January 16 2024

President Trump will more than double the current record for the largest margin of victory in Iowa Republican Caucus history.


President Trump's historic victory makes it clear that Iowans want a return to secure borders, a prosperous economy, and world peace.


Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis, on the other hand, failed despite spending tens of millions of dollars in Iowa.


Nikki Haley's biggest booster Chris Sununu predicted a "strong second" for Haley. Finishing in third place is certainly not a "strong second." Haley's operation spent more than any other candidate in Iowa. That wasn't enough to convince Republicans to back a candidate that says illegal immigrants aren't "criminal."


Meanwhile, DeSantis backer Bob Vander Plaats put it best when he told Fox News, "If President Trump wins Iowa here, I think it's going to be awfully hard to make the case that you can beat President Trump and he's going to be your eventual nominee."


Ron DeSantis repeatedly promised that he would win the Iowa Caucus. The DeSantis campaign and Super PACs spent over $33 million on ads in Iowa.


DeSantis on July 26: "We're going to win in Iowa."


DeSantis on October 8: "We're going to win Iowa."


DeSantis on December 3: "We're going to win Iowa."


DeSantis on December 18: "We're going to win here in Iowa."

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