December 21 2022

Trump: "Our Country Is Under Invasion"

President Donald Trump released a warning Wednesday against passing "any form of amnesty" as it would "reward Joe Biden's lawlessness" and the "criminal cartels."

Our Take:

  • Swamp lawmakers continue to not have Americans' best interests at heart, whether it's Mitch McConnell's omnibus deal that spends billions securing other country's borders instead of our own, or a potential amnesty deal
  • President Trump secured our border and deported illegal immigrants. He will never reward illegal border crossers with American citizenship.
  • America's open border crisis is the result of Biden's failures. He dismantled the progress President Trump made.

The Background:

"Far more illegal immigrants have entered the United States in the last two years than at any time in American history and by a massive margin. We've never seen anything like it. Our country is under invasion," President Trump said in his video on the border.

President Trump continues to stand up for our immigration laws when so many seem more concerned about the borders of faraway nations.

Mitch McConnell's omnibus not only says the Border Patrol can't spend money on "border security," but it would also funnel millions to a group that wants to "abolish ICE."

President Trump said, "Republicans must do whatever it takes to prevent Mitch McConnell from passing his sellout Omnibus Bill."

Instead of sending millions of taxpayer dollars to "Abolish ICE" groups or amnesty, President Trump called on Congress to pass "criminal penalties for any senior official or political appointee who orders, aids, or abets the mass-release of illegal aliens into the United States.”  

"What these Open Borders extremists are doing to our country is criminal—and it should be punished as such,” Trump said.

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