January 24 2024

“Nikki Haley said she’s running to stop the re-election of Harris-Biden. Yet, without a viable path to victory, every day she stays in this race is another day she delivers to the Harris-Biden campaign. It’s time for unity, it’s time to take the fight to the Democrats, and for Nikki Haley: it’s time to drop out.” -- Taylor Budowich, CEO of Make America Great Again Inc.




President Donald Trump is the first non-incumbent Republican presidential candidate to win both the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary back-to-back.


Nikki Haley's loss comes after her top surrogate New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu predicted a "landslide" victory for Haley.


Haley is not on the ballot in the Nevada Caucus and polling shows that she will be absolutely clobbered in the South Carolina Republican primary.


Nikki Haley does not have a path to victory. Instead, if Haley stays in the race she will playing an active role in advancing the re-election of Harris-Biden. 

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