January 29 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, January 29, 2023

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President Trump kicked off the 2024 Republican primary with visits to New Hampshire and South Carolina. Trump spoke at the New Hampshire Republican Party’s annual meeting and unveiled his South Carolina leadership team, before stopping for ice cream and meeting supporters.

Trump’s speeches were well received, with talk radio legend Michael Savage praising President Trump’s South Carolina speech as “electrifying.” Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote that Trump “sounds amazing” and is “fired up.”

What struck me most was a line President Trump delivered in New Hampshire. He said, "I'm more angry now and more committed now than I ever was." It was powerful, it was authentic, and it's the kind of fire that will propel President Trump back to the White House.

Our nation is suffering because of the failures and incompetence of career politicians who are putting their own interests ahead of the interests of America. This is what drove President Trump to run in 2016 and it's the same fire that's fueling his campaign today. 

He has never been stronger, and we are ALL more confident and committed than ever before --- 2024 can't come soon enough! 

Taylor Budowich 



President Trump delivers policy-focused speeches in New Hampshire and South Carolina:

  • Trump attacked Biden’s incompetence that has put us on the “brink of World War 3 in Ukraine.” Trump called for a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.
  • Biden has dismantled the effective immigration policies President Trump put in place and Trump vowed in New Hampshire that “within hours of my inauguration, we will restore every border security measure of the Trump presidency."
    • President Trump recognizes the importance of not only border security, but interior enforcement. He said in South Carolina that we “have to remove a lot of people very, very fast” as murderers and rapists have illegally crossed our border.
  • President Trump is determined to combat the influence of the Chinese Communist Party and told the crowd in Manchester, NH that his administration will “force China to sell any current holdings in the United States that puts our national security at risk."
  • Politico reported that the "loudest applause lines during Trump’s speech in NH" included his plan to eliminate federal funding for schools that push critical race theory or left-wing gender ideology.
    • Trump said in South Carolina that “we’re going to defeat the cult of gender ideology, and reaffirm that God created two genders called men and women.”

President Trump is rolling out a forward-thinking and bold series of policy platforms to restore America once again to greatness: 

  • In his plan to save American education, President Trump announced that he will: 
    • Adopting merit pay and abolishing tenure for K-12 teachers 
    • Enshrining a parental bill of rights that promotes curriculum transparency and school choice  
    • Greatly reducing bloated school administrative positions 
    • Allowing the direct election of school principals by parents 
    • Cut federal funding to any school that promotes radical critical race theory, gender ideology or any form of inappropriate content 
    • Identify and fire “the radical zealots and Marxists in the Department of Education” that are poisoning our school systems 
    • Direct a civil rights investigation with the Department of Education into race-based discrimination in schools 
    • Vigorously pursue any potential freedom of religion violations 
    • Incentivize states and school districts to adopt pro-parent and student reforms with preferential funding for: 
  • Fentanyl, meth, and heroin are pouring across our completely open southern border that is controlled by the Mexican drug cartels. The vicious, inhumane cartels have declared war on the men and women of America, and the death toll is rising to over 100,000 victims a year. President Trump announced that once he is back in the White House, he will wage war against the cartels and end their terrible rein over our southern border. 
  • While cities like Washington, D.C. are passing bills that release hundreds of violent criminals back onto the streets, patriots are being held as political prisoners. D.C.’s new bill slashes penalties for carjackings, robberies and for felons committing gun crimes. It also makes violent criminals eligible for release. President Trump called on Congress to send a resolution to Joe Biden’s desk rejecting this weak-on-crime bill. America needs a president who will stand for law and order. 
  • President Trump announced his plan to destroy the insidious influence of the Chinese Communist Party within the United States by enacting “aggressive new restrictions on Chinese ownership of any vital infrastructure in the United States, including energy, technology, telecommunications, farmland, natural resources, medical supplies, and other strategic national assets.” 
  • President Trump will order the construction of a missile defense shield to protect our nation from nuclear and hypersonic weaponry. He understands that unmatched American strength will promote global peace. 
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