December 16 2022

Praise For President Trump's Free Speech Platform

Conservatives praised President Donald Trump's announcement of a policy platform to ensure free speech. "The fight for free speech is a matter of victory or death for America and for the surivival of Western Civilization itself," President Trump said in his Thursday announcement.

He outlined a detailed plan to "restore free speech." The plan includes barring federal funds from universities that engage in censorship and firing federal bureaucrats that worked with tech companies to silence lawful speech. 

Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson tweeted, "President Trump is the ONLY person who can dismantle and DESTROY the censorship cartel. We need him BACK in the White House!!"

Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan called the announcement video "excellent." 

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said, "The Democrats have attacked Conservative American’s freedom of speech for years, and President Trump is roaring back into 2024 with a plan the people will love. "

Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker said on Newsmax that "he knocked it out of the park with this video and this plan that ultimately protects our republic and our fundamental rights."

Newsmax host Greg Kelly said President Trump showed "leadership" with the announcement.

Republican strategist Andy Surabian told The Washington Times, "It’s exactly what conservatives want to see from him in his presidential campaign — a concrete policy agenda about the issues the base cares deeply about, that shows his vision for the future.”

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