January 22 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, January 22, 2023

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President Trump continues to dominate the polls while Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents spirals out of control. The FBI searched Biden’s Wilmington home on Friday and found additional classified documents. CBS reports that the Justice Department is considering more searches.

Biden’s presidency is in crisis and America is suffering because of it. 

Reuters polling shows Biden’s approval rating is near the lowest of his term. Americans are tired of Biden’s inept administration that fails to deliver relief from inflation and stop the invasion across our southern border. America's enemies continue to reap the benefits of Biden's pathetic presidency.

President Trump, meanwhile, continues to roll out his bold and prosperous agenda for America's future. This past week, Trump released his plan to limit the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in our country. Additionally, Trump urged Republicans to focus budget cuts on wasteful programs, while protecting Social Security.

Finally, the media is desperate to divide the Republican Party, however, their attempts to sow division will fail. President Trump, who leads every recent poll by significant margins, will be the Republican nominee and he will unite America around his proven record of leadership and putting America first. 

Taylor Budowich 



FBI search uncovers more classified documents at Biden’s home:

  • FBI agents conducted a search of Joe Biden’s Delaware home on Friday and found even more improperly handled classified documents. 
  • The White House has not been transparent about the Biden’s mishandling of classified documents.
    • Biden spokesman Ian Sams was unwilling to tell MSNBC how many classified documents the Justice Department has found.
    • When asked why the administration sat on these discoveries until after the election, Biden responded that “there’s no there, there.” 
  • This is a serious issue for Joe Biden. As the Article III Project’s Mike Davis wrote at Newsweek, “Biden compromised our national security through his carelessness and brazen law-breaking.”
    • Davis noted: “As a matter of clarity, let's contrast Biden's theft of classified documents with Trump's lawful handling of presidential records. As the commander-in-chief under our Constitution, the president of the United States has the absolute power to declassify records as he sees fit. In addition, under the Presidential Records Act, a departing president can take a personal copy of any of his presidential records—classified or not. The vice president is afforded neither of these privileges.”
  • Polling shows a majority of Americans believe Biden was inappropriate in his handling of documents.
  • Hunter Biden—currently under his own federal investigation over his taxes and overseas business dealings—listed the Wilmington address where many of the documents were found has his permanent residence. He potentially had access to this classified information, while being in business with America's adversaries.  

President Trump continues to dominate in polling:

  • Poll after poll continues to show that President Trump is Republicans’ top choice for the 2024 nomination.
    • Harvard-Harris poll -- Donald Trump: 48 percent, Ron DeSantis: 28 percent, Mike Pence: 7 percent,  Nikki Haley: 3 percent
    • YouGov -- Donald Trump: 46 percent, Ron DeSantis: 27 percent, Mike Pence: 6 percent, Nikki Haley: 3 percent
    • Morning Consult – Donald Trump: 48 percent, Ron DeSantis: 31 percent, Mike Pence: 8 percent, Liz Cheney: 3 percent, Nikki Haley: 2 percent
  • President Trump is also besting Biden in head-to-head polling. The Harvard-Harris poll has Trump at 46 percent and Biden trailing at 41 percent.
    • Breitbart’s coverage of the poll noted that “Former President Donald Trump has opened a clear lead over President Joe Biden.”


Terrorists continue to cross Biden’s open border as Trump urges Republicans to target the depletion of our social safety net by illegal immigrants, and not Social Security: 

  • Fox News’ Bill Melugin reported Sunday that there is a surge of terrorists crossing the border. There already have been 38 individuals on the terror watch list caught crossing the border since October. For comparison, in Fiscal Year 2019 – there were 0 terror watch list suspects caught crossing the border.
  • Biden has failed to secure our border and criminals from across the globe are attempting to cross. Biden just set another embarrassing record with nearly 252,000 illegal immigrant encounters on the border in December. Breitbart reported that "this represents the largest single-month report in U.S. history.”
  • President Trump not only understands that border security, like a wall, is necessary to repel criminal immigration, but that we must also remove the “pull” factors that bring criminal immigrants here. In a video last week, Trump urged Republicans not to cut Social Security and instead focus on the “the mass releases of illegal aliens that are depleting our social safety net and destroying our country.”
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