October 29 2023

President Donald J. Trump delivered an electric speech on Saturday to a standing-room-only crowd of supporters at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country in Las Vegas, Nevada. The exuberant crowd--there to commit to support President Trump in the February 8, 2024 Nevada caucus--erupted into chants of "We Love Trump" after a superb impression of Joe Biden.


Here are some highlights from the Commit to Caucus event:



PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Together, we are going to win Nevada in a historic landslide.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “One of the first things we'll do when we get into the White House is to stop the invasion that's taking place on our southern border.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “On Day One, we are going to terminate every single open border policy of the Biden administration.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We'll terminate the visas of all Hamas sympathizers, we'll get them off our college campuses, out of our cities, and the hell out of our country.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I could have a nice easy life…I’d rather be with you, to be honest.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’re going to end the weaponization of our government against Christians…They don’t go after people that want to destroy our country, they don’t go after people that cheat on elections, but they go after parents on school boards who want their children taken care of properly.”


PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Under a Trump Administration, gasoline-powered engines will be allowed, but child sexual mutilation will not be allowed. And I will ban Critical Race Theory and Far Left gender ideology from our schools and our military.”

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