January 14 2024

President Donald Trump held a tele-rally Saturday night in Des Moines with Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird. 


President Trump told Iowa voters that they "have to get out because we have to send a message, most importantly for November, because we have to beat this guy."


President Trump added, "You just have to get out."


President Trump addressed Nikki Haley and called her a "globalist," and said, "[Nikki Haley] is getting killed by Biden."


A recent Rasmussen poll shows President Trump would beat Joe Biden, while Biden would defeat Haley.


President Trump said at the tele-rally, "I put America first. I always did, and I always will," and noted, "It's a very sad thing happening to our country. We are being invaded."


At one point during the event, Attorney General Bird asked the audience, "Who here was better off financially with President Trump?"


Bird said, "I think that's everybody... Americans, Iowans were all better off with Trump."

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