November 27 2023

Moms for America Action statementWe are in the midst of a cultural crisis, and the American family has never been at greater risk. Our God-given rights are under attack – and our own children are being taught to disdain the values that have always made America the freest, most prosperous nation on earth.


My name is Kimberly Fletcher. I am the Founder and President of Moms for America and Moms for America Action. I’m also a mom who wants my children and grandchildren to enjoy the freedom and opportunities that only America can provide. And like millions of other moms, I’m deeply concerned for our children, our families, and the future of our country.


What we need most right now are leaders who will protect the Constitution, defend the family, and stand for truth and commonsense even when it isn’t popular to do so. We need leaders who are not afraid to fight for what’s right, who will defend the Constitution and put America first. That is why Moms for America Action is endorsing Donald Trump for president.


Donald Trump has already proven himself the leader we need in these turbulent times. As president, Donald Trump was a steadfast champion for moms. He took action to keep our children safe in schools by rescinding Barack Obama’s co-ed bathroom policy – in his first week in office. He reduced taxes and cut regulations to ease the burden on hard-working American families.


He instituted policies that allowed America to achieve true energy independence for the first time in half a century, slashing the prices of gas and electricity to the benefit of moms and their families. Donald Trump was also the first sitting president ever to attend the March For Life, where he honored mothers as heroes and acknowledged the indispensable role we play in raising America’s children to become the next generation of patriots to lead this country.


That is why Moms for America Action enthusiastically endorses Donald Trump for President of the United States. He is a proven leader who has already demonstrated that he will stand up for freedom and fight for American values, even when he is viciously attacked for doing so.


As mothers, there is nothing more important to us than a free America where our children can thrive and are free to pursue their American dream.  Moms need a champion like Donald Trump back in the White House, defending our families, protecting our freedoms, and renewing hope for our children.

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