January 08 2023

MAGA Inc. News Roundup for Sunday, January 8, 2023

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After a week of spirited debate, House Republicans are ready to start the 118th Congress. Thanks to President Trump, Republicans united to back Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is finally visiting the border. His visit to the border this week is not about what he will witness, but instead, what he won’t. 

 In the days leading up to his visit, law enforcement and local officials scrambled to clear out migrant camps and beautify the streets—a practice that’s common for third world dictatorial nations, not America. 

In 2009, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s wife, Suzanne, visited the new campus of The American University in Cairo. In the weeks leading up to her visit, streets were swept, the homeless were relocated, palm trees and shrubs were planted, and curbs were painted. Through her eyes, Egypt was beautiful and well kept. Yet, the reality was Egypt was burning, she just wasn’t allowed to see it.

Joe Biden’s visit to America’s southern border is no different. Instead of facing down our nation’s immigration crisis that his policies have created, he is ignoring it.

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Biden’s border policies embolden the cartels, while Trump has a plan to fight them:

  • The Mexican drug cartels are causing havoc in America and in Mexico. The drugs they traffic kill tens of thousands of Americans and fund their bloody war against the Mexican government.
  • Instead of combatting the cartels, Biden has empowered them. The head of the Border Patrol Union called Biden the “cartels’ best friend” and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told Biden in a letter, “your open-border policies have emboldened the cartels, who grow wealthy by trafficking deadly fentanyl and even human beings.”
  • President Trump, on the other hand, has released a bold plan to combat the violent drug cartels. President Trump wants to unleash the U.S. military on the cartels and designate them as foreign terrorist organizations. He promises to destroy the cartels just like he dismantled ISIS.
  • Congressman Michael Waltz praised President Trump’s plan on Sunday Morning Futuressaying, “President Trump just rolled out a plan to go after the cartels and I think he is absolutely right."

President Trump Finalizes Speaker Deal: 

  • Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives for the 118th Congress, thanks to President Trump’s intervention.
  • In the minutes following the vote, several GOP insiders took to Twitter to reveal that President Trump played a crucial role in closing the deal that included key concessions to ensure that the American People are, once again, running the People’s House.
  • The newly-elected Speaker thanked President Trump for his help after the vote, adding that “I don’t think anybody should doubt his influence.”
  • In the hours that followed the vote, central figures on both sides of the deal confirmed that President Trump’s involvement was vital to crossing the finish line.
    • Rep. Jim Jordan: “This doesn’t get done without the support and leadership of President Trump.”
    • Rep. Byron Donalds: “[Trump] has played a good part in this.”
    • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: “[Trump’s] role was huge…America is about to see the most conservative Republican Speaker of the House that they have seen in decades.”
  • "The 'Speaker' selection process," President Trump stated, "as crazy as it may seem, has made it all much bigger and more important than if done the more conventional way."
  • President Trump’s leadership once again succeeded in ensuring that the concerns of the American people are not forgotten—both the Republican Party and our nation are stronger today because of this deal.


Biden finally visits the border, and migrant camps are finally cleared:

  • Biden has finally decided to visit the southern border. The crisis, apparently, can no longer be ignored. However, Biden will not face reality. The Washington Examiner noted: “Days before President Joe Biden visited El Paso, Texas, this afternoon, local and federal authorities began clearing out migrant encampments.”
    • One local reporter said, "One woman did tell us that yes, she has seen city employees out here cleaning the area in preparation for President Biden's visit."
  • The border is a disaster because Biden rolled back President Trump’s successful policies. As Congressman Jim Jordan noted on Fox News Sunday, “The numbers during President Trump were so good on the border." There are many other facts you should know about.


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