December 18 2022

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, December 18, 2022

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Border communities are preparing for absolute chaos at the border this week, while Biden twiddles his thumbs and ignores the impending crisis. 

The end of Title 42 on Wednesday could mean an estimated 18,000 illegal immigrants will cross the border every single day. This deluge will overwhelm border towns. 

President Donald Trump instituted the use of Title 42 to keep Americans safe, and unfortunately radical liberals have succeeded in ending the program. President Trump was dedicated to securing the border. CNN’s Jake Tapper said on State of the Union that for “whatever reason” the border is worse now under Biden than Trump – that “reason” is Trump is no longer in office, something MAGA Inc. is committed to correcting.

The information below will prepare you to counter the leftist lies about the border this week. 

I hope you have a Merry Christmas with the ones you love.

Taylor Budowich 



Democratic senator hopes Americans just don’t care about the border crisis:

  • Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown said on Meet the Press that he doesn’t hear “a lot about immigration from voters except from people on the far-right.”
    • Polling shows that immigration is a top concern for voters. The most recent Gallup polling shows that 60 percent of Americans "personally worry about illegal immigration."
    • The border affects voters of all political persuasions as the drug crisis does not discriminate. The Washington Post recently reported: “From 2019 to 2021, fatal overdoses surged 94 percent, and an estimated 196 Americans are now dying each day from the drug — the equivalent of a fully loaded Boeing 757-200 crashing and killing everyone on board."
  • President Trump has always prioritized securing the border and protecting Americans. An open border means jobs taken away from Americans, more crime, and more overdoses. 

This week we will see a border surge unlike anything before:

  • Border expert Todd Bensman likens the coming surge to a Category 5 hurricane.
    • Bensman: “Still, this pandemonium of 7,000-9,000 illegal crossers caught every single day, 200,000-plus every single month for two years straight, is just a Category 3 hurricane on the mass migration-scale.  A Category 5 is barreling down on the United States with the scheduled December 21 lifting of 'Title 42,' the one last real impediment to a next-level crisis far beyond, not just the American experience, but that of every nation in the developed world.”
  • Estimates for the number of illegal immigrants crossing daily post-Title 42 range from 14,000 to 18,000 a day. That could mean up to 6.4 million illegal immigrants crossing in a year. This would completely overwhelm our nation’s hospitals, schools, and communities. 
  • Border crossings have surged under Biden’s weak policies. Fox News Sunday highlighted that border crossings in October 2022 were up 411 percent from October 2019. 

At least some Democrats acknowledge this is a crisis, while the White House claims Biden has done the “necessary work”:

  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom has said the system “will break” after Title 42 ends and that there “is no question in my mind we are not prepared.”
  • Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar said that the Biden administration is not “listening” to Border Patrol agents and border communities.
  • The White House, meanwhile, does not live in reality. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted this week that Biden has “done the work” necessary to secure the border. This is a laughable lie. Biden has incentivized illegal immigration by ending deportations based on immigration status.
  • President Trump stands up for border communities and Border Patrol agents. Even Democrat border mayors have acknowledged that Trump secured the border.
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