January 19 2024

New polling from Fabrizio, Lee, and Associates shows that Nikki Haley is being absolutely crushed in her homestate of South Carolina.


Fabrizio, Lee, and Associates: "President Donald Trump crushing Nikki Haley in her home state. In the 3-way ballot, President Trump leads her 64% - 25% with Ron DeSantis a very distant third at 8%. What’s worse for Haley is her lack of committed vote. Nearly all of Trump’s voters – an outright majority of 58% - are 'definitely' voting for him, compared to just 18% for Haley.


The head-to-head contest is no better for Haley. One on one, President Trump swamps her 68% to 28% with just 4% undecided. Again, Haley’s weakness is evident in that only 22% are definitely voting for her compared to a whopping 60% definitely voting for President Trump."


“Nikki Haley thought South Carolina was going to be her firewall, but instead it will be her downfall." -- Taylor Budowich, CEO of Make America Great Again Inc. 



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