February 09 2023

ICYMI: Trump Outlines Energy Policy

President Trump rolled out an energy policy platform in a video Thursday. 

"Joe Biden's war on American energy is one of the key drivers of the worst inflation in 58 years, and it's hitting every single American family very, very hard," President Trump said. "In effect, Biden's anti-American energy crusade is a massive tax hike on everything. Higher energy costs, raise the price of food, raw material, shipping, transportation, construction, manufacturing, and everything else."

Polling shows a whopping 90 percent of Americans want more domestic energy production. 

President Trump's energy platform includes:

  • Eliminate every unnecessary federal regulation that hampers domestic energy production.
  • Remove the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Rapidly issue approvals for energy infrastructure projects

"So, get those proposals ready now, because we are going to put thousands of Americans to work building the power plants, pipelines, grids, ports, refineries, and shipping terminals of tomorrow," Trump said. "We are going to have very inexpensive energy again, like we did just two and a half years ago. This great undertaking will also help restore hope and aspiration to America's young people, instead of being irrationally terrified by political predictions of climate apocalypse."

President Trump unleashed American energy once and he will do it again. Under President Trump's leadership, the United States became a net energy exporter and the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world.

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