December 19 2022

Legal Experts Slam January 6 Committee

The sham January 6 Committee was uniformly attacked Monday for sending bogus criminal referrals to the Justice Department.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy said on Fox News that President Donald Trump "took pains in the speech to say that he wanted them to march peacefully. The fact that the committee doesn't broadcast that he said that doesn't make that go away...again this is a theatrical exercise more than a real hearing process."

Legendary constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz said on Newsmax that the American public should "ignore" the referrals since it is a "worthless piece of paper." Dershowitz noted that "Congress has no power to recommend prosecution."

George Washington Law School professor Jonathan Turley noted that the January 6 Committee used deposition video that is "obviously edited." The committee was caught several times misrepresenting evidence, including misportraying texts.

Turley also said on Fox News that the committee destroyed "its own credibility."

"This was highly scripted. They brought in a producer. They had members reading from teleprompters. Witnesses sort of became like props and it made this become more performative than investigative," Turley said.

Attorney and Breitbart editor Joel Pollak responded to the committee on Twitter: "As the January 6 Committee show trial emphasizes its phony claims of 'insurrection' with bogus criminal accusations, the #TwitterFiles are producing real evidence of an effort to interfere with a democratic election -- by the FBI and social media companies, urged on by Democrats."

Republican Congressman Troy Nehls, a former sheriff, called the committee a "partisan witch hunt."

MAGA Inc. compiled a video showing how even the liberal media view the J6 Committee as nothing more than a show trial. Watch HERE.

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