September 27 2023

House Ways and Means Committee: New documents released by the Ways and Means Committee today reveal Joe Biden’s connections to his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Newly revealed materials confirm that Hunter Biden was traveling the world to sell influence and access to the Biden “brand,” meaning his father, Joe Biden. Hunter has even referred to access to his father as “the keys” to “my family’s only asset.”


The scheme generated millions of dollars from foreign countries for members of the Biden family, channeled through a vast array of corporate entities and shell companies. The evidence also documents a campaign by the Justice Department to protect the Biden family from investigation, even as Hunter Biden attempted to evade paying taxes on income that came from foreign countries, including China, Ukraine, and others. That Biden protection effort was strongest whenever investigative steps might have led to or implicated actions taken by Joe Biden. During the investigation into his son, officials instructed investigators seeking a search warrant to erase any mention of a “Political Figure 1,” who documents reveal to be Joe Biden.


Documents show Hunter Biden and his business associates had access to the White House and Joe Biden’s advisors; Biden business associates were instructed to not “mention Joe being involved;” and official trips to Ukraine line up U.S. government actions and Hunter Biden’s financial bottom line. And, after the IRS began investigating these crimes, Hunter apparently “expected all of this ‘stuff’ to go away when his dad becomes President.”

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