, "If you spill a drop of American blood, we will spill a gallon of yours."


America and the world needs Trump back in the White House.


Taylor Budowich,

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc. 


Joe Biden's 2024 campaign is in trouble:

  • The latest Zogby poll shows President Trump beating Joe Biden in Georgia in both a head-to-head matchup and a crowded field.
    • Trump 51% (+2) Biden 49%
    • Trump 45% (+9) Biden 36% RFK Jr. 15% West 5% 
  • The Daily Caller reported that President Trump is leading Joe Biden in "key battleground states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin."
  • A new Axios report says that White House officials "privately concede things have never been worse politically since the 80-year-old took office."
    • Axios: " But private polls show the same hurdle as public ones — brutally and stubbornly low popularity broadly, and on topics animating voters"


President Donald Trump stands with Israel and against the terrorist Iranian regime:

  • President Donald Trump told attendees of the Republican Jewish Coalition, "Instead of cuddling up to the killers in Iran as Biden has done, I will once again sanction them until their ability to fund terror is absolutely gone. And I will unleash the most powerful economic weapon there is on Earth—drill baby drill!"
  • Politico reported that "of all the Republican presidential contenders who spoke at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual conference Saturday, Trump received the most sustained applause."



More evidence emerges of the DOJ meddling in Biden probes:


  • The Washington Times: "The U.S. attorney assigned to look into the Biden family’s deals in Ukraine, including allegations of pocketing a $10 million bribe, told House lawmakers that the Justice Department and FBI significantly hobbled his investigation."
    • "Scott Brady, who was the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, described to lawmakers in a closed-door interview on Monday that the top brass at the FBI showed intense interest in his investigation of the Bidens’ ties to a Ukrainian energy company. The bureau, he said, tried to slow down or halt his investigation at every turn.'
    • "According to a transcript reviewed by The Washington Times, Mr. Brady said the FBI special agents he assigned to work on the investigation were frequently stalled or blocked from pursuing the case by top officials at FBI headquarters."
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